Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.01 - 10:47AM
124: Chapter 124

Intense, intense. Read the last two chapters in one go. So difficult for Jack to hear all that was done to the Doctor. And then to have it happen second hand to John and possibly involve the kids. Big dilemma. Maybe there's an xeno psychotherapist who specializes in telepathy? Would Torchwood have one or another century?

Author's Response: Gary Gladstone does have some non-human staff and he has experience in that field, so perhaps he will be able to provide suitable and accepted support for the Doctor. How open to it the TIme Lord will be, I dont know. It is definitely going to be hard in terms of protecting the boys, but hopefully as the Doctor becomes stronger he will be less likely to slip backwards and project.

2012.08.31 - 10:54PM
124: Chapter 124

“That may be so, John, but I am no damsel in distress.”

Oh that was a great way to end the chapter. I needed to laugh after all the gruesome detail.

Author's Response: Glad that you appreciated the joke.

2012.08.31 - 10:51PM
124: Chapter 124

I agree that the Doctor needs to stay away from Jacko and Michael for now. As for Jack, um, yep, he's not Snow White! :)

Author's Response: No, nor Cinderalla, or Sleeping Beauty, lol. It is a shame that Donna has already taken Princess Fiona!

2012.08.31 - 10:42PM
123: Chapter 123

Wait, she just let the Doctor escape in the TARDIS? Um, why do I have the feeling there's a tracking device somewhere inside her?

Author's Response: No one expected the Doctor to survive. It didn\'t matter where he died, whether it was in the TARDIS or on the corridor floor, except that in the TARDIS she didn\'t have to bother about arranging for his remains to be destroyed. I dont think the TARDIS would have allowed anyone inside in order to leave a tracking device.

2012.08.31 - 07:38PM
124: Chapter 124

But this is no fairy tale, it is horrifically real and maybe Jacko should be corrected, The Captian is right, he's no damsel in distress.

And maybe it would be a bad idea for the Doctor to go to the mansion if John is worried about his sons. John's priorities should be the boys.

Author's Response: Jacko doesn\'t believe that it is a fairytale as in just a story. He knows that it is real and that Captain Jack really has been captured and rescued, and he knows that the Doctor really has been hurt. I am not sure what the benefit of telling a five year old that it wasn\'t a wicked queen but a high priestess that did it because really in terms of the Staco government etc there isn\'t that much difference between a queen and the high priestess and if she is anything she is wicked. I think he\'s got it quite right, and I dont suppose he thinks Jack is a damsel in distress, no one does, Jack was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. That certainly wouldn\'t be achieved by driving the truth home to a five year old.

2012.08.31 - 03:48PM
123: Chapter 123

With everything that John is going through, how is it that Michael hasn't felt something? And given that the Doctor has no control left in projecting, how could he possibly contain the projections so that he doesn't adversely impact Michael and Jack? Would the TARDIS protect them?

Things are not looking good here...

Author's Response: Because it\'s kind of a telepathic relay rather than a direct link, I think it would only directly affect Michael if he was in direct contact with his father while having a shared experience.

2012.08.31 - 01:49AM
122: Chapter 122

God poor Jack and the Doctor. I feel so bad for them.

Author's Response: They\'ve had a really bad time.

2012.08.30 - 10:59PM
122: Chapter 122

Sue is going to be really mad at the Doctor. I think, for the sake of John and the boys, that the Doctor stay at Torchwood. I cringe at the thought of the boys going through what John just did.

Author's Response: Oh, I dont think Sue could ever be mad at the Doctor for what is happening, I certainly think someone would have to hold her back if she ever came across the High Priestess or Salice, but she knows that it\'s not the Doctor\'s fault. The boys are potentially a real issue.

2012.08.30 - 04:42PM
122: Chapter 122

So sad and horrific. You do great job of describing the unbelievable physical/mental pain and loneliness that the Doctor has endured and that John shared. I love you for these quick updates.

Author's Response: I dont think he could have got any lower without being dead.

2012.08.29 - 10:46PM
121: Chapter 121

I was going to go 'noo, you can't stop here!' at the last chapter, but then there was this.
And oh my goodness. I have to go running in an hour and will try very hard not to think of this as I do so. That was haunting.

Author's Response: Running? Well, what do you want to go and do that for? That is just insane, lol.

2012.08.29 - 10:15PM
121: Chapter 121

Was that real or a memory? And how will John react to it?

Author's Response: John is definitely not going to be happy about it, as it was a shared memory.

2012.08.29 - 10:11PM
120: Chapter 120

Ahhhhhhhh! No, what happened?! :O

Author's Response: He\'s panicking and John has connected with him, not the best of ideas.

2012.08.29 - 08:50PM
121: Chapter 121

Wow! Two chapters in one day, perfect. I love your description of the bond between TARDIS and Time Lord, especially Sexy and the Doctor. He knows he can reach her, he knows how important it is to save her (in saving her, maybe or maybe not himself). How awful--the "ghost" lady shoots him and leaves him like garbage. Breaks my heart what he had to endure.

Author's Response: Lol, posting one before going to work and one after work, but that means they are going to run out more quickly. Glad that you enjoyed the bond between the TARDIS and her Thief. I \'like\' - (totally not the right word for it, but sure you know what I mean) the image of the blurred and out of focus woman just stepping over Eleven paying heed not to get blood on her shoes.

2012.08.29 - 06:06PM
121: Chapter 121

Was this a dream or a flashback?

Author's Response: All will be revealed, but it is a shared memory experienced by John.

2012.08.29 - 05:55PM
121: Chapter 121

it was really short but so powerful a memory

Author's Response: He was in a whole heap of trouble wasn\'t he?