Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.06 - 01:49PM
128: Chapter 128

Jacko is so much like the loving children I know; one can't be offended even when he speaks a brutal truth. Glad he accepted the loan--but all those sweet. There's going to be a lot wall boucing.

Author's Response: Kids tend not to develop tact for a while huh? I am fairly sure there will be several distinct warnings to the kids about not eating all their sweets at the same time - not sure which of the \'adults\' are going to adhere to that yet, I expect there will be wall bouncing and that it is likely to be Jack, John, and Sarah Jane rather than Jacko, Michael, and Luke lol.

2012.09.05 - 09:35PM
127: Chapter 127

Grrr.....I think paparazzi are the lowest of the low! Good for Sarah Jane for taking his picture. Pete will make sure the pictures don't get printed or put on the web.

Author's Response: Yeah, Pete will certainly have as much influence as anyone in ensuring photographs don\'t get printed.

2012.09.05 - 06:31PM
127: Chapter 127

oh that is just so wrong they were taking pictures of the children. I can't wait for Jacko's reaction when he realizes that the sweets that Luke were fixing that were all his favorites is a bag just for him.

Author's Response: I am not sure how he will react when he finds out, I\'m fairly certain of how he will react once he has eaten them all lol.

2012.09.05 - 04:33PM
127: Chapter 127

I think the paparazzi are so disgusting! Taking photoes and violating the privicies of others. but they are even more disgusting when the subjects of thier voyerism are children!

Author's Response: I have mixed views about the Paparazzi. I think the lengths they go to get the photos is despicable sometimes and they invade the privacy of others, however, I also think that \'we\' are the ones who create the market for what they are doing wanting to capture a glimpse of what is going on in the lives of the rich and famous celebrity.

2012.09.04 - 09:56PM
126: Chapter 126

That is one of those moments when you don't know if you should hug or scold a child. Jacko is so cute.

Author's Response: I think his cuteness gets him out of some of the \'scolding\' that he should get.

2012.09.04 - 09:50PM
125: Chapter 125

Stubborn little monkey! i liked how he wanted to buy candy for John, Michael, Jack and the Doctor.

Author's Response: He\'s got his father\'s stubborn streak that is for sure, lol.

2012.09.04 - 08:11PM
126: Chapter 126

Jacko is so darn sweet and I WOULD have killed him and hugged him to death if I was Sarah Jane. I know she will help him out of this dilemma. He wants so much to control the situation and help out all the people he loves. Is John going to family counseling with his kids? They are so bright, and intuitive, they need it.

Author's Response: I think Sarah Jane did better than I would have done on the not shouting at him side of things. He\'s not in a very happy place and he feels a bit at a loss at the moment. Hopefully Sarah Jane will have a solution that he is comfortable with.

2012.09.04 - 04:37PM
126: Chapter 126

Poor Jacko?!? How about poor Sarah Jane! He gave her quite the fright.

And Jack is so incredibly like John. I suspect Gallifreyans have a "mother's curse" that works as effectively as ours. (I.e., I hope you have a child who acts exactly as you!)

Author's Response: Sarah Jane certainly did get a shock and a lot to think about when she lost sight of him.

I am not sure about a \'mother\'s curse\' but I definitely think there is a case of \'like father, like son\' going on.

2012.09.04 - 02:52PM
126: Chapter 126

Jacko has a big heart for a small boy.

Author's Response: Yeah, he does, he\'s a sweetheart.

2012.09.04 - 02:46PM
126: Chapter 126

Poor Jacko; I hope he has some good times soon.

Author's Response: I am sure when Uncle Doctor and Captain Jack get their sweets and are feeling a little bit better there will be fun times for Jacko.

2012.09.04 - 01:07PM
126: Chapter 126

Poor Jacko, he's trying to do so much and he's only five!

Author's Response: Yeah, bless him, he\'s getting himself into a bit of a state about the sweets.

2012.09.04 - 02:57AM
125: Chapter 125

Stubborn mite he is - but such a sweet boy. His chapters really cheer me up in between (:

Author's Response: Jacko is as stubborn as his father lol.

2012.09.03 - 08:02PM
125: Chapter 125

I have been waiting It seemed so long, but I know you posted a ton of chapters last week, but I am greedy like Jacko sometimes. I loved this introspection chapter, you catch his thought processes beautifully. He is precocious, but he is a child. Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Oh, make me feel guilty? I think it was three whole days between posts lol. Hope the chapter was worth the wait.

2012.09.03 - 07:36PM
125: Chapter 125

I can see Jacko is one of those people who gets an idea inthier heads and make up thier mind to do something and no one is going to stop them.

Author's Response: I am not sure how he could be anything but when he\'s got John as a father, Rose as a mother, let alone Jackie as a grandmother. I am fairly sure there is a healthy dose of determination secreted in his genes.

2012.09.02 - 03:30PM
124: Chapter 124

Poor John--he really can't compare Rose to Jackie, Francine, or Sylvia, because Jackie, Francine and Sylvia don't seem to have suffered from any MI--including PPD. There is so much for him to deal with- he is fortunate to have all the loving support he has around him.

Author's Response: There are so many different things John needs to worry about and consider. He can\'t just think about the Doctor or about his boys or about the rest of his family and friends, he has to deal with all of them linked together and it\'s hard.