Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.09 - 09:19PM
132: Chapter 132

Oh dear. Sometimes the Doctor is like a bull in a china closet, even when he has the best of intentions. It seems that Jack inherited that trait from the Doctor via John.

Author's Response: Yeah, Jacko is certainly a force to be reckoned with and when you consider his heritage it\'s not that surprising really, especially when you consider he\'s not only Doctor via John, but Jackie via Rose! Poor lad has got no hope lol.

2012.09.09 - 04:47PM
132: Chapter 132

OMG poor everybody! If Jacko doesn't grow up scarred it will be a miracle

Author's Response: They are all having a pretty bad time of it.

2012.09.09 - 04:46PM
132: Chapter 132

Both Jacks are in a state!

Author's Response: Yeah they are, hopefully Captain Jack wont be forgotten.

2012.09.09 - 03:36PM
131: Chapter 131

Poor Jack and Michael. I hope they can visit the Doctor more later. I feel sorry for John too. He's going to have to tell the Doctor about the memories he's been unknowingly projecting to John. Somehow, I don't think that conversation is going to go over too well.

Author's Response: The whole situation is getting more complicated than anyone expected due to the Doctor\'s inability to control his link with John. It\'s going to be difficult for everyone and some hard decisions are going to have to be made and poor John is probably going to seem like he is the bad guy, but hopefully everyone will understand what he needs to do and why.

2012.09.08 - 03:34PM
131: Chapter 131

John IS being mean. Couldn't he let them just visit briefly before kicking his sons out? Nothing sucks more than not being able to visit relatives who are sick. None of my nieces or nephews were allowed to visit me when I was hospitalized and I know just a hug and chat would have made me feel much better!

Author's Response: I think the main difference between you and your nephews and nieces, and the Doctor and his (assuming that you\'re not a Time Lord or other telepathic being) is that you\'re not likely to project. That is what John is worried about. He knows the risk. If he let his sons hang around and the Doctor had a turn and they ended up crawling on the floor screaming because they felt like they were being tortured, shot, or breaking their own hands, or any of the other things that may yet come... if John allowed that to happen then what would be said of him? They might nit understand why Daddy is sending them away - they would understand a projected shared memory even less. I dont think he has a choice in the matter really.

2012.09.08 - 12:30PM
131: Chapter 131

Poor John, caught between a rock and a hard place!

Author's Response: He is a bit.

2012.09.08 - 12:22PM
130: Chapter 130

I agree, every whump story needs a Jacko in it!

Author's Response: Lol, well, there are plenty of whumps to be had outside the TD universe as well.

2012.09.08 - 12:09PM
130: Chapter 130

I've decided that every whump story needs a Jacko. :)

Author's Response: Jacko is always fun, even when he\'s being naughty.

2012.09.08 - 10:11AM
130: Chapter 130

The image of Micheal and his sticky, messy jelly snake is absolutely precious!

Poor Sarah Jane, though... I felt horrible for her. First she feels guilty about being taken in by the photog, then embarrassed by Jacko over whether she thought John was cute. LOL!

Author's Response: Jelly snakes are cool.

2012.09.08 - 10:10AM
131: Chapter 131

Awww, that was so heartbreaking!! I know John is being super-protective, but he's hurting both Jacko and the Doctor. Now he's got to explain why he sent the boys away? How's that going to work for him?

Author's Response: I\'m afraid it isn\'t going to work and it is going to be alittle bit of a disaster in the making.

2012.09.07 - 08:03PM
129: Chapter 129

Ditto on the sticky, what an image.

Author's Response: Reckon John is going to end up with his hands full.

2012.09.07 - 05:21PM
129: Chapter 129

That's right, Sue, hand off a sticky, messy child off to his daddy! LOL!But Michael is a sweetheart anyway.

I think Jacko did good when he told John about runninf from Sarah Jane even if she tried to cover up the fact, it show how Jacko is growing up (sniff)

Author's Response: Yeah, sticky children should be the sole responsibility of the parent, or, the person who provided the source of stickiness, since they can\'t return him to the sweet wagon man, he goes to Dad.

2012.09.06 - 10:48PM
128: Chapter 128

I wonder if Jacko woke the Doctor. :) *hands Sue a wet wipe for Michael's sticky hands*

Author's Response: It is unlikely that the Doctor will remain asleep once they all get going lol.

Author's Response: Dont worry about the wet wipe, he\'s still got a mangled snake to eat, so Sue will do the next best thing and give him to his father.

2012.09.06 - 03:37PM
128: Chapter 128

Thanks for the quick updates. I read them so quickly.... I am waiting for the reactions to Jack's kind gesture. (Is Sue going to charge him interest on the L50? That would be a junk load of money.) Jacko's exuberance is so fantastic.

Author's Response: I dont think there will be any interest lol. Jacko is certainly exuberant and bouncy, hopefully that wont land him in trouble.

2012.09.06 - 02:01PM
128: Chapter 128

the cavities that will ensue!

Author's Response: Jacko will make sure that they all know they have to brush their teeth lots.