Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.11 - 06:58AM
135: Chapter 135

Sometimes we tend to forget that Jacko understands far more than we give him credit for, even for a 5-year-old boy.

Author's Response: Yeah he does, as long as it is explained in terms he understands, he is pretty much able to come up with his own methods of understanding and appreciating what is going on.

2012.09.10 - 11:36PM
135: Chapter 135

Definitely something better to wake up to.
Poor boys.

Author's Response: Good morning!

2012.09.10 - 09:53PM
134: Chapter 134

Oh i just died some inside. Poor Jacko he just doesn't understand. I can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Yeah, Jacko is feeling a bit hard done by at the moment and is going to make sure his dad knows about it. Bless him. He certainly knows how to make John feel bad as well.

2012.09.10 - 07:27PM
134: Chapter 134

You are so amazing with your updates. Thank you, thank you for updating so very often. The last two chapters: so sad. I loved them. Of course Jacko will forgive John, he just needs to make him suffer a bit. The problem is: will he forgive himself if he realizes that he started the cycle of extreme pain for both the Doctor and his Dad?

Author's Response: Lol, you always review and about updates just when I have posted the last one I\'ve got ready typed up lol. Glad that you enjoyed the last couple of chapters. Jacko just needs his dad to know that he hurt him, hopefully Jacko wont get too wrapped up in feeling bad for jumping on the Doctor.

2012.09.10 - 06:50PM
134: Chapter 134

Oh poor things--all three of them. I hope John can make Jacko understand that extreme pain or chronic pain will often override good manners and thoughtfulness. It affects ever aspect of your life.

Author's Response: I am sure that John will be able to get through to Jacko and that they will be friends again before long.

2012.09.10 - 05:47PM
134: Chapter 134

Now Jacko is really upset and the alienation begins, let's hope it's just the anger of a typical 5-year-old and soon forgotten .

although, we are talkingh about a child who has gone through a lot of trauma in the last year of his life so far and this could be the straw that broke the camel's back as it were, I think John has his work cut out for him in respect to regaining his son's love and trust back, this serves to remind us that Jacko may be a child but he is 1/4 Time Lord and has the temperment of one sometimes, inherited from the Doctor no doubt.

Author's Response: He\'s not only 1/4 Time Lord but if talking in those terms he\'s also 1/4 Donna Noble lol and 1./4 Jackie Tyler, there is definitely a lot of feistiness tucked away in that little five year old\'s genes.

2012.09.10 - 04:09PM
134: Chapter 134

Aw, and with this image I go to sleep ):
I hope things'll be better in the morning..

Author's Response: Hope you slept well.

2012.09.10 - 03:39PM
134: Chapter 134

Wait, you said this world's Sarah is a criminal? Did I miss something somewhere or is that just side information?

Author's Response: It was a discussion quite early in Terminal Decay. I can\'t remember when exactly, but not long after they managed to find John and they were talking about the other Martha. It was commented upon that there was no Doctor and no Aunt Lavinia in the other universe and after her parents had died Sarah Jane had been through several care homes and ended up in prison.

2012.09.10 - 02:56PM
134: Chapter 134


Well, to quote Shakespeare, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth is a thankless child."

Obviously, Jacko also inherited the old Time Lord rage, 'cause he's raging about as much as a five year-old can under the circumstances. Of course, hardly any parent is unfamiliar with the kind of punishment small children can dish out when they've been hurt. Particularly if they feel it's unjustified.

Probably the quickest way out of this for John is to start crying. ;-) LOL!

Author's Response: Bursting into \'tears\' probably would solve the issue pretty quickly, but I think John would rather try to explain the issue rather than manipulate his way out of it in a form of parental emotional blackmail lol. I am fairly certain that most parents have had the \'I hate you\' treatment from their kids at some point.

2012.09.10 - 02:24PM
134: Chapter 134

Poor John, poor Jacko You just want to hug them up and make their lives better

Author's Response: They are both going through it. Unfortunately there isn\'t much that can be done until the Doctor is strong enough to deal with the issues he has in his own head rather than force them out into John\'s.

2012.09.10 - 12:33PM
133: Chapter 133

John is going to alienate (no pun intended) himself from both the Doctor and from Jacko if he's not careful.

Author's Response: He\'s not quite sure what to do at the moment.

2012.09.09 - 11:39PM
132: Chapter 132

Oh dear. It sounds like the Doctor, John, Jack and Jacko need cuddles.

Author's Response: Lots of cuddles need to be had by all.

2012.09.09 - 11:32PM
131: Chapter 131

I don't think John is being mean. I think he wants to tell the Doctor what happened and wants to gauge his reaction. Am I right?

Author's Response: He wants to protect his sons from the potential of them being affected through the link either directly from the Doctor or through him. There is going to have to be a conversation had about what they need to do, but it is hard for all concerned and it isn\'t going to get any easier.

2012.09.09 - 11:26PM
130: Chapter 130


And I like how John assured Sarah Jane that they'll handle that pap guy!

Author's Response: They will get Pete on the case for the pap guy. At least they will be able to view and comment on the photos even if they aren\'t actually going to be able to stop them being published.

Author's Response: The issue of course will be if any of the news groups try to get hold of information on who Sarah Jane is in relation to the Tylers. In this universe Sarah Jane is a criminal.

2012.09.09 - 11:21PM
129: Chapter 129

Poor sticky Daddy. But Jacko did the right thing by telling John the truth.

Author's Response: Jacko was defintiely grown up in telling him the truth, but he will probably wish he didn\'t as he\'s not having too good an afternoon now and it is all starting with him getting told off.