Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.12 - 03:13PM
138: Chapter 138

That poor sweet boy!

Author's Response: He\'s not having the best time at the moment.

2012.09.12 - 03:09PM
137: Chapter 137

I'd like to break Salice's nose right off his face and feed it to him raw!

Author's Response: Um, Pippin? You\'re getting a bit on the violent side there lol.

2012.09.12 - 02:11PM
138: Chapter 138

Oh, no, no, no seeing the Doctor's torture will be too much for Dad--but, am I right in assuming that while Jack can "see" the Doctor's thought, the sensation doesn't include being able to feel the Doctor's pain/fear as if it were happening to him. And ow--don't even want to think of getting any portion of a body stuck into a door. Goodness, that little one has so much to bear.

Author's Response: John is really going through it where the shared memories are concerned, but yes, it seems that at least on this brief occasion while Jacko did get a glimpse of what his dad was enduring, he didn\'t \'feel\' it the way that John is. Luckily the door wasn\'t open all the way so it\'s not swung shut on him because those double doors are heavy beasts.

2012.09.12 - 01:58PM
138: Chapter 138

Before Daddy couldn’t carry him anywhere and now he did it lots. It was like having cuddles and going somewhere at the same time.

Ack, you'll have me in tears again before long! ):

Author's Response: Travelling cuddles are good.

2012.09.12 - 01:53PM
138: Chapter 138

OMG, can you make this any worse?

Oi, what am I saying? :-#

Author's Response: Oh, there are plenty of ways that it could be much much worse... I thought I was being quite mild considering Jacko wasn\'t \'hurt\' by seeing the image of the man hurting the Doctor.

2012.09.12 - 11:02AM
137: Chapter 137

Oh no! Poor Sue. How could she have known? Salice really did a number on him.

Author's Response: Yeah, Salice really messed with his head, and then he messed with his head himself to get out, but at least it is better that it is known about now, even if the method of knowing is via John and not very fair.

2012.09.12 - 12:55AM
136: Chapter 136

I think he's doing what he wants to do. He's crying. Which, in a way, is a start. When he was the tenth Doctor, he was able to cry and let out all the junk inside him. Now, I'm not sure. The eleventh Doctor seems to have forgotten how to cry. :( *hugs the Doctor*

As for Jacko, I don't think he is a telepath as much as he might be an empath. He seems to deal with the emotions around him more than thoughts,

Michael, yep, Baby Boy is a telepath and might give the Doctor a run for his money when he's older. :)

Author's Response: I think when Eleven was saying goodbye to Idris was the first and possibly only time we have seen Eleven cry. Ten wasn\'t that forthcoming with his tears though either, but Eleven is definitely more misleading with his emotions.

Jacko does do talking in his head with Michael so there is some telepathic ability there. Michael is definitely a strong little telepath in the making which will be fun to write if the TD universe is still going in some shape or form when Michael hits school.

2012.09.12 - 12:41AM
135: Chapter 135

Jacko is a wise five year old, but John was a little sneaky while talking with Oscar in hope Jacko would listen to him.

Author's Response: Lol, there are plenty of ways to skin a cat.

2012.09.12 - 12:35AM
134: Chapter 134

Poor Jacko. I understand why he's mad, but he's going to make John cry and John is going to cry.

Author's Response: Jacko is definitely mad with him and he is going to make John work for it.

2012.09.12 - 12:31AM
133: Chapter 133

Poor John is between a rock and a hard place and the Doctor feeling guilty isn't helping.

Author's Response: John can only do what is best for his sons can\'t he? Even if it means that they aren\'t happy, the Doctor isn\'t happy, and really he\'s not happy either.

2012.09.11 - 10:30PM
136: Chapter 136

oh poor doctor i feel for him so much. I just want to hug him and kiss him and i don't know love him. I can't wait for the next update

Author's Response: He\'s in a pretty bad place at the moment.

2012.09.11 - 07:36PM
136: Chapter 136

I get the feeling he wants revenge. And/or to run.

Author's Response: I\'m not even sure he really knows what he wants.

2012.09.11 - 05:24PM
136: Chapter 136

I think more damage was done to the Doctor's mind Psyche than anybody realizes.

Author's Response: The most basic way that I see it and it is completely impossible on a level this basic but it is how it is explained. He has his conscious mind and he has his subconscious mind. In normal circumstances they are bound and dependent upon each other. In order to escape from the Imperial Court what he had to do was put everything that hurt him and damaged him and was negative (so basically his whole existence at that time) into his subconscious mind and then separate it from his conscious mind so he wasn\'t aware of it and he was able to make his way to the TARDIS because that link was all he left in his conscious mind. Now he\'s safe and he\'s escaped the two aspects of his mind are coming back together, but he doesn\'t want to think about and doesn\'t want to remember some of the things that he put into his subconscious mind so he is \'reluctant\' to form the bridges again. Hope that makes some kind of sense?

2012.09.11 - 04:09PM
136: Chapter 136

What is the difference between what you want and what you would like That's a loaded question if ever I heard one. But the Doctor is probably thinking as I do--it is never a choice between what we want and what we like, but what we want/like and what we need. And that doesn't even touch the difference between what we want and what is "right". :) I would have burst into tears as well.

Author's Response: I dont think the Doctor is capable of thinking that deeply at the moment.

2012.09.11 - 09:13AM
135: Chapter 135

That was sweet. Kids are like that--even when they are older. They never want to hear the harsh things from their parents.

Author's Response: They are certainly good at letting parents know when they\'ve had enough, but quick to come round again. Jacko loves his dad more than anything.