Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.14 - 09:07PM
141: Chapter 141

Poor John! *hugs* I figured it was his sciatic nerve again. I did like what Oscar said about Jacko defending the Doctor is someone was hurting him.

Author's Response: Yeah, it is quite true that Jacko probably would have run in and tried to help Uncle Doctor, but that has to be worrying in its own right doesn\'t it? That he would do that? He could have got himself into real trouble never mind causing it to the person causing the Doctor trouble.

2012.09.14 - 04:21PM
142: Chapter 142

Now why didn't anyone think of the Tardis being able to sever the psychic link between John and the Doctor before?

Author's Response: Although a lot has been happening it is only a few hours since they got Jack back. In that time so much has been going on with Jack, the Doctor, Greg, and John all needing treatment that they\'d not quite got to the point where they aren\'t fire fighting and can think. Until they got Jack back they couldn\'t use the TARDIS anyway because they needed it for the rescue, so they are a few hours late, but they will get it sorted.

2012.09.14 - 04:09PM
141: Chapter 141

Now John has back troubles on top of everything else?

Author's Response: Yeah, unfortunately that is part of the course for John, but hopefully they aren\'t too bad.

2012.09.13 - 11:56PM
140: Chapter 140

Uh-oh, I think the Doctor following the link backwards had locked John in the memory. They need to get John away from him.

Author's Response: That is more or less what has happened, not that he is locked in it, but that the breaking away from it isn\'t as clear cut as it has been before. They certainly need to do something, but is physical distance enough to stop it. John had a shared memory while the Doctor was in Torchwood and he was at the mansion, so getting him away might not be all that is needed.

2012.09.13 - 11:49PM
139: Chapter 139

Whew, Donna can get him to talk, can't she? And Jacko was sweet to get get Daddy a special coffee. John's going to need it.

Author's Response: Donna can definitely get the Doctor to talk I think when it comes down to it facing Donna probably has the edge on facing memories of Salice, lol, and she is right, he needs to face it and stop projecting it onto John, because he is likely to need more than a special cup of coffee after this.

2012.09.13 - 09:20PM
140: Chapter 140

I have a feeling that the Doctor will be the most hated man at Torchwood, even though he's not doing it on purpose, he is hurting John.

Author's Response: I would like to hope that any hatred would be directed towards the people who harmed the Doctor rather than the Doctor himself, but they need to do something to stop the link with John.

2012.09.13 - 09:13PM
140: Chapter 140

Oh this is bad. Poor Sue, hopefully Jack or Donna can do something to help John build up his defenses or block the Doctor's projections.

Author's Response: They will be looking at ways to stop it, but I am not sure either John or the Doctor will like it.

2012.09.13 - 06:05PM
140: Chapter 140

Oh no she's about to turn on the doctor and he definitely doesn't need that right now. He does really need to stop hurting the doctor though. It's just so sad.

Author's Response: I think Sue is too professional and too well informed to turn against the Doctor, but something does need to be done, because it is no good for John, and, the worry and guilt will be no good for the Doctor either, and now Jacko has been affected by it, albeit in a minor way, it really does have to be addressed and stopped.

2012.09.13 - 02:14PM
139: Chapter 139

He took the first step towards recovery.

Author's Response: Yeah he has, a long way to go, but at least he\'s kind of admitted that he\'s not alright.

2012.09.13 - 11:34AM
139: Chapter 139

Thank goodness for Donna. I'm sure the psych wouldn't agree to her methods, but... it needs to be done.

Author's Response: The Doctor probably responds better to Donna and her methods than he would a professional psychologist, but hopefully it is a step in the right direction and it will benefit both the Doctor and John.

2012.09.13 - 11:00AM
139: Chapter 139

Well, at least he's started talking..

Author's Response: Yeah, Donna had her way with him. I am not sure she\'d make an ideal therapist, but I think she has got the Doctor about right.

2012.09.13 - 05:41AM
138: Chapter 138

I like Ninewood's suggestion :o)

Author's Response: I am not sure that Sue or John would.

2012.09.13 - 12:01AM
138: Chapter 138

Uh-oh. He saw what Salice was doing to the Doctor. But, wait, he wasn't scared by it. It might confuse him, but if Daddy can explain what he saw then maybe Jacko could be someone to help the Doctor talk about what's wrong. Something like...

"Are you scared of the bad man, Uncle Doctor?"

"Uh, yeah, I am."

"He scares me, too, but it's ok. You're here with us and Daddy, Granddad and Torchwood won't let him hurt you anymore."

"But...but what if he comes here?"

"Then I'll punch him in the nose and tell him to leave you alone!" :)

Author's Response: Well, I\'m not sure that Jacko doesn\'t realise that it\'s not happening now. He\'s running off to go and bite him like he bit his Mummy, so whether he should be \'involved\' in it further or protected from it, I\'m not sure.

2012.09.12 - 11:49PM
137: Chapter 137

Can I kick Salice in the balls?! That's what I want!

Author's Response: I am fairly sure that you\'d get away with that.

2012.09.12 - 11:29PM
138: Chapter 138

OMG ur breaking my heart. I'm not a timelord i don't have a spare. My god please don't make it any worst.

Author's Response: No promises.