Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.09.20 - 02:02PM
149: Chapter 149

That is an excillent idea for John and the boys to get away for awhile. and for the The Doctor to go in the TARDIS to recover while the TARDIS prevents them two linking, there dosen't seen to ba a problem with John accepting that but they might have a difficult time convincing the boys that.

Author's Response: I am sure John has got plenty of ways in order to make it seem like they have to have loads of fun at the seaside in order to make Uncle Doctor feel better.

2012.09.20 - 12:56AM
148: Chapter 148

Hmmm....I think the Doctor going into the TARDIS and John not seeing him until he gets some sort of control back is the right idea. Poor John is falling apart and that is something the Doctor would hate if John ends up badly hurt or worse...dead.

Author's Response: I think taking them both away from the circumstances that are worrying and damaging will assist them both and actually speed up the time it takes for the Doctor regain his control.

2012.09.19 - 06:12PM
148: Chapter 148

Poor Sarah, getting subjected to the sight of John's bare butt. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. :P Except myself. I could handle it. Huh!

I'm starting to think of a certain natural drug that came up in the TD 'verse that could fix the problem of telepathic pain and flashback leakage. Can't imagine that John or the Doctor would care to use it, but it seems to be the lesser of two evils.

Author's Response: I am fairly sure that the sight of John\'s bare backside will scar any that see it lol.

Are you thinking of the TN48? The drug that was used to telepathically isolate Time Lords and take down all controls? I think the Doctor is mostly there already, but the side effects of the drug might make it diffcult to use and since John can\'t take it I am not sure they\'d go down that route when the TARDIS will be able to shield them.

2012.09.19 - 12:02PM
148: Chapter 148

Sue should tell John they have sulotion to his problem.

Author's Response: I am sure that Sue will, but it will be much easier to do when John has admitted that he can\'t continue rather than just try to push it onto him.

2012.09.19 - 12:55AM
147: Chapter 147

I don't remember if John has the hood either, but it is a good idea for them to hear what Jack was hearing. I think. :P Don't know if John could stand hearing his brother screaming like that. :(

Author's Response: I think when they all tend to believe there is some kind of subliminal message in the hood, if Sarah Jane does get to the bottom if it and they find out was playing they will all be in for a shock.

2012.09.17 - 03:29PM
146: Chapter 146

Jack needed to cry and Sarah Jane has a mystery to solve. Just one tiny thing. How could SJ sit on the roof? She's afraid of heights! :) Guess one can overlook that sort of thing when helping a friend!

Author's Response: Yep, Sarah Jane has invented herself another mission to keep her busy and involved. As for her sitting on the roof, she wasn\'t exactly comfortable being there but she\'s on the ledge overlooking another level, so it\'s just like being upstairs really. I\'m fairly sure she\'d have had more reservations if Jack was dangling his legs over the full 12 storeys of the carpark.

Author's Response: dtjuyk n

Author's Response: Um, sorry, that was Sigma - the cat... obviously he wanted to have his say... unfortunately, as I\'ve told him before, he can\'t spell.

2012.09.17 - 03:24PM
145: Chapter 145

Poor Jack. :(

Author's Response: I know, he\'s not very happy, bless him.

2012.09.17 - 03:16PM
144: Chapter 144

Nope, Jack isn't fine. Will someone just take him inside for a long rest and cuddles?!

Author's Response: I am sure they would if he\'d come, but I think he\'d prefer to remain outside, and I think cuddles would only really count if they came from the Doctor and I\'m not sure it is something he could manage just yet.

2012.09.17 - 12:25PM
146: Chapter 146

Jack needed a good cry.

Author's Response: Yeah he did. Hopefully it will give him some breathing space and enable him to get going again.

2012.09.16 - 06:11PM
145: Chapter 145

Poor Captain Jack, I was right he got worse.

Author's Response: Yeah, bless him, he\'s not very happy at the moment, as he\'s trying to work everything out in his head at the same time as feeling like rubbish and having to deal with the Doctor being so badly hurt and the effect the Doctor is having on John and his sons.

2012.09.16 - 11:40AM
144: Chapter 144

I think Sarah Jane is on to something, The Captain is being neglected in a way, not on porpoise, but I think he is depressed and whatever happened on Staco was far worse than anyone can imagine and worse things have happened to Captain Jack than even to the Doctor, so Sarah Jane is right to be concerned for the Captain.

Author's Response: Jack is definitely going to need some time and some support to get back going again

2012.09.16 - 12:45AM
143: Chapter 143

Yep, I think having Greg around will help. And, um, Sue, better check the roof for the captain. He was up there during TD when things were going wrong.

Author's Response: The Captain was heading up to the roof, so hopefully Sarah Jane will find him.

2012.09.15 - 03:34PM
143: Chapter 143

Maybe this will be good for all concerned. Some may not like it but in the long run they will come to see it as a positive move.

Author's Response: Hopefully it will be the encouragement they all need, the Doctor to work on resolving his issues with his control and John to rest, get through transition properly, look after his sons, and allow his back to heal before it gets any worse.

2012.09.15 - 01:59PM
143: Chapter 143

I'm so glad Greg was willing to act as a buffer for John and the Doctor. I'm certain the TARDIS will understand and will, in her own way, spoil Greg as well as the Doctor and Jack.

Author's Response: I am sure that the TARDIS will appreciate the effort that Greg went to in rescuing the Captain and that he\'s trying to continue to help. Hopefully knowing that Greg is with Jack and the Doctor will make it easier for John to step back a bit, though I dont think he\'s going to be too happy about being prevented from seeing his brother, at least not initially.

2012.09.14 - 09:18PM
142: Chapter 142

I was thinking the same thing. Oooops! :) As for what's going on, I think Sue knows that the Doctor wouldn't take off, which is something I was thinking he wants to do, with Greg being there. And John or the boys are not going to be happy about not seeing the Doctor while he's in the TARDIS. They are stubborn! :)

Author's Response: I dont think the Doctor has any delusions about his being able to pilot the TARDIS. Both legs in plaster, right arm in plaster, and unable to sit because of the crack in his pelvis. Flight is going to be beyond him for a while and I think he will accept that as long as he\'s not hurting his brother.