Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.10.01 - 08:10PM
154: Chapter 154

lol! I see Jacko hasn't given up on the fast donkeys!

Author's Response: No, Jacko defintiely hasn\'t given up on the donkeys.

2012.10.01 - 06:19PM
154: Chapter 154

Well, as Michael might tell you, "When you've gotta go, you've gotta go.". ;-)

I'm back to my Arizona ranch land doing exactly what I was doing a year ago; catching, up on the TD universe. LOL!

Author's Response: Yeah, at least he did it in a corner lol. Jealous about the Arizona ranch land. Hope you have a great time there.

2012.10.01 - 12:59AM
153: Chapter 153

i really love this story god i do but u know what i wish the ponds were apart of there little family. i mean we've got altMartha and so many other i wish he could have known the ponds. Maybe i just miss them who knows.

As for this story. He is truly breaking my heart but you know that because that is what ur aiming for. I just hope that his recovery goes well and what's up wiht the hood?

Author's Response: I have been toying with the idea of Amelia Pond for a while and whether she could be a school friend of Jacko\'s, but while there is a potential for Amelia to move from Leadworth to the Duncan Park Estate, I\'m not sure that little Rory or little Melody would be able to come, and then I was thinking about it further, if, Eleven doesn\'t meet with Amelia and it follow through that Amy and Rory have their wedding night on the TARDIS, there would be no Melody / River Song. Since Ten has obviously met River Song, if there is no involvement of Amy and Rory with the TARDIS so Melody can be born with the Time Lord DNA strand and be turned into River.... then... there is a paradox there isn\'t there? Complicated AU stuff. Not sure what it means for River next year either since she\'s been pardoned and she\'s now Professor River Song... it\'s not going to be long until he loses her as well... hope we get to see the singing towers, though think I will be crying like a baby again.

2012.09.25 - 02:46PM
153: Chapter 153

And Jackie would slap the heck out of Pete if he said that the Doctor couldn't come anymore. :) I'm glad he understood that Pete was just teasing.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think she would have something to do with it.

2012.09.25 - 10:37AM
153: Chapter 153

Pete's a keeper, but I always felt that way.

Author's Response: Yeah, I like Pete, he\'s pretty much a decent bloke and s stabilising force and pretty astute and in tune with what the people around him need.

2012.09.24 - 05:55PM
153: Chapter 153

I can't help it, I keep thinking of the Doctor as 10 instead of 11. What's wrong withe me? lol!

weather 10 or 11, he is still the Doctor.

Author's Response: I think there remains some elements of 10 in the 11. More so in my 10 because he\'s still linked with John and he\'s within that circle of friends but there is a bit of crisis involved in that as well. It\'s about four months since he regenerated so he\'s still pretty new and this is the first time he\'s been grounded, he may well start to question things and whether he is walking in someone else\'s shoes still. I think they are writing 11 quite like 10 sometimes in the series as well, and other times he is completely different, I guess that is the Doctor isn\'t it? When he\'s lying in bed there isn\'t much to differentiate him from 10.

2012.09.23 - 04:20PM
152: Chapter 152

Sneaky Pete! :) And John is being really good about going on a holiday. He needs it. (But why do I have a feeling something is going to happen before he can go?)

Author's Response: They may well get away and have a good holiday... they may not.

2012.09.23 - 12:32PM
152: Chapter 152

Nice to see everyone getting grounded again.

Author's Response: I think they have to be brought back down to Earth every now and then.

2012.09.23 - 05:09AM
152: Chapter 152

Oh, Pete, you are so naughty! LOL!

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s pinching pork pies. I hope that isn\'t someone\'s lunch he\'s got hold of.

2012.09.22 - 12:55AM
151: Chapter 151

Are they playing Pass the Hood?! :) And I think Donna better hurry because he's not going to be ok for long.

Author's Response: No, the Doctor isn\'t going to be too happy on his own, but Donna isn\'t just going to leave him anyway, she\'s not that daft.

2012.09.21 - 07:20PM
151: Chapter 151

That hood is sure making it's rounds!

The Doctor appears to have become a little more like himself in this.

Author's Response: Yeah, well Kyle was the last person to have it so hopefully he will know where it is.

2012.09.21 - 03:59PM
150: Chapter 150


Author's Response: Lol

2012.09.21 - 03:55PM
149: Chapter 149

Yep, John taking the boys on a holiday at the shore sounds great! Besides, I want to know what songs he's going to play at the festival! :)

Author's Response: It will be a winter festival and carol concert at the Royal Festival Hall.

2012.09.20 - 06:09PM
150: Chapter 150

Sue just jinxed it!

Author's Response: Hopefully not.

2012.09.20 - 05:44PM
150: Chapter 150

It's good John's creating a bit of distance, the whole business was far too close.

But Sue-!

Is anything likely to go wrong at this stage? Sue asked him. He will get his casts changed tomorrow. Weve not got any surgery booked for him for a few weeks yet. Hes out of the danger zone and he has been stable for the last 24 hours now. The only issues he has is with panicking and we think moving him into the TARDIS will help with that. So, is there a risk something will go wrong?

You should never say that! Now things will go wrong!

Author's Response: Hopefully they will get on and be able to go away for the week and it will do everyone more good than bad. Sue is just trying to assess the risk. At least she\'s not said definitively that nothing is going to go wrong, she\'s tempting fate a little but she\'s not just brought it all crashing down yet.