Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.10.10 - 10:30AM
160: Chapter 160

John as boss, I love it !

Author's Response: I think he has to get that head on from time to time. Hopefully it wont have annoyed him too much. He doesn\'t like having to do it.

2012.10.09 - 11:13PM
159: Chapter 159

Ok, the licking was cute, but could they have put something in that milk Jack drank? I think it was milk.

Author's Response: Honeymilk and while there isn\'t anything in it, there could be a potential problem with it that they have not considered. Hopefully it wont be too long.

2012.10.09 - 08:04PM
159: Chapter 159

I love getting hopeful chapters and this one is sweet with Jacko followinghis father in licking Capn Jack. I hope they can all fix what is wrong

Author's Response: Got some \'light and happy\' chapters planned as it has been pretty heavy and slow going. Glad that you enjoyed this chapter.

2012.10.05 - 03:30PM
158: Chapter 158

Loved the convoluted thinking in this chapter. Very very good.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed, I think the Doctor got himself into all kinds of mental circles lol.

2012.10.05 - 11:06AM
158: Chapter 158

I know that you know, but is that what you feel, because quite often the two arenít the same, are they Wise Donna.

Author's Response: Donna has got her head screwed on properly, I think she has always been one of the better ones at actually reading the Time Lord.

2012.10.04 - 07:48PM
158: Chapter 158

I think he misses his tenth self.

Author's Response: I am not sure he misses his tenth self, I think he feels that there is something missing, and he can\'t quite put his finger on it.

2012.10.04 - 12:50AM
157: Chapter 157

Oh biscuits, no date night. :(

I'm a little concerned about the delay on the blood tests though. Wonder what's going on?

Author's Response: Yeah, John is going to go up and find out what has been going on in the labs.

2012.10.03 - 02:37PM
157: Chapter 157

The opertunity for datenight will arise again of Jacko has any say in that, he likes seeing Daddy and Aunty Sue happy.

Author's Response: Yeah, I am sure they are going to get some time together. Maybe Jax will take the kids for one of the afternoons while they are down at the coast and they can have a fish and chips date night.

2012.10.02 - 11:54PM
156: Chapter 156

Ok, what did they do to Jack while he was in the dungeon other than the blindfold and headset?! Something is really wrong! >:(

Author's Response: It is largely because he\'s been starved.

2012.10.02 - 11:44PM
155: Chapter 155

Jacko is so cute! *hugs him*

And I'm glad that John can use both hands now.

Author's Response: It is going to be much easier for JOhn without a cumbersome cast, and the splint will mean he can go swimming without any issues.

Author's Response: Without any issues apart from the alien whales and the massive poisonous jelly fish and the man eating squid and the giant acid secreting clams that is.

2012.10.02 - 11:35PM
154: Chapter 154

Michael made poopy on the floor?! Ooopsie! :)

And I'm glad Jacko understands what's going on. Just hope the Doctor does.

Author's Response: Yeah, naughty Michael lol. I am sure that things will become more settled once everyone is in the right place.

2012.10.02 - 08:20PM
156: Chapter 156

I guess this means thier trip to the seaside is off for now.

Author's Response: Hopefully he will be alright, and John isn\'t going to be able to do much about it, and it wont stop the Doctor projecting, in fact it could make it worse, so I expect that the trip will still go ahead.

2012.10.02 - 08:09PM
155: Chapter 155

Jacko is quite the romantic :o)

Author's Response: He can be. I think he likes that Daddy is happy with Aunty Sue because it makes their lives more secure after what happened with Mummy.

2012.10.02 - 07:05PM
156: Chapter 156

Thank you thank you for my Jack update so quickly. Dang but that man can get himself into trouble. Wonder if any of them will figure out how psychologically damaged he is by listening to the Doctor's screams for an unspecified period of time thru the hood? John did great in working with Jacko. Jacko is getting to be a right little man.

Author's Response: This whole story is written for one scene in my head where it will become pretty evident to everyone that Jack is not alright.

2012.10.02 - 12:43PM
155: Chapter 155

I don't review every chapter but I anxiously await your updates. Do you have medical training? You are very detailed in your descriptions. Jacko is still the sweetest most intuitive child, but he has had the best support throughout the traumas he has endured. What a resilient little guy, tho you would think he would have nightmares a la the Doctor 'cause it does seem his little life is full of trauma both to himself and those he loves. John and Sue are a great couple. Waiting for more on Jack and how the Doctor endures. Thanks for your stories they are good reads.

Author's Response: No medical training as such, just an interest, and I\'m a first aid at work instructor. I worry more about Michael than about Jacko in terms of the trauma that the family have been through. I think Jacko is more vocal and more able to deal with it than Michael. It is pretty clear that Michael knows what is going on around him, how much he understands about where his mum is about what has happened to the Doctor is yet to be determined. Glad that you\'re enjoying the story, been really busy at work and Borderlands 2 has just been released so not spending as much time as normal writing, but should do some this weekend, of course have to make a paper mache hippo as well, so who knows lol.