Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.10.13 - 11:31PM
165: Chapter 165

You need to write longer chapters again! :) As for the TARDIS, she'll take care of both John and her Doctor. She loves the both and wants them to be safe.

Just hope John didn't really hurt himself.

Author's Response: Yeah, the shorter chapters are doing my head in as well, but I dont write in chapters. I dont even write in paragraphs, it is when I get to the PC and the type up that the paragraphs and chatpers start to appear which is why they dont always fit easily. You get short chapters more frequently than long chapters, but when I get back to Demon Saviour then the long chapters will be back as I find it easier as well. Of course, if I didn\'t go on as much, it would be much easier wouldn\'t it?

2012.10.13 - 11:24PM
164: Chapter 164

The last thing the Doctor was thinking about was colors while talking with Jacko, right? And there was something in the examination room that caused the Doctor to panic when they brought him to Torchwood. Could memories of colors be what's got John trapped this time?!

Author's Response: He was thinking about colours when talking to Jacko, it is just his mind can go on different tacts in the background and it was thinking about him dying and not making it to see Jacko and Michael in the future because of Salice that got to him.

2012.10.13 - 08:42PM
165: Chapter 165

You, K. Are. So. Evil. LOL!

You should be writing sci-fi soaps for a living. We would all be sitting around the telly, wringing our hands, crying and laughing every episode.

Author's Response: Oh, evil??? That\'s a bit harsh surely lol.

Doctor Who is a soap isn\'t it? Shame it\'s not on daily and we now have to wait until Christmas.

2012.10.13 - 03:19PM
165: Chapter 165

Ahhh. Thank you for not making me wait. THe beautiful old SEXY is taking over and making them all better. Fantastic.

Author's Response: Go a few chapters ready to go now so should be one after another for ten chapters or so. Sexy is definitely going to protect the Doctor as much as she can. She got him to John, now she has to make sure it doesn\'t damage John and that she can give the Doctor the best chance of a full physical and emotional recovery. Just need to see if moving the Doctor is going to have a positive effect on John or not. Hopefully it is just the projections and he\'s not done a head dive down the stairs and hopefully if it is the projections he\'s not retreated so far from the intrusion that he\'s lost himself.

2012.10.13 - 11:46AM
164: Chapter 164

ARGh!! Poor Sue, poor John. You just love to beat him up. Have the Chula found everyone?

Author's Response: There is always room for things to get worse, and as for the Chula? Um, not yet *g*

2012.10.13 - 11:18AM
164: Chapter 164

oh no! John please be okay!

Author's Response: Hopefully it isn\'t going to be too bad for him.

2012.10.13 - 10:07AM
164: Chapter 164

That's it. No more stairs for the Doctor or John, *ever*. Regardless of whether John actually fell down stairs or not. :-/

Author's Response: Lol, I am not sure they are going to be able to instigate that rule.

2012.10.12 - 10:03PM
163: Chapter 163

Yup, more John whump.

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'m afraid so.

2012.10.12 - 08:44PM
163: Chapter 163

Ok, what did you do to John this time?! >:(

Author's Response: Um, it wasn\'t me, honest!

2012.10.12 - 08:38PM
162: Chapter 162

Loved that talk between Jacko and the Doctor, but what's this about what we read at the end of TD not being true when he saw Jacko at 17?!

Author's Response: It\'s not so much that it isn\'t true it is true to one time line, but the timelines could change if something went wrong now. It isn\'t fixed. He saw Jacko at 17 but if Salice had killed him then the assumptiong that he was a regular part of their life and Michael calling them using the psychic paper because his dad was stopping him going to play football as punishment for smoking? None of that would be possible if Salice had put an end to it, so while it is true, it is also fragile and could break.

2012.10.12 - 05:05PM
163: Chapter 163

You did it again; just when I was getting all comfy and enjoying the chats between the Doctor and young Jack, you toss poor John down the stairwell. Sigh.

Author's Response: Sorry about that. Hopefully things wont be as bad as they initially seem.

2012.10.12 - 03:49AM
162: Chapter 162

Love the Jacko/Doctor exchange. Especially with the Doctor talking in a manner so high above Jacko's knowledge level. The ending of this chapter, very nice and sweet.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the Doctor meeting up with Jacko again. The ending of the chapter is good for the Doctor and good for the Captain but not sure he should be trying to push memories away.

2012.10.11 - 09:33PM
162: Chapter 162

Haha! Outwitted by a five year-old. And for the record, I have to agree with Jacko. I also happen to have a strong leaning toward the violet end of the light spectrum.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think John\'s fascination with purple was due to my managing to find a pair of purple Converse as I was just bringing him into the TD storyline. I definitely tend to go for the green, blue, purple end as well.

2012.10.10 - 10:57PM
161: Chapter 161

I had forgotten about Paul and what he did to John. *sigh* Well, I'm glad that Kyle learned his lesson. Just hope they're ready to hear what's recorded in the hood.

Author's Response: Yeah, their relationship with Paul didn\'t have the best of endings, but I dont think John holds it against him as much as John\'s friends do. It was just a difficult time that John doesn\'t really want to think of too much while they are all going through a new and different difficult time at that time.

2012.10.10 - 10:49PM
160: Chapter 160

Oh, dear, someone is in for it! Poor Luke. I know he's just a kid, but if he is going to work in a lab then he has to follow protocol.

Author's Response: Yeah, he does have to tow the line. They can\'t mess around in the lab because it is potentially dangerous.