Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.10.18 - 12:20AM
173: Chapter 173

He's going to throw his back out! :) Ride 'em, Cowgirl! :D

Author's Response: Lol, hopefully he wont put his back out, afterall it is Sue doing the riding.

2012.10.18 - 12:10AM
172: Chapter 172

Poor Sue. She has a lot on her plate, doesn't she?!

Author's Response: Yeah she does, she needs a good night\'s sleep the same as everyone else.

2012.10.18 - 12:05AM
171: Chapter 171 I was right about the honey milk, but what is Jack going to do?

Author's Response: Yeah, it doesn\'t sit well with his immortality, though he wasn\'t directly poisoned by it.

2012.10.17 - 11:56PM
170: Chapter 170

Wow, I have four chapters to read! :) This was cute and I like that the Doctor wasn't mad about the striped casts.

Author's Response: No, he wasn\'t mad. I think he was relieved that he wasn\'t hurting as much and too tired to care too much about what they looked like. I am sure that Jacko will love them and think they are brilliant.

2012.10.17 - 08:41PM
173: Chapter 173

Oh God he's going to put his back out again and everyone's going to crack up laughing at how he's done it!

Author's Response: Lol, I am fairly sure it wouldn\'t be the first time. In fact he did that with Kate when he was recovering from the car crash. I am sure they\'d be amused at how he had done it if he does.

2012.10.17 - 08:17PM
173: Chapter 173

Wow!! Multiple updates in one day again. Made an excellent Wednesday... Loved it. And this chapter...sizzling... So good to see that they love each other so much.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the chapter. I think they needed some time out didn\'t they?

2012.10.17 - 06:42PM
173: Chapter 173

Oh dear. There goes John's back again. LOL

Author's Response: Lol, hopefully it wont.

2012.10.17 - 12:51PM
172: Chapter 172

Oh, poor Jack, i hope the mythical diet of Heaven is not true (milk and honey) or he's going to starve in Paradise. Poor boy, I know it's not the same thing. Hope they can fix him.

Author's Response: He only ever gets to pop his head into Paradise anyway doesn\'t he?

2012.10.16 - 10:16PM
170: Chapter 170

Wow! You weren't kidding when you said the more reviews the sooner the updates. I just gave you a review and the update popped up. Nice to have a calm informative chapter where no one gets harmed. Looks like the physical part of the Doctor is ok, but poor Jack.

Author's Response: Lol, I\'m not sure I\'ve ever said the more reviews the more chapters, but I\'ve got a lot written up and ready at the moment so it\'s easy to put up. Used to be amused that each time you said a review saying that you couldn\'t wait it coincided with my running out of chapters ready to go and have to go to work lol.

2012.10.16 - 10:06PM
169: Chapter 169

The casts they put on the Doctor gave me a smile. What a rainbow! Wonder why the Tardis goes cold when she scans his there something they could do better that she knows about. Not sure about Gary at Hadrial Foundation being the best doctor for either of them. Maybe they could find someone else. Can't wait to see if they can fix the hood so they understand what psychological torture Jack has gone through. Sue has so much to do. Hope she gets some support.

Author's Response: I think the TARDIS just knows how serious it is for him that his knee is in such as state. I am fairly sure if she wasn\'t happy with what they had done to treat him then she would have told them. Sue is in a bit of a difficult place at the moment and with John going off she is going to be without his support for a while, even if she will be pleased to get him out of the Doctor\'s \'firing\' line.

2012.10.16 - 09:15PM
169: Chapter 169

1) I really liked the casts they put on the Doctor.
2) I understand what Sue's doing, but it might not be the right idea.
3) The Doctor is NOT going to be happy to see Gary!

Author's Response: I am not sure that the Doctor will be happy to see Gary, but Sue wont bring him unless he agrees, and even if he isn\'t happy having sessions with Gary, he may be amenable to seeing someone else after an initial one.

2012.10.15 - 10:15PM
168: Chapter 168

He must be feeling a tiny bit better if he's being silly about the color of the casts.

Just hope John's ok.

Author's Response: Hopefully going home and getting some rest is just what John needs to pick himself back up again. With the Doctor in the TARDIS there may be some general improvements as well to highlight just how much pressure John had been under from his brother.

2012.10.15 - 10:08PM
167: Chapter 167

Awww...super cute chapter! :) And Jacko had the same idea as me about the multi colored casts for the Doctor! :D

Author's Response: Lol, then you\'re both mean to him.

2012.10.15 - 09:08PM
168: Chapter 168

So glad the Doctor is game to Jacko's joke and is accepting some comfort from Jack. No car crashes, please.

Author's Response: He is game now when just discussing it, but not sure he is going to be as accepting when he sees them. It might be fun to begin with I suppose. No car crashes planned but then had not actually thought of that, I am slacking lol.

2012.10.14 - 11:05PM
166: Chapter 166

Ok, so the Doctor either needs to stop thinking so loudly or just come out and say what's going through his head before John's head explodes.

Author's Response: Yeah, he does, but at least now he is in the TARDIS so she will absorb it until the Doctor is strong enough to reinstate some kind of control and prevent it affecting John.