Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.10.21 - 01:01PM
180: Chapter 180

Want to bet The Doctor wil drive Gary mad or Gary will drive the Doctor mad or both.

Author's Response: I am sure that it is going to be a mutual driving to madness event.

2012.10.21 - 01:29AM
179: Chapter 179

Um, did she really win or did the Doctor let her?! :) I think, deep down, he wants to talk to Gary.

Author's Response: I dont think he put up as much of a fuss about it as he could have did he?

2012.10.21 - 01:18AM
178: Chapter 178

Hmmm...I think the Doctor's going to have trouble with Michael when he gets older. He really loves Tardy! :) And I'm glad that John talked things out with the Doctor. Poor guy.

Author's Response: He does love Tardy, and we know he loves the Doctor as well, after all it was Michael that called the Doctor and Captain Jack to them late by psychic paper so that he could go and live with him and for him to take him to football, lol.

2012.10.21 - 01:09AM
177: Chapter 177

Why can't there be more bosses like John? He is so cool.

Author's Response: Yeah, he seems to be, but I think he probably loses it with them as well which is hard to deal with.

2012.10.21 - 01:02AM
176: Chapter 176

John is in a tiny bit of trouble, but Kyle might be in for more if he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

Author's Response: Yeah, Kyle\'s mouth tends to run away with him a bit, but that isn\'t really something that John can get mad about because he is just the same. Not sure Sue is going to be too impressed about him leaving her in the carpark.

2012.10.20 - 04:11PM
179: Chapter 179

You can tell Sue has children, she is so going into "mom" mode with the Doctor.

Author's Response: Yeah, she is a bit. She just wants the best for him really regardless of whether he is her doctor for now or not.

2012.10.20 - 12:18PM
178: Chapter 178

I agree with Jacko, Calling something honeymilk when it's got niether honey nor milk in it is silly :o)

Author's Response: It is silly, definitely silly, and it should be banned.

2012.10.19 - 11:26PM
177: Chapter 177

Glad that John is able to advise Kyle and they are almost ready to go. Can't wait to see how long it will be before the Doctor and John meet up and how it will affect the 2 of them.

Author's Response: Not long to go for the meeting again, next chapter is up and away, but it\'s only brief.

2012.10.19 - 07:48PM
174: Chapter 174

Way too funny. Jacko's curiousity is insatiable, I was wondering how they would get the discussion off topic. Too bad John gave him the wild hint about Sue. Wouldn't have been surprised if Wilf hadn't choked over that one. Loved the whole chapter.

Author's Response: I think his curiosity borders on nosiness lol, but that has to come from his dad. I am not sure either him or the Doctor would ever be happy without knowing the answer to something and Jacko is the same. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I think John is going to pay for that at some point in the future.

2012.10.19 - 07:36PM
177: Chapter 177

Sue is a wise woman

Author's Response: I think she is the sensible one when things are going on.

2012.10.19 - 12:01PM
176: Chapter 176

Sue's not going to be too happy with John after leaving her in a parking lot babysitting two children and a dog.

Author's Response: No, John just doesn\'t think sometimes does he? He\'s got himself all caught up with Kyle upstairs and left Sue hanging around in the meantime.

2012.10.18 - 10:27PM
175: Chapter 175

I agree with Jackie that the house is going to be a mess when they come back! :)

But why do I have a feeling that going to see the Doctor, even in the TARDIS, isn't a good idea.

Author's Response: As Marcia is there it probably wont be too messy as she\'ll take care of that. Not sure that Tony will be made to keep to bed times and things like that though. He will probably have as much a holiday with his dad as Jack and Michael will have a the coast.

2012.10.18 - 10:20PM
174: Chapter 174

Ok, ow, I never laughed so hard. That was funny! :D

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed.

2012.10.18 - 06:34PM
175: Chapter 175

I'm able to post reviews again! every time my PC cuts off on me I get kicked out of Teaspoon and have to log in again.

I've been keeping up with the story.

there's some naughtyness going around. ;o)

Author's Response: Glad to have you back. There is definitely some naughtiness going round!

2012.10.18 - 12:36PM
174: Chapter 174

SWINGING TACKLE!!! OMG, I had to get up from my desk to keep from disturbing my co-workers. (I was eating lunch at desk while reading on my mobile, thank goodness.)

Very fun chapter. Sue will put a hitch in his giddy-up for revealing her riding habits in the bedroom. LOL

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the chapter. Sue is definitely going to have him if he carries on though, lol.