Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.10.24 - 01:18PM
181: Chapter 181

Oh, this is going to be a loooooooooooooong trip! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I think it is, lol. They definitely should have made John sit up front with Jackie.

2012.10.24 - 01:07PM
184: Chapter 184

The Doctor should have listened to Greg.

Now he's in for a tongue lashing from Sue!

Author's Response: Yeah, he is definitely in for a tongue lashing, and I think Sue has just about had it, so the tongue lashing he is going to get is a proper no hold barred tongue lashing.

2012.10.23 - 08:09PM
183: Chapter 183

Hmmmm the Doctor and Greg being good while Sue's gone? There's an oxymoron.

Author's Response: Yeah it is, one or both of them bound to be in trouble, but you know it is going to be the Doctor, in fact you know it is the Doctor because it\'s been a couple of days since I did my review responses. I\'m naughty too.

2012.10.23 - 06:47PM
183: Chapter 183

It's good that Sue and the Doctor can talk and Sue showed how and when she should change a subject when the conversation gets too painful

Greg is a baaaad influence, LOL but I suspect the Doctor needs no encouagement to try a bacon cheeseburger. As a matter of fact, I could go with one right now as well.

Author's Response: Oh, I am not sure that you can consider Greg the bad influence? I think the Doctor is perfectly capable of getting himself into all kinds of trouble regardless of anything else.

I know what you mean about a bacon cheeseburger. I\'m on some asinine health kick at the moment and just had mackerel and yoghurt for my tea... much rather have a cheeseburger.

2012.10.23 - 05:43AM
182: Chapter 182

Now that was quite cute and very clever!

But the fluffity fluff-fluff is starting to kill me. ;-)

Author's Response: Oh, I can\'t win. Last time I was evil!!! *g*

You do know it\'s not going to last right?

2012.10.22 - 11:14PM
181: Chapter 181

Way too many children in the car.

Author's Response: Yeah, and the biggest one happens to be one Time Lord human metacrisis father.

2012.10.22 - 11:08PM
182: Chapter 182

Brilliant!!! I am so glad Amy is in the story. Romance in the air. Jacko, the knight in shining armor rescuing his Amy. How cute is that!!

Author's Response: I am not sure there will be any romance, I think Jacko and Amelia will both think that is yucky!

2012.10.22 - 08:31PM
182: Chapter 182

Amy! Amy's here! So, is Rory just a goldfish in Pete's World like Rose was a dog, or did she name the fish after Rory?

Author's Response: The jury is out on Rory as to whether he\'s a real boy or jsut a fish. I kind of like the idea of him just being a fish lol.

Author's Response: Or a series of fishes over the year as he dies and comes back several times lol.

2012.10.22 - 05:32PM
182: Chapter 182

So Jack Tyler is going to be Amy Pond's "knight in shiny armour"? That is si cute.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is, or at least he will try. I am fairly sure they will manage to get into some mischeif together.

2012.10.22 - 05:12PM
182: Chapter 182

I haven't reviewed the continuation of my favourite soap in a while. Poor Aunt Sharon, she can't catch a break in the parallel world either. Time lines are of in Pete's world anyway, LOL

Author's Response: No, she can\'t catch a break, but then Amelia wouldn\'t be Amelia if she didn\'t have a crabby old Aunt looking after her.

2012.10.22 - 01:21PM
181: Chapter 181

It's going to be a long car ride.

Author's Response: Yeah, lol, for Jackie, Oscar, and Greta, for the kids it will probably be over really quickly.

2012.10.22 - 01:18PM
180: Chapter 180

I don't think that Gary's going to make much progress getting the Doctor to talk. He needs to talk about it to start healing, same with Jack. I just know that it's going to be hard. Poor Doctor. Poor Jack.

Author's Response: Hopefully Gary will have some tricks up his sleve. He\'s not adverse to treating difficult patients.

2012.10.22 - 12:56PM
181: Chapter 181

They are all bewing silly! are they there yet! ;o)

Author's Response: Yeah, they are definitely being silly.

2012.10.21 - 11:02PM
180: Chapter 180

I don't know about her buying dinner, but I think Gary would do well to just talk about what happened and not go on about what happened with Rose or anyone else whose traveled with the Doctor. That would shut him up.

Author's Response: Although they\'d had issues with the Doctor before, largely because the Doctor went running off to find things out about Cedric and breeched all the security in the secure facility (rather than through Gary). Gary is one of the good guys and he will have the Doctor\'s interests at heart, if they can get past hello without any additional trauma.

2012.10.21 - 05:13PM
180: Chapter 180

Bless you again for all your quick updates. I enjoyed this chapter to the max. Donna and Ianto are weird.... they relax filing? That's like relaxing while vacuuming or doing laundry---or scrubbing floors. I also bet that Sue will be buying the dinner at the expensive restaurant more than once, but that Gary will be unable to stay away from the puzzles that are Jack and the Doctor.

Author's Response: Yeah, I hate filing. In fact I have got a massive pile of filing when I get back to work and no Donna and no Ianto to do it - hence why it is so big! I am sure there are going to be plenty of dinners to be had, but you\'re right, Gary is certainly going to be intrigued by the Doctor and by the Captain, but he\'s going to have to be careful about how he deals with them so that they talk rather than simply clam up.