Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.11.01 - 12:20PM
186: Chapter 186

He really messed up this time, but I hope he takes in what Mark and Greg said and lets Sue do her job.

Author's Response: Yeah, he did, but I think he is trying to cling onto some kind of control over the circumstances he is in when he has lost everything, so I think relinquishing what he has left to Sue is going to be hardest for him in the long run.

2012.10.31 - 05:24PM
188: Chapter 188

Sensable Donna

Author's Response: Yeah, she seems to be one of the only people keeping her head at the moment.

2012.10.31 - 01:03PM
187: Chapter 187

Listen to Mark, Sue

Author's Response: She needs to go and clear her head and calm down before she even thinks baout doing anything else.

2012.10.30 - 06:37PM
186: Chapter 186

Hmmm. All I can say is that John, Jacko and Michael obviously come by their stubbornness quite honestly. ;-)

Author's Response: Yeah, I would suggest that it is in their genes lol.

2012.10.30 - 05:32PM
186: Chapter 186

Poor Doctor! he feels to "alienated" right now. He needs someone like Sarah Jane or Donna to bring him out of his depression, I didn't say Captain Jack be cause right now he's got problems of his own to deal with. Not John either because of the linking

I know he brought all this on himself, but still, they could have handled what he dis a little differently.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think with hindsight that it was handled badly, but a lot of it would be due to the fear of walking in and not initially knowing why the Doctor was unconscious. Considering how seriously ill had has been to find him slumped over the side of the bed would have been a shock that triggered an adrenaline response for Sue. It would have got her through an emergency, but when knowing that the emergency was essentially of his own creating she let rip at him. She shouldn\'t have, but she did, and the aftermath of that is going to be difficult for everyone.

2012.10.27 - 10:39PM
185: Chapter 185

Well, I was waiting for Sue to explode, but now she's made him feel worse. And John's going to have to be the one to calm her down. What if she goes off on John? This is going to be messy.

Author's Response: there is definitely the potential for it to be messy.

2012.10.26 - 09:49PM
185: Chapter 185

My goodness. I understand that Sue is upset, but screaming and yelling at someone who's recovering (or hoping to) from both physical and psychological wounds, as well as serious PTSD, seems incredibly unprofessional. Perhaps it's time she walked away.

Author's Response: Yeah, she\'s crossed a line and it\'s not one the Doctor is actually capable of dealing with right now, but it is done so they need to deal with it.

2012.10.25 - 09:17PM
185: Chapter 185

Finally she tells him off for being an idiot! He really deserves it too but I have a feeling everyone going to be mad at Sue for making him feel bad and not mad at him for being an idiot. Seems to be the way things go around them, someone does something stupid, gets hurt and the person to be blamed is the one who calls them out on what they've done.
Betting on Sue forgiving him way too soon as well, no one ever stays properly mad. I think the longest most accurate bout of being mad I've seen in the entire of both "Lost" and "Terminal Decay" was Jack being grumpy at Martha cause she stuck him with a needle.

Author's Response: She is mad with him, but unprofessionally so.

Is there any point staying properly mad with anyone once the deed is done? It is just a waste of energy and time isn\'t it - staying mad? Perhaps they have all grown beyond that stay mad and hold grudges point. The Doctor and Martha probably had the longest and most damaging of fallings out, but I dont see the point of staying mad with someone for doing something stupid. It\'s a waste and diverts energy from where it is really needed. Too many people hold grudges and let small acts of stupidity manifest into feuds that rip entire families apart. Anger is essentially pointless beyond fight / flight.

2012.10.25 - 07:26PM
185: Chapter 185

I have to admit, I'm much more annoyed with Sue than the Doctor right now. Maybe actually EXPLAIN a bit about why she wanted to have him wait? She's stressed, fine. Get someone else to treat him for a while. Don't get pissy because he tried to make a decision based on insufficient data.

Author's Response: You\'re right in a way, but the problem is that the Doctor gives off this \'know it all, know better, know what is going on\' attitude even now and it is easy to assume that he does know it all and he has put two and two together and knows why Sue doesn\'t want him to sit up. They are both out of order.

2012.10.25 - 06:22PM
185: Chapter 185


Ok, that's probably not the first time the Doctor has been called an "ignorant arsehole," nor will it probably be the last. ;-) He actually richly deserved the telling off.

But I suspect that Sue will feel far worse about it than the Doctor ever could. Losing her professional detachment with a patient, even one who is essentially "family" to her, is something I'm sure she'll have difficulty in forgiving herself for. As you've just illustrated, it's one of the reasons why a doctor shouldn't treat his or her own family members.

Nevertheless, I hope Sue gets over it and doesn't try to get someone else to take over the Doctor's care. Her experiences with John give her superior knowledge.

Author's Response: I think ignorant arsehole was probably quite mild. You\'re right that Sue is going to feel bad about it, but it is never easy dealing with people you care about.

2012.10.25 - 06:02PM
185: Chapter 185

The Doctor's in trouble now and it's his fault. Poor Sue is upset,but I suspect she'll have a chnge of heart when she calms down.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is in trouble, but then who would expect anything different from him?

2012.10.24 - 10:24PM
184: Chapter 184

Of course he's being a bloody idiot. That's what recovering Time Lords are.

Author's Response: Yeah they are and he\'s going to know it as well.

2012.10.24 - 01:41PM
184: Chapter 184

Like Doctor like clone, he's just as bad as John when it comes to listening to Sue. He is in so much trouble!

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s an idiot, and he is in proper big trouble.

2012.10.24 - 01:34PM
183: Chapter 183

Ok, the Doctor is sitting half way up and talked to Sue about the Time War. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Author's Response: Dont kid yourself lol

2012.10.24 - 01:26PM
182: Chapter 182

You brought Amy into the story?! Cool. And this sounds like Jacko's first case of puppy love! :)

Author's Response: Oh, I am not sure about puppy love, but if it is, she\'s an older woman considering she\'s seven and he\'s only five! I think it would be nice for him to have someone around his own age for some company while he\'s on the holiday as well, especially as he\'s going to be missing school and Amelia is fun - even if everything is rubbish.