Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.11.10 - 12:09AM
194: Chapter 194

Donna is so cool, but they need to figure out what to do with Jack.

(OT: Have you watched the CW show Arrow yet? Not sure who or what John Barrowman's character is, but he isn't a good guy.)

Author's Response: You have just reminded me that there is something that I needed to do and that is to download Arrow. I\'ve got the first couple of episodes downloading now, so thank you. I\'ve not seen any of it yet, but I dont think it has made it to terrestial TV yet in the UK. I dont have Sky or Cable, blimey the amount of DW reruns they have on \'Watch\' I dont think I\'d ever get anything done!

2012.11.09 - 02:50PM
193: Chapter 193

Are you going to put the Doctor with wee Amelia, and allow her to have two Daddies? Cool. I don't recall the Aunt as scary--just neglectful--but in this Universe with Jack, scary is cool.

Author's Response: Lol, I am not sure that she really is scary, she just is in Jack\'s eyes at the moment. Dont have any intentions about Amelia yet, she may just be a holiday romance or she may become more of a feature... not decided.

2012.11.08 - 11:44PM
193: Chapter 193

Glad that John told her to tell Gary not to mention Rose and the other older stuff. (And he is sexy!) Just hope the Doctor's ready for Doctor Sue instead of Friend Sue.

Author's Response: If they are going to get anywhere with the Doctor and not make him simply clam up or worse retreat back into his subconsciousness then they are going to have to leave out all the other things that make him emotional - at least until he is more capable of dealing with his most recent trial. Whether he is ready for Doctor Sue instead of Friend Sue? Who knows, but it is probably going to be a harder act for Sue to pull off than it is for the others to respond to.

2012.11.08 - 11:34PM
192: Chapter 192

I remember when she got that mad at John when he sat up and faint! :) The thing is John is half-Time Lord and half-human. His Donna side may be stubborn, but she does listen. The Doctor is full Time Lord. He might not.

Author's Response: The chances are that the Doctor will listen, but likely only because he\'s no choice in the matter. He\'s feeling pretty insecure about everything at the moment, and a lot of that is not to do with the torture but because it wasn\'t purposeful torture.

2012.11.08 - 08:09PM
193: Chapter 193

Great conversation between Sue and John and a lot of good problem solving. Hope the Doctor is able to trust those around him to help him. Can't wait for Wilf to be on the scene with the Doctor.

Author's Response: It is about time Wilf did what he is good at. That is my fault, he\'s been itching to spend some quality time with the Time Lord since he arrived.

2012.11.08 - 06:20PM
193: Chapter 193

Love it when John and Sue get to talking and bantering about things. The make a sweet couple.

Author's Response: They get the light relief they need from each other as well as being able to talk about the more important things and get to where they need to be.

2012.11.08 - 09:38AM
191: Chapter 191

So sweet. Donna to to rescue again. I am so glad she is sleeping by him and cuddling him.

Author's Response: Yeah, she\'s doing what she needs to do. I am sure that when he is feeling better she will join in with the telling off as well.

2012.11.07 - 11:42PM
191: Chapter 191

Good on Donna for helping out, but I think Sue is in for an ear full from John. Yeah, she had all right to be mad, but the Doctor's not John.

Author's Response: I think that since John is separated from it all that he will try to keep the peace on both sides even if he\'s not happy about it. He can\'t be having them rowing while he is away or he is going to be driven mad with worry and not be able to enjoy the sharks.

2012.11.07 - 05:03PM
191: Chapter 191

Donna missed her calling! she should have been an ambassador!

Author's Response: Lol, I think Donna is being pretty well balanced and restrained because the Doctor isn\'t well, but any other time she\'d have slapped him silly!

2012.11.02 - 12:57AM
190: Chapter 190

John is being the voice of reason, but he needs to call Sue and tell her about what the Doctor just said. She didn't mean it, but he needs to hear her say that she doesn't want him to leave.

*hugs the Doctor* It's ok.

Author's Response: I am sure he is going to call Sue even if it is just to make sure she is alright after having it out with the Doctor. John is going to be in the unique position of being the only other person who has been at the teeth end when Sue goes.

2012.11.01 - 08:13PM
190: Chapter 190

Poor Doctor thinking everyone is angry with him and thinking they want him to leave. Must be so frustrating, if he only knew the stress they are all going through he would not feel so alone and unloved and frustrated.

He needs to talk to Gary just like he's talking to Jonh. He's also putting pressure on John parctically begging him to come home.

He needs lots of hugs.

Author's Response: It is going to be hard for John to hear the Doctor crying for him to come back. It is hard for everyone, but the Doctor can\'t afford to consider anyone else as he\'s barely got enough energy to consider himself.

2012.11.01 - 01:06PM
189: Chapter 189

Sue has done something Davros himself or the Master could ever have done, She broke the Doctor's spirit.

Author's Response: Oh, I dont think you can blame Sue for that. His response is just a symptom of everything they did to him on Staco in the Imperial Court. Any other time Sue shouting at him would just make him shout back.

2012.11.01 - 12:40PM
189: Chapter 189

Oh dear. Our poor lost Doctor is falling apart! :(

Author's Response: Yeah, he is a bit.

2012.11.01 - 12:32PM
188: Chapter 188

Makes sense for Donna to check first.

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Jacko would be heart broken if his special hearing picked up that the Doctor didn\'t want to talk to him.

2012.11.01 - 12:25PM
187: Chapter 187

Mark's right. She needs to go home.

Author's Response: Yeah, she needs to go and chill out, though it is a shame that John isn\'t going to be there.