Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.11.15 - 07:00PM
199: Chapter 199

Please say the Doctor was having a nightmare!

Author's Response: Yeah, I reckon he was.

2012.11.15 - 06:05PM
199: Chapter 199

Wow! That is so freaky. Very good description. I can picture everything. The maggots are disgusting! Poor Doctor!

Author's Response: Glad that you \'enjoyed\' the chapter. Maggots were a bit freaky, but it was just something I couldn\'t get out of my head.

2012.11.15 - 12:40PM
198: Chapter 198

The Doctor must think everyone is being viscous to him.

Author's Response: It must seem like that, but there is no intent on anyone\'s behalf and after the fact he may accept that they were right.

2012.11.14 - 09:59PM
197: Chapter 197

Now what Mark said is what Sue should have said instead of yelling at him. The Doctor agreed and tried to stay as calm as possible. Now she's really mad, as is he, and this is going to end up in another shouting match.

John, hide. This is going to be messy.

Author's Response: It might not be pleasant for anyone, but Sue knows she has done wrong, and I think if it had been Sue who had lied about Jack being dead then the Doctor wouldn\'t have been as calm as he was when it was Mark.

As a side I have downloaded the first 6 episodes of Arrow and have watched them. Very good and enjoyable story, and yes, John Barrowman\'s character isn\'t particularly nice - I reckon he\'s going to end up with an arrow in his arse. Hopefully Colin Salmon isn\'t away for the rest of the season either.

2012.11.14 - 02:48PM
197: Chapter 197

There isn't much the Doctor can do but be patient. And it's not the first time Jack has taken on sudden death to come back--in fact in Utopia the Doctor suggesed Jack go into the chamber. But it is different when you've been through so much and now Jack is his lover.

Author's Response: That was what Jack was saying when he was about to kill himself and was contemplating the Doctor\'s view on it. The Stet radiation in the chamber on Utopia was different though wasn\'t it? The Doctor did say Jack was the perfect man for the job, but it was one of those things that Jack could do without dying rather than something that killed him. I am not sure the Doctor would have sent him into the chamber if it was going to kill Jack for him to revive again.

2012.11.14 - 01:09PM
197: Chapter 197

One pissed-off Time Lord equals the onset of the Oncoming Storm. Everybody better be prepared!

Author's Response: I am not sure he has it in him at the moment. If he had a bit of that oncoming spirit left then he might not be struggling as much as he is at the moment.

2012.11.13 - 11:11PM
196: Chapter 196

Jack, quick, revive! You're about to get one heck of a Donna slap! :)

Author's Response: Lol, yeah, that is something you dont want to wake up to isn\'t it?

2012.11.13 - 10:07PM
196: Chapter 196

Good Ol Donna, always to the rescue, and then to the accountin for the bad deeds. I wonder how many times Jack would've drown if the Doctor hadn't noticed something was wrong.

Author's Response: Yeah, she knows what to do and when to do it, but she\'s certainly going to be racking up those slaps for people. Jack could certainly have been in trouble if he\'d revived whilst still under the surface of the bath. Even if he\'d not have drowned to the point of dying he\'d certainly have taken in a good couple of lungfuls.

2012.11.13 - 04:36PM
196: Chapter 196

ooooh! Jack's in trouble now!

Author's Response: Yeah, he will be when he comes back round. If he\'s still poorly he\'s put everything through it for nothing, if he\'s better then he\'s going to have Donna to deal with. Not sure which is going to be worse for him.

2012.11.11 - 08:59AM
195: Chapter 195

Sexy loves her Jack, so I'm certain he will wake up and be better.

Author's Response: I think that is what everyone will be hoping after being resigned to the fact that he has done it now.

2012.11.11 - 05:01AM
195: Chapter 195

Jack is just as bad as the Doctor!

Author's Response: Oh, I dont think he\'s that bad. He\'s just doing what he is told by the TARDIS and she has a better idea of everything than anyone.

2012.11.10 - 09:53PM
195: Chapter 195

I can't believe he did that. And Donna is going to be so ticked off. Worse, Sue is! Neither of them are listening to her!

Author's Response: Well, I am not sure that Jack is the one to blame in this since it was the TARDIS that provided him the means and the idea. She would only have done that if it was safe and would do him good. Sue definitely isn\'t going to be happy to receive that phonecall though is she?

2012.11.10 - 08:25PM
195: Chapter 195

Even though I know Jack will come back I find this chapter exceedingly sad.

Author's Response: It is sad, bless him, but hopefully it will be better for him when he comes back.

2012.11.10 - 01:32PM
194: Chapter 194

I think Gary will need to talk to Jack as well as the Doctor, Poor Jack needs a hug.

Author's Response: He does need a hug, but you\'ll have to be careful incase he is sick on you *eww*

2012.11.10 - 11:52AM
194: Chapter 194

Poor Jack! He needs some love and attention too. I'm thinking that Jack's going to have to talk to someone about the torture he went through. He hasn't dealt with any of that yet.

Author's Response: He hasn\'t dealt with it at all and no one really knows what went on with him. It is all going to come to a head at some point (which is the scene that this whole story is based around so it\'s got to happen), but I dont think anyone is really going to consider how much Jack has been through until that point.