Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.11.20 - 08:56PM
202: Chapter 202

I can understand a little that the Doctor would be confused that Jack actually had to die to get better; but the Doctor has put himself in Death's path more than once--usually to save others--, with only the hope regeneration, so I hope he doesn't hold too great a grudge against Jack. And --look at it again, but we don't know that Jack didn't die in that chamber and revive before he put his clothes back on Utopia. If the radiation was such that it dissolved skin, it would have done that to Jack. He has literally been blown to pieces and buried in cement and his body reformed.

Author's Response: I think any time that the Doctor might get cross with Jack for killing himself or putting himself in a position that he ends up getting killed he gets cross with Jack but the anger is actually the result of not being able to be the one to do it or that things have got to the point where it is necessary and he\'s not been able to stop it, rather than actually being directly angry with Jack. Of course for Jack the idea that the Doctor might be cross with him, especially when he is emotionally vulnerable despite any claims that all he needs is \'a good feed\', is too much.

2012.11.20 - 08:51PM
202: Chapter 202

I'm glad Jack is better, and I'm certain he has starved to death so he would know exactly what that feels like, but I can appreciate Sue wanting to take things easy.

Author's Response: It is probably best to be safe rather than sorry. Jack likely has starved to death at least once over the years, but in the wrong universe and after such a period of illness nothing can be counted on fully.

2012.11.20 - 03:52PM
201: Chapter 201

I personally don't think Martha will feel left out at all--the Doctor is no longer her patient or part of her life, and she trust Sue (Unless the Doctor or Jack dies of course) Actually I just saw the question as an one off showing that Sue's co-worker was thinking of Sue's mental well being, and that he didn't want Sue to become trapped like Martha was, between her personal feelings and her professional duties.

Author's Response: Where as that is likely true for the Doctor I am not sure how true it is for the Captain. In the TD Universe Martha works with Torchwood and though she\'s not best mates with Eleven they do have an understanding and we know Eleven has helped with what she is doing in Africa and is planning on taking some additional contemporary supplies out in a couple of weeks, so they are not completely out of each other\'s life and because of the person that she is, she could be fighting with him constantly and she\'d still care and want to help medically.

2012.11.19 - 10:23PM
201: Chapter 201

This isn't going to work. If they take the TARDIS to go get Martha with the Doctor still inside, he is going to think Sue really is trying to get rid of him and he'll panic. And John is going to be angry that she resorted to messing with Martha's life in order to take some slack off of her not being the Doctor's friend right now.

Maybe that's why Sue wasn't living with John when the Doctor and Jack ended up in the furture. John could have stayed friends with her, but their relationship suffered because of her actions in this story.

Author's Response: They aren\'t going to get Martha and the person who is saying they aren\'t going to get Martha is Sue so she is the one with her head screwed on right and accepting that it wouldn\'t work. Apart from rowing with him Sue is doing everything right and I hope that John would be sensitive enough to know that it is hard and be proud of what she is doing for his brother even though it must hurt her to do it. At the end of TD Sue wasn\'t there but the intimation from Jackie was that she was just out and John was wearing a wedding ring and I dont know who else he\'d marry. In my mind Sue was definitely still on the scene but as usual she was the one missing out because she was at work.

2012.11.18 - 11:32AM
201: Chapter 201

Good for Sue; I don't see any reason to disrupt other lives, although it is clear she is losing her professional edge to her affection for the Doctor. A consult wouldn't hurt, but I agree with her, if the TARDIS thought the Doctor needed Martha she would have taken her there. The Doctor has to heal emotionally and those wounds just don't clear like physical ones. And the Doctor has never seen Jack recover so slowly or this vulnerable; too bad Gwen isn't a Doctor, and Owen and Tosh are dead.

Author's Response: The only concern will be what will happen when Martha does find out, because they aren\'t out of each other\'s lives. She might feel quite hurt that she wasn\'t involved, but if she does then I am sure that Tom will be able to set her straight.

2012.11.18 - 09:24AM
200: Chapter 200

Good descriptions of how difficult this situation is on Sue. Good old Donna can always be counted on in a crisis. I feel so sorry for Sue. And maybe the sight of Jack will help to calm the Doctor.

Author's Response: Even if the Doctor isn\'t calmed by seeing Jack at least his imagination wont be able to run wild because it is there and visible and fact. Donna is doing what Sue can\'t at the moment, and it is hardest on Sue. It\'s hard.

2012.11.18 - 09:15AM
201: Chapter 201

Yay! I knew it was a dream. So glad that Sue is holding the line and making the right decisions even tho she is a softie inside. Hope Jack revives soon. He bore a large brunt of what happened even tho he didn't show it at first. I wonder what's going on with Jacko and Amelia. Hmmm

Author's Response: Jacko and Amelia will be back on the scene shortly. Was writing a bit of Jacko stuff this morning before going to work. It\'s always light relief when they are in the mix.

2012.11.17 - 01:07PM
200: Chapter 200

I think the worst the Doctor has ever had a wake-up was with Grace and waking up in a morgue. But Jack--just shuddering thinking of him coming back to life after he was disbembered in Children of Earth. If the Doctor is someone channeling what must be Jacks' very scary dreams that can't be good for their recovery. But I think Sue handled this very well.

Author's Response: Yeah, the whole thing with Eight waking the morgue not knowing who he was and having medical devices left in him was a bit harsh. Jack got blown up in Children of Earth didn\'t he, and then incased in concrete? They were both pretty horrific, but still wonder if being buried alive was worse just with the repeated nature of it all.

2012.11.17 - 12:17AM
200: Chapter 200

I don't know how long Sue can hold back from being his doctor. He really needs her as a friend.

Author's Response: The thing is he doesn\'t need her as a friend. He has lots of people who are his friend there. He needs Sue to be his doctor. It is going to be hardest for Sue, she needs to be his friend and she can\'t be.

2012.11.17 - 12:06AM
199: Chapter 199

Please say that was a nightmare!

Author's Response: Yeah - just a bad dream.

2012.11.16 - 11:58PM
198: Chapter 198

I think John should have explained what Sue's doing because the Doctor thinks she hates him.

Author's Response: It might not be a bad thing for the Doctor to think she hates him for a while. Then he might do what he is told. Once he starts doing what he is told he will start getting better and start being able to think more clearly, John will be able to come home and then things will be better for everyone.

2012.11.16 - 07:07PM
200: Chapter 200

I don't envy Sue at all she has a difficult time ahead of her.

Author's Response: Yeah, she does, it is going to be hard.

2012.11.16 - 05:19PM
199: Chapter 199

Oh, no, they're sharing dreams--nightmares?

Author's Response: Although the sharing of dreams wasn\'t what was intended, it kind of fits at the same time, though I am not sure if Jack would technically dream while he is dead. the feelings of abandonment came from when he thought that Jack had defected and gone to the Chulan Knights, Jacko had been talking to him about sharks, and he\'s worried about Jack being dead and whether he will be better or worse when he comes back and all of those things just morphed into his dream.

2012.11.15 - 11:39PM
199: Chapter 199

Has to be a dream. I am sure no one would neglect the Doctor and I know Jack won't wake up as some zombie-ish creature. Nice cliffhanger. Poor Doctor, it must feel so real.

Author's Response: No, I dont think Jack would come back as a Zombie. The Doctor\'s imagination is just running wild. It\'s just as well John is well out the way or he\'d have been having some weird projections.

2012.11.15 - 10:42PM
198: Chapter 198

Nice solution for the Doctor. Donna is always the perfect antidote. AS for Jack, of course no one was thinking clearly, usually dead is dead and being on the bathroom floor would not make a difference, except that Jack comes back. Of course Sue feels terrible having to withdraw emotional support for awhile, but she has to be strong. Good chapter.

Author's Response: I am sure the bathroom floor is not the worst place that Jack has revived, but in terms of the most practical it is better for him to be in bed. I think Sue is doing the right thing and being the bigger person now, but it is had for her and she\'s going to need the support of her medical team or she will end up cracking.