Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.12.09 - 10:13PM
209: Chapter 209

Mary is so cool. And she is right about Sue needing a break.

Author's Response: Sue defintiely needs a break.

2012.12.09 - 03:12PM
209: Chapter 209

Very good to see Sue's issues addressed. I am SURE that she is so frustrated with everything. Mary's a great one to have around; and Sue needs to demand more office help from Pete.

Author's Response: I think she has got the point where she can\'t see the wood for the trees and that she has got herself so deep into the forest that she\'s lost her way and can\'t figure out the best way out again. Things need to change with the way things are done in the hospital wing in order to support Sue, but then she is the Lead and she shouldn\'t be as hands on as she insists on being, so is probably a cause of the problem as well. She is a good boss though so I am sure she will have the support of the majority of her staff.

2012.12.09 - 03:01PM
209: Chapter 209

Good. Maybe Sue can get so much needed quality time with John and some rest.

Author's Response: Unfortunately that is going to end up being enforced rest rather than voluntary rest, but yes, she will get some quality time with John.

2012.11.30 - 10:40AM
208: Chapter 208

I would guess that this Amelia doesn't have a big scary crack in her wall with a giant alien eye in it?

Author's Response: No, lol, I am toying with an idea about a crack in her ceiling though *g*

2012.11.29 - 09:40PM
208: Chapter 208

That talk went well and I think Jacko understood most of it. :) He is a very good and brave knight! But what about the Doctor and waking up with Captain Jack in his bed?!

Author's Response: He is a good and brave knight, bless him.

2012.11.29 - 09:33PM
207: Chapter 207

I find it odd that Amelia's parents just vanished. Could the TARDIS find them or Torchwood? And Jackie is so cool with the way she talked to Sharon. She's been there and done that.

Author's Response: It was fairly odd in the series as well wasn\'t it? The whole thing being that Amelia\'s parents had vanished from time through the crack, but even without the crack for her to be with her Aunt there needs to be a reason and I decided to make it more cryptic rather than a car crash or something less innocuous as that would be down the Sarah Jane and Aunt Lavine road. Jackie is cool, even though she has got all the riches she could imagine now both materially and with Pete back she remembers what it was like trying to raise Rose and she will be a good support for Sharon, who I dont think is malicious, just unprepared and unsure of everything.

2012.11.29 - 10:01AM
207: Chapter 207

This certainly is an AU; Wee Amelia was delightfully strong and smart, but not petulant, and indications were that her Aunt did as little for her as she could get away with. It will be interesting to see where you take this.

Author's Response: I get the feeling that young Amelia is stubborn and strong willed and perfectly capable of being petulant with her Aunt and then completely different with Eleven and the snippets we saw with Melody and Rory in flashbacks to when they were playing. I also think that while the view that we get from circumstance and Amelia is that her Aunt is neglectful if she was \'that bad\' then social services etc would be involved because certainly there were instances where the authorities were involved after she met Raggedy Doctor because she saw psychiatrists etc, if Sharon really was that bad then she\'d have been removed into care. I think Amelia\'s perspective could be quite different from the reality. There was plenty of food in the cupboards when Eleven showed up etc etc, so while she might not have the most loving and most attentive aunt I think that is more likely to do with finances and struggling with being left with Amelia rather than anything else, but then that is my interpretation of what was seen of young Amelia, but then all of that is going to be skewed in the normal universe now anyway as the Doctor is heading back to her within 5 minutes rather than leaving her waiting for years. Perhaps \'our\' Amelia wont be biting psychologists any time soon.

2012.11.29 - 09:44AM
206: Chapter 206

I'm a sucker for the cute kid stuff. All my Grandchildren are past the cute stage and working up to that Parents with terminal Tongue Twist stage.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoy it, Jacko and Michael are always fun to write.

2012.11.28 - 10:28PM
206: Chapter 206

Yeah, I can see what Sharon didn't want her to go with them. I just hope Jacko isn't that upset.

Author's Response: He will be upset, but his dad will talk to him and make sure he is alright.

2012.11.28 - 04:00PM
206: Chapter 206

well, I don't really blame Amelia's aunt. Really, I wouldn't let my child go off with someone I'd barely met once while on vacation for an entire day. Hell, probably not even for just a few minutes, it's a bit creepy no matter the other party's intentions.

Author's Response: Yeah, it would be somewhat remiss if she had just let Amelia go with them like that, though how resonsible for Amelia Sharon actually is we dont know do we?

2012.11.28 - 12:21AM
205: Chapter 205

Oh, Michael, you cheeky monkey! :) *tickles Michael!* Lets see if he can't get John to run now! :D

Author's Response: I am sure that John will do his fair share of running, lol.

2012.11.26 - 10:43PM
204: Chapter 204

Not sure if Jackie wants the boys seeing the Cabby-Ray, but this sounds like a fun start to a fun day.

Author's Response: Cabby-ray should be fun.

2012.11.26 - 07:49PM
204: Chapter 204

A nice normal morning; I hope John can have more of those, although I would love to see the boys at the "Cabbie Ray".

Author's Response: Hopefully it will last, the boys need some normality as much as John does, if not more.

2012.11.23 - 10:00PM
203: Chapter 203

Ok, Jack is still not ready to talk, and that's fine for now, but he is going to scare the Doctor when he wakes up. He'll think that he's Zombie Jack.

Author's Response: Hopefully the Doctor wont be too startled by having Jack in his bed.

2012.11.20 - 09:23PM
202: Chapter 202

Yay, Jack's alive! :) But I don't think the Doctor's going to be too angry, seeing that Jack's better. (Can they share a bed and have a good cuddle and talk?)

Author's Response: They can get in the same bed but I think sleep is needed rather than talk, at least for now.