Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.12.15 - 12:39AM
215: Chapter 215

Yep, that is going to be one tough phone call.

Author's Response: It isn\'t going to be the easiest phone call to make, but hopefully he will just be able to talk to Jackie and explain it.

2012.12.13 - 11:38AM
214: Chapter 214

Pete is right. John will worry when he finds out, but he'd worry more if he didn't and something happened to her.

Author's Response: John would be devastated if Sue was unwell and he was denied the opportunity to look after her the way she has always looked after him. Though there is a risk that he will be so attentive that he runs the risk of driving her mad.

2012.12.13 - 11:37AM
214: Chapter 214

The don't call HBP the silent killer for nothing. Get better Sue.

Author's Response: Hopefully there has been no major damage done and rest will allow her to recover fully.

2012.12.13 - 11:31AM
213: Chapter 213

Oh great! You really like hurting them, don't you? And when the Doctor finds out, he'll blame himself.

Author's Response: The Doctor will certainly be a bit upset about it. he will know that he has contributed to the amount of stress that sue is under.

2012.12.13 - 11:22AM
212: Chapter 212

She's either pregnant or having a stroke.

Author's Response: Well she isn\'t pregnant.

2012.12.13 - 11:13AM
211: Chapter 211

Uh-oh! This is going to end badly!

Author's Response: Yeah, there doesn\'t seem to be an easy way out of the situation.

2012.12.13 - 11:06AM
210: Chapter 210

I like it when Pete gets in charge of things, but he's going to need backup when talking to a cranky Sue.

Author's Response: Back up is definitely required

2012.12.13 - 07:18AM
213: Chapter 213


Just wish I could be right once.

Yeah, all together the symptoms are not good.

*puts together a Get Well Soon card and starts circulating it amongst the readers*

Author's Response: Sorry, but I am sure she will like the card.

2012.12.13 - 03:19AM
213: Chapter 213

This has been coming for Sue for a long, long, time. Poor woman, afraid to be in the Tardis. When will they call John. Jacko will be beside himself as will john.

Author's Response: They are all going to be worried, but it is better that they know. I don\'t think Sue is scared to be in the TARDIS for herself, but doesn\'t want the Doctor to be too concerned by her condition before they know what the problem actually is.

2012.12.12 - 07:27PM
213: Chapter 213

High blood pressure, low blood sugar, confusion, flashbacks--I'm thinking stroke--mini-stroke coupled with mental/emotional exhaustion? Not good, not good at all.

Author's Response: Hopefully it is just a warning and not n actual event.

2012.12.12 - 05:42PM
213: Chapter 213

Good lord woman, you beat up on them more than I beat up on mine,:)) This will always be my favourite story/ series

Author's Response: Glad that you are still enjoying. I had to get Sue out the way so that I can actually get to the single event that this entire story has been built around and there is no way Sue would have a allowed it happen.

2012.12.11 - 09:21PM
212: Chapter 212

Hm. Let's see. Stressed. Over emotional. Hormones out of control.

She's pregnant.

Author's Response: Well it is a nice idea but sue is 58 and though not impossible and Johns little swimmers are half Time Lord and pretty persistent to get Jack, Michael, and Cadence, I am not sure pregnancy is feasible, which is a shame because it would be nice for the family.

2012.12.11 - 05:41PM
212: Chapter 212

Oh my God, Pete you are an ass...A MAJOR ass and you really need to work on people skills, especially when dealing with tired medics.
Sue! Sue can't be hurt and I'm really hoping she sticks to the "I quit" thing, at least until Pete apologizes and the Doctor, John, Jack, Donna and her team realize just how much pressure they put her under/have been putting her under and how much they really need her.
I know they love her, but they REALLY take Sue for granted.

Author's Response: They do tend to take Sue for granted, but I don\'t think they know just how much she takes on herself. Pete has got to be a bit blunt with her or a she would never listen. if she was not as tired and unwell they would not have got to that point.

2012.12.11 - 03:10PM
211: Chapter 211

Yipes--couldn't he have called her to his or her office---or maybe the Canteen is safer?

Author's Response: I think the canteen is probably safer

2012.12.10 - 09:53AM
210: Chapter 210

Hopefully things won't get too testy as Pete convinces Sue she needs to rest.

Author's Response: I think testy is going to be understated, when Sue is called on her behaviour indicating she needs to rest it is going to be more explosive than testy, but it needs to be done, and I think Pete is pretty brave to be taking Sue on without the usual back up of John and Jax.