Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.12.21 - 09:25PM
221: Chapter 221

Sounds like Jackie's madea new friend. Maybe they can talk Pete into staying, too. Work or not, he needs a break.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think Jackie has given Aunt Sharon a chance to come out of her shell a bit. Hopefully that will work in Amelia\'s favour as well. Pete will stay a night, not sure if he will agree to stay any longer than that.

2012.12.21 - 09:45AM
221: Chapter 221

Glad Jacko had fun with little Amelia.

Author's Response: I am sure the pair of them will be getting up to no good before long.

2012.12.20 - 03:18PM
221: Chapter 221

Uh, Oh! Pete better watch it! Jackie's got a new drinking companion it seams :)

Author's Response: It would seem that way.

2012.12.20 - 12:03AM
220: Chapter 220

Oh, John, what are we going to do with you?! And stop bugging Sue. She knows you love her. Just chill, the both of you! *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: I am not sure John has really been in a position where he has had to actually do the looking after. I bet he is good at it as long as he can find the balance where he\'s not driving Sue mad.

2012.12.19 - 11:57PM
219: Chapter 219

I think Pete's getting concerned about himself now.

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s been getting warnings from Sue for ages, so to see it happen to someone like Sue has got to have set some warning flags flying for him as well.

2012.12.19 - 08:26PM
220: Chapter 220

So John also needs to destress Sue by being compliant as well as by taking care of her, altho being in a caravan with Jackie, the boys and Wellie seems a lot of stress to me.

Author's Response: Yeah, John definitely needs to be on his best behaviour. I think the stresses of being surrounded by a loving family are different to the stresses of being medical lead at Torchwood aren\'t they? I am sure that Sue will get the rest she needs, but the entertainment and love that she needs to ensure that she can rest without going stark raving mad with boredom.

2012.12.19 - 08:20PM
219: Chapter 219

I think Sue is scared enuf to take advice. And Pete and John will make SURE that she does. But as for Pete....he needs to delegate too.

Author's Response: Yeah, the benefit of Sue being a medic is that she knows what is at risk if she doesn\'t behave properly. I think that also has the downfall in that her mind is potentially in over drive about what it could be and what it means for the future etc. Sometimes knowing too much is as harmful as not listening.

2012.12.19 - 05:16PM
220: Chapter 220

I take that last comment back! John!

Author's Response: Yeah, John is a bit of a pain in the behind as well.

2012.12.19 - 05:08PM
219: Chapter 219

You know what they say about doctors making lousy patients! lol!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think that basically applies to everyone at Torchwood in either universe. It must be something to do with the strength of the characters and the perceived weakness when ill or injured.

2012.12.18 - 11:09PM
218: Chapter 218

Review 800! :)

Donna is right, he is a softie and I hope the poems work.

Author's Response: Donna is definitely right and he can be a big softie when he wants to be.

Author's Response: I think 11 is better at doing that than 10 was in some ways.

2012.12.18 - 05:10PM
218: Chapter 218

WOW! a lot's been going on I see.

Author's Response: Yeah, loads been going on. Glad to see you back and hope all is ok.

2012.12.16 - 11:11PM
217: Chapter 217

Glad the Doctor feels well enough to be silly with Donna and didn't get too upset about Sue. Still, if he can still hurt John with a panic attack if he's outside, there might be some trouble.

Author's Response: The whole thing with the Doctor being in the TARDIS and John going to the coast wasn\'t to put in physical distance but so that John wasn\'t trying to explain to the kids why they couldn\'t go in the TARDIS to see the Doctor, or, to be with Tardy, when it was just there. The TARDIS is protecting John while the Doctor is unable to control his panic.

2012.12.16 - 06:03PM
217: Chapter 217

Glad to se the Doctor handle the news without any guilt trip. HBP is nothing to take lightly.

Author's Response: I am sure the Doctor feels a degree of responsibility for the stress Sue is under, but he can\'t afford to take that on as personal guilt, I dont think he has the room or the ability to process further emotional stuff anyway. HBP definitely has the potential to turn quickly.

2012.12.15 - 09:17PM
216: Chapter 216

Yep, Pete and Sue need to look long and hard about their hours. As for Jacko, I think he really is showing off for his new...girlfriend! :)

Author's Response: Oh, I am not sure Amelia is his girlfriend, short of being his friend and being a girl. I think he\'d be both shocked and repulsed by the idea lol.

Author's Response: Like young Amelia says - she counts as a boy anyway.

2012.12.15 - 08:22PM
216: Chapter 216

Even tho I don't review every chapter, I wait avidly for each new one and devour it immediately. Glad that Sue is not in immediate danger, but I think Pete just got the message to lower his hours and delegate.

Author's Response: I am glad that you\'re still enjoying the story. I know that it has kind of lost momentum a bit, I certainly feel that, been a lot going on at work and stuff. At the moment I am at the Prison Training College doing an Incident Command Course. I did think I\'d get loads done, but I\'ve barely written anything new as my head has been full of hostage negotiations and taking responsibility for difficult decisions. It\'s been stressful enough as it is and it\'s all just scenario based never mind if I ever have to command an incident like that for real.

Author's Response: Of course it is also all good fodder for future stories lol. If someone gets taken hostage in the near future you know why, lol.