Reviews For TD - Lost

2013.03.09 - 04:09PM
272: Chapter 272

haha it's fine, i know how you feel, you need a change of scene :) im the same :)

Author's Response: Yeah, the TD universe tends to get all encompassing. I\'m glad you enjoyed, and thanks for taking the time to review.

2013.03.09 - 05:07AM
272: Chapter 272

Ok so i spent ages trying to work out why there was no updates before i realized i was left on a cliffhanger. Im now tearing my hair out! This like TD has been amazing, ive cried in some places, and just wow :) Sorry the review for this is so late after you finished, i was just to stupid not to realize this was the end XD

Author's Response: Lol, yeah, sorry, I kind of left it there for a while. They can carry on getting on with what they need to get on in the TD universe for a while. I needed to get them out of my head for a while!

2013.02.01 - 11:13PM
272: Chapter 272

John is right. Sometimes things do have to fall apart before they can be put back together again. I think (hope) from here that The Doctor can somehow ground himself and not feel so lost or detached.
Also, whatever happened to the pizza and flowers?

Author's Response: Hopefully things will settle and become more tenable in our absence. Thanks for taking the time to review. K

2013.01.30 - 12:29PM
271: Chapter 271

Sue is making sense. Just hope the Doctor and Jack don't get too upset.

Author's Response: I think Sue has got the right idea and they are just going to have to go their own separate ways, at least for a while.

2013.01.30 - 12:23PM
270: Chapter 270

Glad Donna's with the Doctor. *hugs*

Author's Response: Yeah, he needs her with him to keep him in line and hopefully keep his spirits up a bit. I am sure Donna and John will sort things out for him.

2013.01.30 - 12:18PM
269: Chapter 269

Poor Jack.

Author's Response: He\'s not a very happy camper at the moment.

2013.01.30 - 12:09PM
268: Chapter 268

Oh boy. But I understand why Pete is acting this way. Rose is one thing. An immortal Jack is another.

Author's Response: If Jack was going to go off on one then they could have a very serious problem.

2013.01.30 - 06:02AM
272: Chapter 272

oh you're kidding me, you're not stopping it here are you? please tell me this isn't the end!?

Author's Response: Will come back to them at some point, but yes, Lost is finished here, maybe, dependent upon source we can be Found, Regained, or Won later.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

2013.01.29 - 06:16PM
272: Chapter 272

Oi! I'm speechless. Well, maybe not speechless, really. No one who knows me would ever believe that... but...

Depressed. Yes, most definitely depressed after that brilliant, heart-wrenching, 272 chapter-building denouement.

I'm going to go suck my thumb for a bit, sip some scotch, and then get back to DS. ;-) Good show.

Author's Response: 272 chapters for one paragraph is a bit excessive isn\'t it? Lol. Got to learn how to do short!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

2013.01.29 - 03:10PM
272: Chapter 272

No. NO. NO! That can't be it! Please say we can expect a continuation soon.

*Pulls up rocking chair, plops down, pulls out knitting needles and continues working on 10 foot scarf*

Author's Response: Sorry - there will be a continuation, but it\'s not going to be immediately. The TD universe tends to be all consuming and it is such that it never ends, so I have to kind of force an end to it every now and then, so I can get on with other things, get on with having some sort of life, lol - though have just jumped from TD back to the Demon Saviour lol, so as Professor Yana says - No rest for the wicked. *g* Scarf sounds cool though, I have just started a project to make a full size origami TARDIS lol - don\'t ask!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

2013.01.29 - 01:58PM
272: Chapter 272

I was looking at the last chapter of TD and remembered wondering why John didn't want Jacko and Michael to tell them too much after they went 12 years into the future. John would have known about this. Makes you wonder if Jack and the Doctor ever got back together.

Hope you revisit these guys at some point to see what happened next.

Author's Response: Well, John couldn\'t tell them anything really could he as that would be impacting on their potential time lines, but there is still hope to be drawn on that wasn\'t there? John wasn\'t horrendously surprised to see Jack and the Doctor turn up together was he, neither were either of the boys, and they did say they have always just come back, so hopefully that indicates that things will repair and be okay.

Will definitely be revisiting them in the future, there are still plenty of TD stories to be told, but for now they can sort themselves out for a bit.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

2013.01.29 - 01:17PM
272: Chapter 272

They all need hugs

Author's Response: They do all need hugs, and they will be getting plenty of them.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

2013.01.29 - 12:22PM
272: Chapter 272

Oh! That last word just killed me! :(
I feel so bad for the Doctor and Jack. I wish I could hug both of them. I can't believe how quickly everything fell apart but at least Jack and the Doctor should hopefully be getting the care and support they need.

Author's Response: It has fallen apart, but they are all going to be in the right places to get what they need. I am sure when we catch up with them again things will be looking better for them on a individual basis, even if they aren\'t convinced of it themselves.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

2013.01.28 - 10:38PM
267: Chapter 267

That is NOT good! I understand that Jack's flashing back to the helmet, but that was uncalled for! And the Doctor's control slipped? John needs to get out of there now!

Author's Response: The fact that he is flashing back to the hood means that whether it was called for or not has no bearing I\'m afraid. Luckily the Doctor\'s control only slipped as he was losing consciousness, so John should still be safe, though that will be of little consolation to any of them.

2013.01.28 - 10:27PM
266: Chapter 266

I wondered why the Doctor doesn't eat like everyone else. But Oscar is a task master! :) Poor guys.

Author's Response: He tends to forget to eat but at the moment he needs to. Oscar is going to get them going whether they like it or not.