Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.12.28 - 12:48PM
233: Chapter 233

Boys will be boys!
Donna will be Donna
And Wonder what other mischievs had gotten Wilf arrested before in his lifetime ;)

Author's Response: I am sure that Wilf will elaborate at some point what misdemeanours ended up with him being arrested in his past. We all know that Minnie the Menace got locked up in a Police Box in August 1962, I suspect that Wilfred was a bit of a lad as well.

2012.12.27 - 08:36PM
232: Chapter 232

Makes you wonder what's really going on with Jack.

Author's Response: Yeah, it does. He\'s as damaged as the Doctor, he just isn\'t bound to a bed, so he can run.

2012.12.27 - 03:19PM
230: Chapter 230

That is an immensely sweet image of Sue and John. Good choice of a gift, Doc

Author's Response: Sue and John are good together.

2012.12.25 - 12:17PM
227: Chapter 227

Thank you for this wonderful Christmas gift, an insight into the Doctor's losses, his mind, his soiitude, and his terror of losing all the love and care he has as well as his mind. Dr. Gladstone is awesome. I would love to work with someone as insightful as him. He has the true spirit: when we are honest, willing to change and work hard, we can heal... And I KNOW the Doctor has it in him.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the chapter. Thankfully the Doctor seems to be willing to reach out to Gary and get the help that he needs, how long that will last I dont know for now, but he knows he has to do something and Gary is going to be good for him.

2012.12.24 - 08:26AM
225: Chapter 225

All the hard work you do and i just give you several measly reviews periodicallly. Thank you so much for the work you do. This chapter with the Doctor and Gladstone was very very good. I like how you h. iave Gladstone preplanning in his head. I

Author's Response: Reviews are always appreciated, but I am notoriously bad for reviewing the things that I read. I am glad that you enjoyed the chapter with the Doctor and Gladstone, I want it to be a positive experience for the Doctor (at least to begin with *evil chuckle*) or John will never be able to come back lol.

2012.12.23 - 11:21PM
224: Chapter 224

Mary needs a promotion...and a raise! As for Gary, I like how he's being very professional, but knows that the Doctor isn't some attention getter to further his career, but a patient who needs his help and, if he lets him, his friendship.

Author's Response: I dont know if Gary and the Doctor would ever be able to be friends, or, if that would actually be appropriate considering the issues that have arisen before with Martha and with Sue being both his friend and his care giver. The two dont go well together at the best of times, they certainly dont go well together with the Doctor.

2012.12.23 - 11:13PM
223: Chapter 223

Poor John, he just wants to relax and have fun with his family.

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s not going to get that chance for now, or on Saturday night, but there is plenty of time in between, and I think secretly he enjoyed himself.

2012.12.23 - 11:05PM
222: Chapter 222

Jacko is so cute!

Author's Response: He\'s a little monkey lol

2012.12.23 - 06:37PM
224: Chapter 224

I was starting to worry about Gary in the beginning, but now that it's clear he only wants to help, since he can't do anything with the information he learns, it may be a good thing after all.

Mary needs a raise... a substantial raise.

Author's Response: I dont think Gary would agree to do it if he didn\'t think it was the right thing to do, and if it becomes clear that he can\'t communicate with the Doctor then he won\'t continue. He was antagonistic with the Doctor previously, but that was to protect his patients from the Doctor\'s interference.

Mary definitely needs to be appreciated more.

2012.12.23 - 05:20PM
224: Chapter 224

Poor Mary, having to protect Sue, John, Jack, the Doctor and practically everyone else!

Author's Response: Mary has been a mainstay forever hasn\'t she? I see her as a typical \'Matron\' figure and just what everyone needs.

2012.12.23 - 02:54PM
223: Chapter 223

Can't run away from your celebrity status John!

Author's Response: He can\'t I\'m afraid, not with the gob his son has got on him, lol.

2012.12.23 - 11:47AM
223: Chapter 223

Poor John, trying to hide his celebrity! Jacko is so adorable in his pride in his father, and lovely in wanting to share his very special Dad with Wee Amelia.

Author's Response: Jacko knows he\'s got the best dad ever, lol.

2012.12.23 - 09:45AM
223: Chapter 223

Poor John. All he wants to do is spend time with the family and he gets roped into playing...

Author's Response: Yeah, I dont think Jacko understood that his dad just wants to have a quiet evening with his family, Jacko wants to show him off!

2012.12.22 - 09:32PM
222: Chapter 222

Oh I'm am charmed all to heck. Jacko doesn''t own a Roman Soldier outfit does he?

Author's Response: Not sure about the Roman Soldier, but I bet he ends up with a knight\'s one before long.

2012.12.22 - 12:13PM
222: Chapter 222

Jack is something else, I'm not sure what, lol!

Author's Response: Jack wants to be a Super Knight for Amelia, lol.