Reviews For TD - Lost

2013.01.03 - 03:13PM
236: Chapter 236

The Doctor's a big ole 900 year old KID!!! lol!

Author's Response: Yeah he is, he\'s sulking like a good one!

2013.01.02 - 05:23PM
235: Chapter 235

I'm also thinking that maybe the Doctor should be told about the incodent in the canteen.

Because his apparant fears and that incident are somehow linked.

he need's to discuss this with Gary. and with Captain Jack

Author's Response: Unfortunately telling the Doctor about what happened in the canteen would be going against Jack\'s wishes and it\'s not something they can really do. The Doctr is actually being the more compliant one at the moment and Jack is being the more difficult customer. It\'s not surprising really that the Doctor and Jack are experiencing some difficulties when they both know that it was a friend of Jack\'s who hurt the Doctor. Jack needs to be more honest about what happened to him though. His denial can\'t continue because it is going to end up damaging them both.

2013.01.02 - 01:59PM
235: Chapter 235

Am I sensing a rift between the Captain and the Doctor?

Author's Response: There is definitely some tension there, whether it could be termed a rift or not, time will tell.

2013.01.02 - 01:48PM
234: Chapter 234

All this attention has been on Sue or the Doctor or John. but I think captain Jack has been overlooked too long.

Author's Response: Jack\'s a hard one isn\'t he? Basically he\'s in denial and no one can force him to do things he does not want to. He\'s not been neglected as such, but if he\'s not going to accept that he needs the help he needs it\'s going to mean forcing something on him and that isn\'t really going to be a benefit either.

2013.01.01 - 04:23PM
234: Chapter 234

Jack definitely needs to talk to Gary. It's nice to see that he can listen to Wilf, the universal voice of reason. I'm hoping that if Jack can start talking about what happened he'll start to feel better because he hasn't been himself lately.

Author's Response: Jack has definitely not been himself, but he doesn\'t quite know where to put himself or what to do. It is going to be a while before Jack fully accepts that he needs some help. Let\'s just hope it\'s not too late by then.

2012.12.30 - 11:16PM
233: Chapter 233

Wilf was arrested before?! Hm...! :) But Donna will have words with them when they get back to the TARDIS.

Author's Response: Donna will definitely be having words lol.

2012.12.30 - 11:10PM
232: Chapter 232

Oh boy, Pete is going to be mad when he hears this and, yep, Donna might just kill her grandddad.

Author's Response: I dont think Pete will be mad. He will be pleased that his staff have behaved appropriately given the circumstances. Donna on the other hand? She isn\'t going to let it lie that easily.

2012.12.30 - 11:02PM
231: Chapter 231

Yep, they keep forgetting that Jack's been through hell, too.

Author's Response: Jack has definitely been through Hell and he also has the added pressure that the Doctor has been through Hell and is still going through Hell because of his injuries.

2012.12.30 - 10:53PM
230: Chapter 230

That was so sweet. And that book was a great idea.

Author's Response: The Doctor does care really.

2012.12.30 - 10:45PM
229: Chapter 229

Right, what they need to do is get Sue to calm down and go see the Doctor where they can give each other a big hug. That might help them both.

Author's Response: I am sure that will come, but not just now.

2012.12.30 - 10:32PM
228: Chapter 228

Yep, a call from Jacko was just what he needed. :)

Author's Response: A healthy distraction. Jacko and the Doctor are like a renewed double act lol.

2012.12.30 - 10:22PM
227: Chapter 227

I am so proud that he finally asked for help.

Author's Response: It took him a while and it took a lot out of him, but he\'s done it.

2012.12.30 - 10:14PM
226: Chapter 226

Hm....Gary seems to be on the right track when it comes to talking to the Doctor. Is John's brain more human or Time Lord? Gary should have asked to see what his looks like, too.

Author's Response: I dont think Gary wants to bring John in to things just now, he needs to concentrate on the Doctor.

2012.12.30 - 09:58PM
225: Chapter 225

Well, that's off to a shakey start, but he didn't want Gladstone to leave after figuring out that the tea and cake was a bribe.

Author's Response: There was no doubt that the tea and cake were a bribe, but they\'ve worked so that is good.

2012.12.30 - 04:59PM
233: Chapter 233

Thanks for the fun stories you have written. You just keep on with ideas. No idea that both Wilf and Jack would be arrested and that after that they both would be afraid of Donna. Nice. Very nice. I am reading all, sorry, but I don't review all, but I appreciate them.

Author's Response: You\'re more than welcome. It\'s hard because Jack and Wilf getting arrested could be taken as a big joke by everyone, but Wilf is worried about the Doctor.