Reviews For TD - Lost

2013.01.06 - 04:51PM
240: Chapter 240

So glad they all have each other. Each one is a piece of the others needs and recovery. Of course it takes a village for all of us

Author's Response: They definitely need each other. They are a part of each other, quite literally considering the hand.

2013.01.06 - 04:12PM
240: Chapter 240


Author's Response: He is starting to do a bit better.

2013.01.06 - 01:37PM
239: Chapter 239

For a while, your story had taken my life over, while I got caught up on Terminal Decay and then was hungry for more and read this sequel. Now that I am caught up on this too, I've made an account, just so I can review and tell you that you are a brilliant writer and think about every little detail and have such fine-tuned character studies. I cannot wait to read the rest of what happens.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. It always kind of amazes me that people are still reading this. I am glad that you\'re enjoying and thank you for taking the time to review.

2013.01.06 - 01:16AM
239: Chapter 239

Jacko does remember Rose, but Michael will forget her in time. I think. It's like she had died. But the being abandoned thing will need care once he gets older. Right?

What I like is how Sue really cares about all of them. If only she had figured out her feelings for John all those years ago. It would have been cool if she was Jack, Caddy and Michael's mom instead of Rose.

Author's Response: I can\'t answer how Michael and Jacko will be about their mother as they grow because I\'ve not worked through it in my head yet. I think the only thing that can be certain is that there will be issues.

Sue has always been in love with John. That was something Rose threw back at her when she was ill, but I think everyone but John knows it was true. Sue and Martha talked about it a couple of times when John and the Doctor were both sick due to the energy transfers before the degeneration was sorted. If it was not for John and Rose maybe Sue would have got with John, but better late than never, and the boys are certainly young enough for Sue to be an influence on them.

2013.01.06 - 01:01AM
238: Chapter 238

Poor little guy. I'd be scared, too. But maybe it was more about the fence and people leaving that scared him. We don't know how well he could see when Rose, *grumbles a nasty word about her*, hurt him and Jacko. And Uncle Dad is still there. He's just Uncle Doctor now. Guess to a two year old, it seems like he's gone.

And I like how John dipped into one of the Doctor's memories about when Time Children learn to use telepathy and how the Master used to tease the Doctor about not being able to master it, sort of, until he was older.

Author's Response: I wonder if Michael has any comprehension of the reason why Uncle Dad is gone. I mean Uncle Dad gave Michael a banana and told him he had to give it to a kariquat. Then when he went to do what he was told and give the banana to a kariquat Uncle Dad chased him, knocked him to the floor, and then jumped on top of him making him bang his head. So, it is quite likely that Uncle Dad hurt him as well, and then Uncle Dad was gone and Uncle Doctor was there instead. That has got to be confusing too huh?

2013.01.05 - 01:30PM
238: Chapter 238

Poor Angel. PTSD is so harsh on such a young mind.

Author's Response: PTSD and his ball going bang.

2013.01.05 - 01:24PM
239: Chapter 239

It is good to see people in love can still be reasonable and grown up when talking to their future.

Author's Response: I think Sue has been around the block enough times to be realistic about it.

2013.01.05 - 01:13PM
239: Chapter 239

Michael will have emotional difficulties for a very long time, so will Jack, but I'm more concerned about Michael because of his age and condition at the time Rose attacked him and Jack.

That poor child is confused and equates everything that hurts him and then leaves him as not wanting to be around him. That's what I'm suspecting is going through his mind.

I'm glad he has John and Jack and his grandparents as well as sue and oscar there for him.

Author's Response: As they grow up whether they remember Rose and what happened fully or not they are going to want to know about their mum. There are a lot of people will love, guide, and support them, but there are likely to be difficult times as well.

2013.01.04 - 06:18PM
238: Chapter 238

Rose should be made to remember what she's done to that innocent tw0-year-old boy and to his brother!

Sorry, but there is absolutly not excuse in my mind for harming children! I don't care what state of mind or how psychotic she was, those children should not have been touched by her. she had her grudges, she should have taken them out on the adults ONLY and by adults, I mean anyone over 21!

Author's Response: This takes us back to the question as to whether Rose is responsible for what she did. Rose is sick.

If Rose was epileptic and she had a fit and she fell when holding her son or she fell onto her son and she hurt him would she be held accountable or be punished for what she did? Would an epileptic fit be an excuse for hurting children? What about the incident that Ninewood brought up when the Doctor hurt Luke? Is he excused from that? On paper he squeezed a fourteen year old\'s hand so tightly he broke his thumb - that is a physical assault on a child, Captain Jack has just assaulted Wilfred and the call is that Jack needs to get help and speak to Gary. They are extremes of behaviour, but where does the line get drawn between accident, sickness, and punishable crime?

2013.01.04 - 12:00AM
237: Chapter 237

Ok, either Michael has a major owie or the Doctor just projected into him.

Author's Response: Or, none of the above lol, naughty gandan made his ball go bang.

2013.01.03 - 11:50PM
236: Chapter 236

Now the Doctor knows how John felt! :D And I finally got why Michael was playing football at the end of TD! Sneaky tie-in! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Michael\'s love of football isn\'t from his dad or his big brother, but from Oscar.

2013.01.03 - 11:41PM
235: Chapter 235

I think someone's going to run and it's not the Doctor. And they should have told him what happened. Remember what he was like when he accidentally broke Luke?

Author's Response: There may well be some running involved. It is difficult to know whether they should have told the Doctor about it or not isn\'t it? I mean it is to do with Jack\'s health. If Jack doesn\'t want it to be told then shouldn\'t he have the right to keep it safe the same as the Doctor. The Doctor was mortified when he hurt Luke, but he was also mortified and angry and lost his trust in Martha when she said something he\'d thought was in confidence, Jack needs to know that he can trust the people around him just as much as the Doctor does.

2013.01.03 - 11:33PM
234: Chapter 234

Jack does need to talk with Gary and Wilf, as always, is the voice of reason.

Author's Response: Wilf is always a good grounding gy fr everyone to talk to, but he\'s not Gary, and you\'re right, that is what Jack needs.

2013.01.03 - 08:22PM
237: Chapter 237

Oh no! I hope this isn't a major owie.

Author's Response: Not for Michael, maybe for his poor ball though.

2013.01.03 - 07:03PM
237: Chapter 237

In Ten's words, WHAT!!!!!!!???????

Author's Response: I think there could be an uh-oh or two there as well.