Reviews For TD - Lost

2014.11.06 - 08:53AM
199: Chapter 199

Just after I read this chapter I went to put something in the kitchen bin. There was leftover rice in there & I nearly freaked!

Author's Response: Lol, sorry about that. Rice / maggots, they do look similar!

2014.05.12 - 11:39PM
213: Chapter 213

Oh, dear. Minor stroke?

And of course, now, with Sue safely bundled into a treatment room and not watching over everything with her usual level of OCD... yeah, this is gonna get bad.

Purely because I know YOU, you evil evil person, you.

Author's Response: evil evil? That is two evils? Blimey, that is evil? Am I really that evil? Two???

Author's Response: Will work harder for the third, lol.

2014.05.12 - 11:32PM
212: Chapter 212

Okay, am I the only one who remembers Sue spinning her pool car into a cement pillar the last time she got overwhelmed and went storming out?

I don't think Pete's being an ass at all. Frankly I think he was admirably self-controlled while he was being accused of a lot of irrational nonsense. Mind, people KNOW that Sue is prone to over-working herself, so yeah, he should have seen it sooner, or someone should have and brought it to his attention.

Everybody's so damn focused on the Doctor and Jack and John and the boys that they're forgetting all about Sue... who has a tendency to spin cars into pillars and quit her job at the drop of a hat because she's overwhelmed and someone finally tries to help, except it's way too little, too damn late.

2nd go 'round... I'm starting to wonder if Sue mightn't benefit from a little prescribed pharmaceutical assistance herself?

Author's Response: Yeah, Sue takes it and takes it and takes it and takes it and takes it and takes it and then - BANG!

2014.05.10 - 10:46AM
138: Chapter 138

Oh, hell.

Well, at least John was right about it being a copy of a copy and the second connection transmitting images only, not perspective/experience. Poor baby boy!

Author's Response: Luckily he didn\'t feel it but it had to have been confusing for him and it shows that they are right to be worried about it all.

2014.05.09 - 11:39PM
136: Chapter 136

Oh, well done, Sue. I was wondering who was going to catch that first. Conditioned response if I ever saw one.

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s not doing as well as people seem to think he is.

2014.05.08 - 06:52PM
104: Chapter 104

*sigh* Well done, Greg. Round of applause, really.

Eh... being that it's YOU, m'dear unslinky, I knew it was gonna be something. No way a retrieval's THAT easy in anything you write!

Author's Response: Greg should have looked where he was going, but things did go pretty well, the problems are going to be when they get him back.

2014.05.07 - 09:52AM
59: Chapter 59

*snickers* Nice ... well, not a break, more of an allusion... to the fourth wall, there. ;)

Author's Response: Lol

2014.05.06 - 11:50PM
52: Chapter 52

Oh, poor little angel! :( Scary how quick they figure stuff out at that age though.

Author's Response: Jacko is particularly good at figuring things out.

2014.05.05 - 09:50PM
36: Chapter 36

*sniffle* *tear*

Oh, hell.

*bawls shamelessly* That was too freaking adorable for words.

Author's Response: Michael loves the TARDIS.

2014.05.04 - 03:48PM
3: Chapter 3

*CRINGE* I don't spank my kidů I feel like a shit parent for even shouting at him, and for two & a half, he's quite well behaved. It always makes me wonder what educators of years past were thinking when I read about school-children receiving beatings. I had a teacher hit me with a ruler once, out of the blue with no warning, because she thought I wasn't paying attention. She was wrong, and she found out when I grabbed it away from her and broke it across my leg, then proceeded to recite the lesson word for word. THEN, of course, she marched me down to the principle's office for being "disrespectful" and wanted him to spank me properly. My mother threw a conniption over that fiasco, let me tell you, considering she'd not given the school permission to strike me at all.

Otherwise, loving the domestic bliss of cramming in romance time between work and kids' schedules!

Author's Response: I had a teacher throw a bit of chalk at me once lol, but yeah, mixed feelings about \'corporal punishment\' think teachers have a hard job and too much responsibility in terms of \'parenting\' rather than \'teaching\', but the Gallifreyan birch was not much fun for John - or for the Doctor anyway as it wasn\'t technically his behind was it?

2014.05.04 - 03:34PM
2: Chapter 2

Tch, John, really? But yay, new Torchwood baby!!!

Author's Response: John\'s late, Nelly\'s pregnant...

2014.05.04 - 03:28PM
1: Chapter 1

272 chapters... should keep me busy for a few days. ;) Another romp in my most recent favorite universe, can't wait! And, awww, John getting all muzzy-headed over Sue-kisses. :D

Author's Response: Yep, just a short jaunt compared to the parent fic, but Lost had a life of it\'s own and it\'s still not resolved - eek!

2013.10.17 - 10:39PM
1: Chapter 1

Omg just... omg... I have to tell you. I have become obsessed with your stories. They are ridiculous. I love them in all shapes and all the characters. This one though has taken me for a serious roller coaster. I don't know if you are aware but you're six times longer than the Lord of The Rings series. lol

I've spent the last three months reading through TD and onto Lost and just finished actually the other chapter after this one. Dude... just dude... I have to know what becomes of them! OMG! ::flails:: lol This story has taken over my life. I read it all the time, at least a chapter or two a night and now I'll have to read your other ones until you write more ::giggles::

I hope you do decide to continue it because I have to tell you, you made a serious fan out of me and I look forward to seeing you write more ^-^ Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: I dont think that the TD universe will ever be completed so there is always more to be told. I\'ve got a few other ideas at the moment that are kind of warping TD and some bits that I\'ve written don\'t seem to have John quite right, so need to be revisited because if John isn\'t right in this series then the series is going to end up falling a part, so think I need to take the time to write the other bits that are bumming around in my head, and then stop and read it all again so I can connect with John again - that probably sounds really daft doesn\'t it? Ah well, Jacko\'s diary will be a bit of a stop gap.

Author's Response: Sorry, have got a trigger happy mouse finger tonight and submitted too soon. Just wanted to say a big thanks for taking the time to read and to review, it is always appreciated. K

2013.09.05 - 01:27AM
37: Chapter 37

So, I literally only just realised you were doing a sequel to TD. I feel very guilty about not realising it, but not at all guilty for planning to read the whole thing. May even have to go back and re-read TD as I don't quite remember as many of the characters as I'd like.

What worries me most is at this point they almost seem to want Jack to miss the screams - for them to be normalised to him. I get the feeling that despite what they said, this IS about torturing the Doctor, but that they want to go further and make an association in Jack's mind between the Doctor's pain and his own comfort/normality? I agree with a prior review - I think Jack is being conditioned to associate the Doctor's pain with pleasure and/or arousal.

Author's Response: No worries about the sequel thing just using the same characters because I\'m lazy and I like them and the td universe doesn\'t ever want to end. Will be revisiting when ds is finished. Hope you enjoy the story x

2013.04.20 - 03:47PM
272: Chapter 272

I am greatly remiss for not commenting sooner but I have managed to read all of the TD stories in a couple of months and I'm completely blown away by the entire series! I admit I was screaming "Nooo that can't be the end?!" at my kindle when I read the last words there, but I can understand from reading your review replies that you really just needed a break.

I know I've often thought reading how you can end anywhere since with such a diverse and large cast of characters plus the interesting situations you drop them into there are so many possible storylines and obviously the plot can continue on near infinitely!

I am so grateful that you have chosen to write and share such an amazing story. I fear I have found my view of ten2 forever altered by your series here and what life he may be getting up to in Pete's world! It was masterful to have him and Rose *not* have an immediate happy ending and the melancholy you gave them was really fascinating from having children with serious problems and John's own health problems from the metacrisis.

Brilliant and not something I've seen anyone else even discuss in their fics!

I have been up super late every night for weeks now reading this and it has seen me through some crappy health and life events so thank you so much

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read it all and to review. The TD universe is one that can just go on for ever and ever so it\'s really hard to know when to leave it alone for a bit and it always tries to drag me back to it. I have to be careful that it doesn\'t turn into some kind of obsession so that is why I take time away from it every now and then. I am sure it wont be long until there is more TD stuff because it kind of burns me a bit when I\'m not doing it, lol, so it is always nice to know that people are enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks once again for your review, K