Reviews For Becoming a wife.

2013.01.03 - 04:25PM
16: Chapter 16

Ah, I can see a little of Jackie in Rose now. I love how Rose stuck to her guns and insisted that the baby remain with them; it really shows how much traveling with the Doctor has helped her grow into her own person. :)

Equally wonderful was how well the Doctor managed to convey to Jackie that their new family needed time alone. Rather than being the abrupt and often rude Doctor that we’re all so familiar with, he was so thoughtful and considerate of her feelings of being left out. The way that he stressed how imperative it was for the baby’s first moments to be with his parents within the ship was the perfect argument to allow her to leave them alone but not feel as if she was being displaced. His words honored her place in the family and in their lives and I honestly believe that is all that any version of Jackie has wanted and needed to hear. :)

Their first time bonding together as a family was not only heartwarming, but it illustrated perfectly exactly the feeling that this entire story has overwhelmed me with…peace, contentment and home. He’s no longer alone…such a perfect sentiment for such an exceptional moment.

His naming was so beautiful. The importance and reverence of it and the way that you described it made all of the emotions so palpable. It was truly lovely. The stitching on the baby’s hat is a touching reminder that Rose has her own heritage to contribute and share with the baby as well.

And yes, I read your message and I did notice the homage and may I just say, that I am so touched and honored and was left grinning like a loon for the rest of the day whenever I thought of it. You, just like your words are too kind, thank you. :)

This was an incredible ending chapter, an incredible story and an incredible journey. See that? I finally ran out of words. LOL! :D Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing talent with us. I wouldn’t mind seeing another sequel some day…;)

Author's Response: And now you have me grinning like the Doctor as well ;) Yes, the Doctor is mostly rude (and not ginger) but for Rose he tries to be respectful. And after all, it\'s not like she can come visit every time she wants, like Mrs. Bennet ;) Thank you very very very much for you wonderful notes during the writing of both this and the previous story. For the time being I won\'t begin a new sequel, but perhaps in time, when the little tod begins nagging for his own verse ;) Good luck with your own writing and I\'m still looking forward to the promised one-shot ;)

2013.01.03 - 03:02AM
16: Chapter 16

That was beautiful. I loved it. What a sweet ending, the Doctor curled up in bed next to Rose and their baby, memorizing how his new little family looks together. I really enjoyed reading this story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for all your lovely comments :)

2013.01.02 - 06:02PM
16: Chapter 16

Very sweet. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading along all this time and letting me know after each chapter you\'ve enjoyed it :)

2013.01.02 - 01:01PM
15: Chapter 15

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that the Doctor has the nerve to argue logic with a pregnant woman in labor! What is he thinking? LOL! :D I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this chapter! All of time and space and the infinite wonders of the TARDIS at his disposal and he innately seeks out Jackie Tyler in their time of need! And noting his ignorance despite his vast age, well…way to sum up a situation, Jackie. LOL! LOVED it! :)

What an exquisite description of the baby’s birth. From Rose’s take on what she is physically going through and needing to focus on to birth their child, the Doctor’s view on not only the amazing gift of life but the effect that both Rose and the baby have had on his life and of course, the vivid emotional moment of connecting all of that feeling to the physical presence of their child. Wow, the baby’s birth is simply beyond more words than I could ever hope to find in a dictionary to illustrate how incredibly beautiful and meaningful in heart and envisioned imagery that moment truly was. Astounding chapter. :)

Author's Response: -sigh- If I ever need a reviewer for a book I\'m about to publish, I\'m going to ask you :) Thank you so much for your description, you give me way too much credit. This chapter I had originally written for a different kind of story, but it fitted perfectly in here. The next one is going to be the last.

2013.01.02 - 10:45AM
15: Chapter 15

Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

2013.01.01 - 09:22PM
14: Chapter 14

This chapter was so loving in both family and romance. Plus, it was far sexier than the most graphic sex scenes could ever be. I am a firm believer in that less is more and yet I never feel that I've been given less when I read your stories. The heat between them comes straight from their love and respect for one another which just enhances the strength of their bond and NOTHING is hotter than that. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, it\'s so nice to be able to comment back and forth on stories written. And I agree, though graphic can be fun, that writing-style is not appropriate for this story. We can all use our imagination and keeping it modest gives their relation the private and secure feeling it deserves.

2013.01.01 - 09:06PM
13: Chapter 13

I LOVED Pete's reaction, the fact that he was only concerned for his daughter's welfare and that the Doctor had not presented himself in a forthright manner. It barely mattered at all that he was an alien, LOL! That's just awesome!

Poor Jackie, having the wind taken out of her sails before she can address the Doctor. I have to wonder if she'll think Pete's okay with it because the Doctor brainwashed him. :)

Author's Response: Haha, yes, Pete is so very sober, doesn\'t matter he is in a space-ship, as long as his daughter is safe, it\'s fine by him. And Jacky would have hit the Doctor for sure, should Pete not have been there. But I figured the poor Doctor had been slapped enough in stories ;) and it\'s better for everyone that she\'s a bit in awe instead of looking down on him. But don\'t worry, in the new chapter (almost done) you\'ll see her more as herself.

2013.01.01 - 08:52PM
12: Chapter 12

Oh, yay! For a woman interested in medicine for that time period, it must have thrilled Martha to no end to assist the Doctor with a medical procedure! And it was so heartwarming to have Michael gaze at her with pride versus condescension. And Michael acknowledging the bonds you feel of love and protectiveness when it comes to a loved one through romance or friendship was a great way to make him realize that he should keep their secret.

I love the relationship between the Doctor and Rose. It is just so full of love, maturity and compromise that you just feel that there is nothing that they can't overcome. :)

Author's Response: I was thinking about how Mickey reacted when he first met the Doctor in the series, but that Mickey was so immature and uncertain, so I decided to make him a bit more grown up. More like when he joins Rose and the Doctor and he is able to handle the alien-ness.

2013.01.01 - 08:31PM
11: Chapter 11

Oh my, seeing how concerned that Michael was for the others, I can only hope that he will accept the news of the Doctor's origins as graciously as Martha.

I giggled along with Martha and Rose until the severity of their situation was revealed. Very clever of you to use the blizzard to introduce them to the TARDIS. In other words, excellent use of an oncoming storm. ;)

Author's Response: This story just wrote itself, it was not in my original plot, but it proved to be a perfect introduction to the TARDIS and it also gave the story a bit excitement, where there had been a lot of talking lately. Ah yes, oncoming storm, hihi, hadn\'t seen it that way before ;)

2013.01.01 - 08:19PM
10: Chapter 10

It is such a wonderful mark on Martha's character of her open mindedness and faith in Rose that she so willingly and trustingly accepted all that Rose told her and now she has the proof to back it up! :) I simply adore the friendship that you created between the two and I am so glad to see Martha's interest in medicine and am very interested to see if that interest will take any turns in her life. :)

Author's Response: Don\'t you just love that trunk ;) I want one. I will not write about Martha specifically, but you may fantasize all you like about how far her interest will go ;)

2013.01.01 - 08:01PM
9: Chapter 9

I simply adore Rose and Martha's friendship, especially how Martha is so loyal to Rose that she can't even conceive of her lying unless she's under the Doctor's spell. And you are so brilliant to solve the Tony / TARDIS problem with a man to man request. It is most likely the only way to assure silence in someone's Tony's age. :)

Author's Response: Yea -happy squeal- reviews from enchantment :) I like the friendship of the two as well, I keep seeing that part in \'Journey\'s End\' where Martha sees Rose and says: \"omg, you have found her\" that sentence is so very sweet and you just see her accepting there and then that she could never replace this bond between them. I put that Martha in this story. And yes, there was not a chance getting angry with Tony would work ;) this really is the best solution.

2013.01.01 - 04:02PM
14: Chapter 14

Well done. :)

Author's Response: :)

2012.12.30 - 05:07PM
12: Chapter 12

I am enjoying your trip into jane austen-ville. Rose is so sweet and the Doctor tries to adapt to the custom of the times, but I guess he has always done that... look at Rose and 9. (Other than returning her a year rather than 12 hours later.)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, the Doctor always fit\'s everywhere, but it\'s nice to see him really make an effort for Rose\'s sake.

2012.12.29 - 07:37PM
13: Chapter 13

Well done. :)

Author's Response: A triple thank you ;) I\'m glad you like it.

2012.12.29 - 01:27PM
12: Chapter 12

Very sweet. :)