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Author's Response: My ventures into the Whoniverse are rare and, generally, remain unpublished. This one started out published and then languished due to lack of feedback. Now that it's finished, it once more has garnered only one review (yours). So I'll probably return to the LOTR fandom, where I have a number of projects unfinished on my hard drive. Sorry about that. Thank YOU for taking the time to write and review. It was deeply appreciated.

2016.07.10 - 11:06PM
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Your story here has gotten me on a Doctor/Donna ship kick, and I think they make a solid pairing here, more than Doctor/Rose or Doctor/River. Two good strong personalities, not coming to the relationship from different maturity levels... It makes a lot of sense....
I also hope you will get this on AO3 along with your other stories!

2016.06.06 - 11:09PM
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2016.05.19 - 12:56AM
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2016.05.15 - 10:24PM
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Author's Response: This has admittedly never been an entirely Rose-friendly story. I'll try to revisit this review once the story is completely posted, and I'll discuss my ideas about this.

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Author's Response: I'll be posting it to the end now, never fear. Provided Real Life™ behaves itself, there should be a weekly update to the end.

2016.05.12 - 01:21PM
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Author's Response: I know how that goes. There are a couple of fics here that are LONG past overdue for updates. I didn't say much when I was guilty of dropping the ball, but once this is finished posting, I'll be writing to the author again with another subtle nudge... No worries. This story has long since been completed. I'm just posting it weekly (more or less) now.

2016.04.03 - 12:44AM
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Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for writing.

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Author's Response: *evil grin* Glad you like it! Hang in there...

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Author's Response: Glad you stuck with me. More to come.

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