2015.02.02 - 02:50PM
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Oh my, this just gets lovelier with time... adore the way you've portrayed the bonding. "He wanted to brush her off, kiss her senseless, tell her she was mad for even considering it, and that he was mad for even mentioning it. Yet at the same time, he wanted to touch his fingers to her temples and forge a life bond with the one woman who had seen him at his worst and who still accepted him, who had done so much for him already that he could never hope to repay her." The hesitation here was heart wrenching! And the whole 70-90 thing almost had me in tears, man. Also loved this whole scenario with their new bond giving Rose the power to turn him on, really a favorite of mine... "The sound of her voice, slightly uncertain but thick with lust, penetrated his mind. In the instant of clarity it gave him, he clamped down on the bond, muting it against what she was doing to him." His slipping control almost did me in. The whole dream state is romantic as ever and sort of gives an otherworldly, ethereal quality to the whole experience... but I can't help but wonder if they'll ever get to do it outside of that context. Loving this!

2015.02.02 - 02:14PM
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2015.02.02 - 01:56PM
4: Chapter 4

It's so, so compelling how the physical stuff doesn't 'work' like Rose wants it to (or like I want it to haha). So excited to be continuing this!

2014.04.15 - 01:09AM
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2013.05.12 - 12:45PM
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2012.07.25 - 08:46PM
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2012.06.30 - 09:54AM
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Loves this bit because it really embodies Rose: "Rubbish. Even you have to admit that you're more important than me. If it gives you comfort, even for just a little while..."

She's so selfless. She's perfect for the Doctor.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. It\'s been a pleasure following your progression through the story.

2012.06.30 - 09:44AM
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Sweet Doctor. He seems like a cuddled with he right person.

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Author's Response: Wow! Thank you very much!

2012.06.29 - 11:28PM
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