Reviews For No Time For...

2014.08.10 - 11:56AM
1: No Time for Tedium

Funny and hot. So great. You're my new favorite author on here!

2012.12.09 - 08:34AM
1: No Time for Tedium

OMG I was grumpy now I'm not. This was hysterical

2012.07.28 - 02:52AM
1: No Time for Tedium

Ohh, I love it. Naughty and fun!

2012.04.08 - 04:48PM
2: No Time for TV

What are you doing with your life???'re making readers like me very very happy ;o) THIS was simply wonderful! Perfect spot on Doctor Donna dialogue combined with brilliant sense of humour and comedy combined with fantastic can't get much better than this. Absolutely loved and enjoyed your story :o) Thank you so much!

2012.04.08 - 02:35AM
1: No Time for Tedium

Awesome. Huge giggles and some lip biting.

2012.04.07 - 07:48PM
1: No Time for Tedium

Naughty TARDIS and Donna! :)