Reviews For The Demon Saviour

2016.01.10 - 09:18PM
95: Chapter 95

Hey unslinky, I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgot this story! I had accidentially spoilered(?) myself by clicking on the reviews and reading the ones for the first chapter. People had commented on it after finishing the story and therefore I know what will happen and how everything will turn out. :/ Also, real life happened, a problem we probably all know. ;)
But I just read this chapter and I really want to follow through the adventure! The ups and downs on this lonely planet are just like a daily soap opera for me! Or...what am I saying, even better, since most of the time your writing is way wittier that your average soap opera or reality tv show or so. :)
I am also very much looking forward to seeing the actual couples (yay, spoilers - or, rather, description of the story ;) ) end up. I really want the Doctor to feel better again and for Martha, Donna and Jack to not have to worry for him anymore (not being a fan of 10's cruel side aside).

And thank you so much for replying to my comments, I highly enjoy this kind of interaction and exchange about the story with the actual author. I might even have fangirled a bit when realizing you really did answer my comments on a story written such a long time ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're still reading. Real life can be a pain can't it! I'm struggling a bit with real life at the moment! There is definitely more grief to come for the Doctor, but whether that's under his control or not remains to be seen.

As for responding to reviews, I'm way behind at the moment, but I figure if you're taken the time to read and review one of my stories then I'm more than happy to respond.

2015.10.12 - 10:17AM
94: Chapter 94

I wish the others knew the doctor takes drugs against his depression. It's no shame. However, I hate for him having to take them. I hope he can discontinue them soon. And tell Jack and Donna.

Author's Response: It's got to be hard for him to admit that he's having problems, but mental health and depression shouldn't be taboo.

2015.10.11 - 05:09PM
92: Chapter 92

I have the feeling the doctor's not really acting the way the 10th doctor should, and that has nothing to do with your writing, since you are able to capture his character wonderfully. I am afraid he is very much affected by whatever it is that is possessing him.
And why doesn't he think of the Mara, the effing Mara?!

Author's Response: He's not in a very happy place at the moment and needs help.

2015.10.11 - 03:28AM
90: Chapter 90

I am glad Jacks is there. If I went on an adventure like that, I would feel a lot safer taking an immortal with me. :)
Nit-picking, I know: I believe after his many long years as an immortal, Jack would have learned how to study...I don't know, though, he really does seem more like the physical kind of guy. However, I don't believe quantum physics would be beyond him. Especially not in the 51st century, when they will have understood it and which interpretation applies best a lot better...humans travelling across space and everything. So it would probably a common subject in school's curriculums.

Author's Response: Do you think Jack would have ever been interested in sitting down and learning how to study? He's always surrounded himself with people who can do that for him, I think he probably could learn if he wanted to, but I'm not sure he'd hold the interest in it.

2015.10.11 - 03:14AM
89: Chapter 89

“And, if he’s hallucinating and he perceives us as a threat then he may well attempt to make us believe that he is sane and responding to us in order to over power us to attempt an escape,” Martha offered. “All the times we have seen him employ his arsenal of skills against an enemy? We need to be very sure that he is not employing them against us.”

Not being able to trust the doctor is straight out of a nightmare...

Author's Response: If there is someone you don't want to be facing in battle it's the Doctor.

2015.10.11 - 03:05AM
88: Chapter 88

I really hope that they plan the record to the doctor soon. The doctor might have some more clue as to what is going on and happening to him.

Author's Response: Hopefully they will have more of a clue soon, how much that will help them is to be seen.

2015.10.10 - 05:54PM
86: Chapter 86

Holy shit, what the heck is going on?!

Author's Response: I don't think anyone has got a clue what is going on or what to do about it.

2015.10.10 - 05:47PM
85: Chapter 85

I am afraid this ain't gonna end well with the doctor feeling another headache and possible seizure coming on and still foolishly believing he could overcome it with pure will...

Author's Response: He's bloody stubborn when he wants to be.

2015.10.06 - 09:16PM
75: Chapter 75

I wonder if you will elaborate the oods prophecy of the doctor's song ending further in this story. It will be interesting to see a different interpretation than the canon one with the Master and 10 regenerating into 11 and everything.

Author's Response: It's got to be worrying for him to go through all of this knowing that the prophecy is there.

2015.10.06 - 08:03PM
71: Chapter 71

Seizures is right what I expected after he knocked over his table during the headache and dislocated the shoulder...

Author's Response: Yeah, the clues were there but they had to see one to confirm / realise it.

2015.10.06 - 06:35PM
67: Chapter 67

The atmosphere knocking out the Tardis, Jack's wrist computer and the doctor makes sense! I certainly like that bit more than the possibility of the Mara.

Author's Response: There is definitely something hinky with the atmosphere isn't there? If it's linking with the vortex somehow then it seems natural that it would affect the TARDIS, the vortex manipulator, and a Time Lord.

2015.10.06 - 03:19PM
66: Chapter 66

Had to re-watch Adric's death on youtube. I don't like most Old Who (for several reasons), but that was so darned sad. :(

Author's Response: I am a self confessed New Who fan and don't know much about the classic stuff but have picked out things that would be considered significant and watched them, Adric's death being one of them, and yeah, it was really sad.

2015.10.06 - 09:22AM
65: Chapter 65

Jack educating people about open relationships.
I absolutely love you for this!!

Author's Response: He's from a completely different time.

2015.10.06 - 12:09AM
60: Chapter 60

I think his shoulder came out when thrashing around during his last headache...

Author's Response: It's definitely the most likely solution for it. He's not happy is he?

2015.10.05 - 12:39AM
52: Chapter 52

Gosh, the cake metapher cracked me up!:D

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it.