Reviews For Once Upon A Time

2013.10.04 - 11:00AM
1: Chapter 1

Ohhhh....ohhh wow.

All I could think at the ending was 'we're all stories in the end.' - but some stories are more important than others, yes?

This was mind-blowing, heartbreaking, fascinating and perfect. Thank you so, so much for sharing with us all!!



2013.09.29 - 09:39AM
1: Chapter 1

Wow! Well done. I love the weaving in of old and new to enrich your story. You conveyed a great deal of depth with so few words. Masterful. I look forward to more of your work.

2013.09.27 - 09:12PM
1: Chapter 1

This left me nearly speechless. So evocative and beautifully written! Definitely adding to my favorite's list. More in a similar vein would be lovely, for sure. ;-)

2013.09.26 - 10:32PM
1: Chapter 1

Here from Calufrax. The painfully slow realization of what is happening in the alternative timeline combined with the Doctor's glib goldfish response to Amy at the end has left a powerful ache in my heart.

2013.09.26 - 06:17PM
1: Chapter 1

Here via Calufrax. This is really lovely and clever and well-characterized.

2013.09.26 - 04:11PM
1: Chapter 1

Here via Calufrax, and this is gorgeous. A beautiful study of the might-have-beens. I love the way you've intertwined the old and the new series - and basically, this is perfect. SO MUCH LOVE.

2013.09.26 - 02:05PM
1: Chapter 1

Here via Calufrax, and that's just brilliant. Well done. Love the very different riff on Lungbarrow for the other universe (and especially Romana's comments on marrying beneath her).

2012.04.22 - 11:23PM
1: Chapter 1

Write more, please. :)

2012.03.30 - 06:14AM
1: Chapter 1

Beautifully written. So sad that the Doctor has to leave the alternate universe. Sounds like he was content there. Glad that he saved River, Rory and Amy survived, but still, did he remember the other universe?

2012.03.29 - 07:58PM
1: Chapter 1

This is fantastic. You do AU sooo well!

2012.03.29 - 04:00AM
1: Chapter 1

… oh waw. Just… Waw.


2012.03.28 - 09:45PM
1: Chapter 1

This is breathtaking. I was struck by how far into it I was before the reality of his "reality" hit me as what it really was. I loved Grandmother, I loved that I should have seen it coming and I didn't. This is immediately being put on my favorites list. Thank you for writing it.