Reviews For Night and Day

2012.04.03 - 08:37AM
6: Chapter 6

Wow!!! Just perfect. You have crafted an amazing story all in character with fantastic historical and cannonical details. I love the details of how Jack keeps his memories, which shows how brilliant he is: So, wtf--RTD has him run Torchwood as a total rooke idiot. I like your version much better, and it fits into the Doctor Canon better. Fabulous piece of writing. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I think a lot about the deep seated suspicion the Doctor has for Jack in \"The Doctor Dances.\" What a surprise in \"Boom Town\" to witness the easy camradery between them, Jack working on the TARDIS like he\'s been doing it all his life and the Doctor\'s casual acceptance of it. The Doctor lets Jack call the plan to apprehend Margaret with only a token attempt to assert his authority, and even the joke about Jack buying him a drink made me wonder what passed between them to bring about such a profound change in the Doctor\'s trust of Jack. This is my attempt to fill in just one of their adventures between those two episodes to address a part of the trajectory of that profound change.

2012.04.02 - 12:22PM
6: Chapter 6

Again I am amazed at the amount of details you have gone through in constructing your story. Very impressive.

I liked the way the Doctor is able to have Jack fall into their future working relationship so quickly. How Jack respects the Doctor's authority, even though he doesn't respect his bosses in the Time Agency. It reveals a lot about Jack's character and how much he respects, and cares for, the Doctor. Loved Jack's salute by the way.

The Doctor's realization that the Clinoraxi are most likely responsible for Jack's lost memories must be very hard for the him to come to terms with, especially since there is nothing he can do to change the event.

I am sure Cole was wishing he could have joined the party in the closet instead of having to mop the floor. Jack, you rascal. Rose won't be happy he got in first.

Author's Response: Thank you! I got to thinking about the Doctor\'s response to Rose\'s question about the bomb in \"The Doctor Dances,\" and his response that he\'d taken care of it using psychology. I didn\'t catch that until the second viewing. It\'s what he excels at. Reminds me of what Rory says to him in I think \"Vampires of Venice\" about what makes him so dangerous, which was spot on. He does bring out the very best in people. How many people did he talk into risking and sometimes sacrificing their lives in series one alone? In this chapter the Doctor just used what he already knew about the Jack from the future to manipulate the earlier version of Jack. Good thing he tries to only use those powers of persuasion of his for good. He\'d make an unspeakably horrific villain, wouldn\'t he? You know that Cole was thinking of a three way when he took his mop and bucket and reluctantly closed that door. I know I was thinking it.

2012.03.30 - 08:08PM
5: Chapter 5

So, so good. I've read it to this point in one go. The plot, original and intriguing. I so love how all the characters interact and how you've incorporated Cole Porter. Rose being all cheeky and sexy is fantastic. And you are right, this Doctor doesn't find himself attractive at all. I love how the Doctor gives Jack the code word and Jack shows so much reilief. I am so curious as to what is next.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. The next chapter will be up Saturday because it still needs a bit of polish. I\'m delighted that readers are finding the plot satisfying. I think one of Rose\'s best personality traits that we see more and more of as series one progresses is her smart arsed way of giving as good as she gets with Nine.

2012.03.30 - 12:33PM
5: Chapter 5

Very nicely done! The more I read of this story, the more swept away I'm becoming with this plot. Very nicely done! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I think the weakness in this story is the slow build up. My hope was to reward readers who had the patience for the plot threads to appear and get tangled into a knot. We\'re up to the unraveling part now, which is always my favorite. Thanks so much for sticking with me and continuing to play the home game.

2012.03.29 - 10:59PM
5: Chapter 5

The Doctor let down his guard while teaching Rose to shield her mind...busted!

This chapter had a touch of everything in it, prohibition, censorship, fashion, mixology, unrequited love, and secret passwords.

I really enjoyed the talk between Clare and Rose. I like how you were able to weave the Doctor's back story into Rose's narrative. It is funny how everyone can see how much the Doctor and Rose love each other, even though they try so hard to hide it.

…Rose was imagining things. One of the benefits of this body was the way he could flirt with no fear he’d be taken seriously. He’d seen himself in a mirror, hard to imagine any woman losing her head over him. Sure thing Doctor, and denial is just a river in Egypt ;)

So the Doctor and Jack are going to stuff themselves into small enclosed space for a bit of a chat. Some guys have all the fun.

Author's Response: Thanks for the detailed review! Technically speaking, Nine didn\'t let his guard down. Just like Ten in TGiTF he thought there was no way she could possibly see what he was thinking so he never bothered to put his guard up. His own arrogance bites him in that gorgeous ass of his. I find it terribly amusing that everyone feels a need to match-make these two, they\'re just so transparent to everyone but one another. Nine\'s thoughts about his appearance was inspired by CE saying in an interview that he thought he looked like a gargoyle. I\'m assuming that if CE really doesn\'t think he\'s attractive, and that\'s how he played Nine, that Nine doesn\'t either. CE also said that of all the characters he\'s played, Nine was the one who was closest to him in personality, so I\'ve just incorporated it into my head canon. I\'ve been slaving over the closet scene, trying to get it just right. Rose is going to be annoyed that she missed out on it!

2012.03.29 - 05:03PM
1: Chapter 1

Even better than when you read it to me!! I always love the way you weave a story! :-)

Author's Response: Hello! Welcome to Teaspoon Review! You know I skip over the smutty parts when I read it to you, smut is easy, dialogue is the hard part.

2012.03.28 - 03:55PM
1: Chapter 1

Love it! And the bit with him thinking about sabotaging her zipper had me chuckling.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: It seemed like the kind of thing he would think of doing. I do love a sexually overstimulated Nine! Thanks for reading and for reviewing as well.

2012.03.28 - 03:26PM
4: Chapter 4

I really appreciate the numerous historic details you have included in this story. It adds an additional level of verisimilitude.

I like how you have woven the Time War into this narrative and how it has made things easier for races like the Clinoraxi, to profit in the aftermath. Cole Porter was abducted by aliens and Jack is trying to save humanity. Awesome!

I also enjoyed the Doctor's battle with Rose's zipper and the history lesson too.

This part was my favorite as the Doctor could be talking about himself here because Rose has done the exact same thing for him:
“Just a bit fragile, is all,” he said softly. “Think about it, Rose. This ol’ thing’s been in the TARDIS all this time, just waitin’ for you to come along and drag it back into the world again. It just needs a bit of attention, but it’ll do just fine once we get it sorted, you’ll see. Of course you haven’t ruined it, quite the opposite, you’re breathin’ new life into somethin’ that was just a relic, old and forgotten. It was just waitin’ for you come along and gather it up. Look at it now, all bright and shining, ready for a dinner party and a bit of adventure. Not a bad deal at all, I imagine, from the gown’s point of view, but you know what the best part is?”

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Author's Response: Aw, you\'re just too sweet, thank you so very much! I\'ve really enjoyed researching all the period details on this story. I like the idea, suggested in canon that there will be lingering damage from the time war to repair, probably for the rest of his lives. Only the Doctor could mix zipper repair, sexual tension and a pedantic little monologue on the history of the zipper. He was almost foreshadowing Ten there for a moment, wasn\'t he? I\'m really glad you liked his speech about the gown, saying most of it without any conscious awareness that he\'s projecting autobiographically onto it until the very end. You and I get it, so does Rose, but Nine was a little distracted at the time, it made him late on the uptake. Just like the London Eye, right? *unladylike snort of laughter*

2012.03.28 - 02:35PM
4: Chapter 4

That chapter was so much fun. Not only was the sexual tension oozing from every moment of interaction between Rose and the Doctor, but the plot is developing nicely. I wonder if we'll find out what happened to Jack's memories... and how long it'll take for the Doctor or Rose to make their move. Well done! :)

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you enjoyed it, I really enjoyed writing it. I have a fear of expository dumps and I needed to get the outline of the alien plot out there while giving both Nine and my readers some sexy, amusing distraction. I confess I spend way too much time inventing new ways to increase Nine\'s sexual frustration. Keep reading, I promise all will be revealed, in every sense of the word. Thank you so much for taking the time to review.

2012.03.28 - 02:12PM
3: Chapter 3

When you said I would enjoy the next two weren't kidding. I could visualize CE in that blue tie (and nothing else...oops).

I'm loving how you didn't just do a copy and paste of that scene in De-Lovely. This was beautifully crafted around Rose's POV. Superb!

She’d seen enough to assure herself that the visible bulge to the left of the denim crotch of his jeans suggested anatomy very similar to that of a Human male. HA! I see what you did there! I'll have to post a "Left" meme on Tumblr and dedicate to you tonight. That bulge is soooooo distracting. Poor Rose. :P

Wonderful work!!!

Author's Response: CE in anything blue is almost too much to bear. The purple shirt he wore in the Accused is a second runner up, though. Thank you so much for appreciating how hard the scene from De-Lovely was to write without it being just a cut and paste, I really sweated that scene, and you will find out soon that there was so much more going on in that scene than even the Doctor suspected at the time. Heh, the bulge. Okay, I admit that line puts me pretty firmly in the category of creepy, obsessive fangirl, doesn\'t it? Let\'s hope his wife doesn\'t read fan fiction. One of Shatner\'s wives did, she got a huge laugh out of it.

2012.03.28 - 02:06PM
4: Chapter 4

If there's anything that gets my blood pumping more than good smut it has to be great plot. Let me tell you woman. This is well crafted alien invasion intrigue! :)

How could zipping up a zipper be so damn hot? Your Nine/Rose is perfection from their dialogue to their interaction and reaction to not only each other but other characters in the story. I loved Rose comparing Adam to a rabbit. ha!
Nine's self-loathing is so heartbreaking here but so central to his character. His love and awe of Rose just adds to the heartbreak. Milton's line was perfect.

You have me hook, line and sinker.

Author's Response: Ha! So glad you\'re enjoying this! Characterization is my forte, always has been, but I\'m always trying to improve my plotting skills. This story is turning into a challenging exercise in the blend of elements. The idea of Rose pulling a Ginny Weasley on Nine just cracked me up, but I was unprepared for how quickly it turned that genius brain of his to complete mush. Adam as a rabbit is a continuation of Nine referring to Rose\'s pretty boy\'s as pets. Being eaten by a fox seemed a fitting punishment. Just so you know when he was thinking about Milton, that wasn\'t an actual Milton quote, in my mind he hung out with Milton and this was his memory of something Milton had said to him in a conversation they\'d had. I didn\'t make that clear, though. More Jack in the next chapter!

2012.03.26 - 03:57PM
3: Chapter 3

I have read through the first 3 chapters in a hurry. So good. And there is not much I can add to the first review on this chapter. You capture the lovely passion of the words, the mood, Jack's acting and singing abilities, the screwed up time lines and Rose's perceptive nature. Too bad Rose/Doctor aren't as perceptive about each other. Good writing, very enjoyable. The mystery is great.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a specific review. John Barrowman is almost unbelievably talented, that voice of his, just-- *guh* Even though his role in De-Lovely is small, he steals the scenes he\'s in. That million megawatt smile of his makes something flip-flop deep in my lower my abdomen every single time I see it. There was just so much John in both these characters that it was easy to imagine the Jack in the movie was really Jack Harkness. Trust me when I tell you that I\'m not leaving Rose and Nine unperceptive about each other for much longer. This is a romance too and I\'m a shipper. Chapter 4 is when things start to heat up. Nine promised Rose a treat and before this little holiday is through, she\'s holding him to that promise.

2012.03.25 - 07:21PM
3: Chapter 3

Jack is such a wonderful friend to both Rose and the Doctor. You turned their incarceration into an example of how deeply Jack cares for Rose. It was so touching. I like how effortlessly you wove the fact that Rose knew Jack's vocal range within your narrative.

I almost felt like I was sitting in the audience while Jack and Cole were singing to each other. Your description was so vivid, and your imagery so intense. It was truly an amazing scene. I think the Doctor and Rose could be the poster children for being obsessively in love.

I love how Rose assures the Doctor that she was enjoying her birthday gift, even if all had not gone as planned.

Would you think less of me if I admit to having this exact same dream? Last night’s fantasy had been a whopper. He’d knocked on her door to say goodnight to her, triggering a fantasy that began with his confession of love and physical desire and progressed to him ravishing her multiple times, leaving her sweaty, satisfied, limp and content.

Author's Response: Thank you for sticking with me on this one, Bloose! I love your reviews. I think the expression on Jack\'s face in POTW when he sees the TARDIS leaving him behind is the one picture that speaks more than a thousand words about how much he cares for both the Doctor and Rose. I\'m glad you liked the flashback scene, I\'m pleased with it myself. This was a very difficult chapter to write to make it fit the scene from De-Lovely, My hope is that the Doctor and Rose\'s separate points of view, revealing their thought processes would work to make it something more than just a dialogue dump. Nine needs a lot of reassurance, he\'s quick to doubt his worth, and deep down he really does feel he\'s unlovable. I think that one of the best things about Teaspoon is that it gives obsessed fangirls like us a place to indulge in all of the romantic and erotic details of our favorite ship. It would be pretty hypocritical of me to think less of you for having the same dream I\'ve had myself. My husband and I have an agreement if Morena Baccarin ever offers him sex he can say yes with my blessing. My exception to our marital vows would be CE, of course. *evil laugh*

2012.03.25 - 06:56PM
3: Chapter 3

Well done! This is turning into a lovely little story. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for hanging in there, jolly! This thing is going to be a long one, there is a lot more to come.

2012.03.24 - 09:45PM
2: Chapter 2

Another perfect chapter! I've seen De-Lovely and the scene where Kline shows Barrowman how to sing 'Night and Day' is a perfect way to introduce Jack with the possible twist of it being part of his missing 2 years. Great plotting on a throw away line.

Can I just say the way you described Nine opening up his 'time' senses at the end of this was superb? I could just picture him in that suit, being all Time-Lordy and .....yeah I got carried away. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: The more I write his POV the more I love writing his POV. I\'m fascinated by the way he must see things, how he can know so much and yet be blind to what is right in front of him all at the same time. I think I write him a little ADHD and a lot manic, which is okay cause some my nearest and dearest are either or. I think you\'re going to love the next two chapters. *wicked laugh*