Reviews For Night and Day

2012.06.07 - 05:11PM
10: Chapter 10

I really love how this story is developing. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks! It took some effort to coax Rose and Nine out of their little cocoon of sexual gratification to continue on with the plot as you can see, but just as they were overdue for the release of all that repressed sexual tension, I\'m overdue in delivering the promised action part of this story\'s action/adventure plot. Rose, Jack and Nine are going to have to do some pretty fancy footwork to save the humans of the early half of the 20th century and themselves from the nasty schemes of the time/altered Clinoraxi. Poor Nine, he is never going to be able to reverse all the lingering ripples of damage radiating out from the Time War, but I do adore watching him try. The Dalek-created alternate Clinoraxi are a danger not just to Humanity, but to any race they decide to target with their plundered temporal technology. Luckily for Nine, he has a couple of companions who will have his back on this. Help will also be forthcoming from a few unexpected sources before all is said and done on this one. I keep thinking of Rose, Jack and Nine in \"Boomtown,\" as I write this story, so in synch with one another, giddy with joy in their shared experiences and esprit de corps. I\'m fascinated at how they are finishing each other\'s sentences, the playful flirting and witty banter that just flies between the three of them: Team TARDIS at it\'s very best. This is my take on how those three got from the end of \"The Doctor Dances,\" to that opening scene in the console room in \"Boomtown.\" It\'s no wonder what started out as a short story has grown to novel length. The gap between those two episodes is a fanfiction author\'s wet dream of a \"what have those three been doing?\" Bless RTD and his writers for giving us that tantalizing gap in time to weave our own \"episodes\" to our hearts content. This is one of mine.

2012.06.07 - 11:56AM
10: Chapter 10

Another stellar chapter! I liked how uncertain Rose was the morning after their first time. How she was over analyzing everything, but the Doctor gave her the reassurance she needed to realize that everything between them was now out in the open, and very real.

Yeah for the shout out to Drax, my second favorite Time Lord of all time!

The bathtub scene was sweet sensuous torture. Their erotic tender lovemaking just goes on and on. I love how they are using the link to maximize their pleasure and augment their reactions to each other. As for the length of time the Doctor can stay under water… How are the Doctor and Rose going to continue saving universes now that they can shag each other's brains out like this all the time?

The word of the day just gets better and better. I absolutely loved this part:
…“But how many mornings have I come to wake you up, only to find you cuddling that dictionary under the duvet? One morning last week you were laying on it, sprawled face down on the bed with one thigh half over it. You were wearing pink knickers and a skimpy little matching vest. When you rolled over to hit me with a pillow for disturbing your slumber, I noticed the embossed pattern on the cover had imprinted into your thigh." He reached to caress the part of her he was speaking of, his fingers tracing the remembered pattern over her skin. “Not only was the bloody thing sleeping in your bed, it had the audacity to mark you.”

Major gooseflesh moment during Rose's Tarot card reading by Kisha's gran. Now on to your exceptional plot. I think things are going to get ugly pretty soon. *shudders*

Author's Response: Although it\'s been a while since I\'ve had the morning after the first time jitters, and I\'m not a morning person, myself, so doing the opening of this from Rose\'s POV was an easy choice for me to make. I came up with the Gallifreyan curse of \"Rassilon\'s golden haired mistress,\" and decided only Drax could have coined it. I think I owed you and a couple of other Nine/Rose shippers at \"Ever Single Time,\" a bathtub scene, Bloose darling, to even the score for writing Ten/Rose tub smut in \"A Bargain with Time.\" I think the thought is going to occur to the Doctor in the next chapter that if he has to choose between shagging Rose and saving the universes, it\'s always going to be a difficult call from now on. I wrote the line about him being jealous of the dictionary just for you, Bloose. I found inspiration in my own bed. I\'ve fallen asleep with a lot of books in my lifetime because I read myself to sleep if I don\'t get shagged to sleep. My husband is always joking about sharing our bed with Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Wimsey, Gabriel Lacey or Hercule Poirot. Now that we have an ipad, I can read Teaspoon stories in bed without dragging my Macbook into bed with us, he\'s joked about having to share our bed with the ipad, Jack Harkness, Nine and Ten. Good thing he isn\'t the jealous type, isn\'t it? He\'s very philosophical about my fangirl obsessions, pointing out that since he gets all the benefit from it, he\'s happy to indulge me, rescuing the ipad or computer from the tangled sheets when he wakes up and finds me curled around them. I do love being married to a genius and my Nine reminds me an awful lot of my husband! I\'m a tarot card reader, been reading for over twenty years. I liked the scene with Kisha\'s gran so well I\'m going to work a version of it into the \"Trajectory\" universe as well. Thanks so much for sticking with me on this soon to be novel. I appreciate it.

2012.05.22 - 11:13PM
1: Chapter 1

Bloody BRILLIANT this is read in all in a huge hunk and it really is amazing!!!! I was competely torn about whether to be happy or sad this was a WIP I am delighted to know there is more to but greedy enough to want alll the rest right now!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Wow, you read it all in one gulp? I\'m very flattered. This is the only thing I\'ve ever posted in progress because I never envisioned it becoming this complex, but the plot grew as I wrote it and it\'s taken on a life of it\'s own. I used to share your concerns about reading a WIP but I\'ve come around to the idea that reading one can be a measured delight, and I look forward to the next chapters of my favorite Teaspoon stories, they are like beautiful and unexpected little presents, all the more prized for the anticipation of each new chapter. I promise I won\'t abandon this story and I\'m writing it as fast as I\'m able. Thank you for your review and your patience. I\'ll try to make the finished product worth the wait.

2012.05.22 - 04:09PM
9: Chapter 9

Wow, wow, wow. Amazing story. The love at 1st touch part is wonderful. The plot is superb and I never want to stop reading this. Also very very hot! Is there going to be more soon? Please. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is halfway written and there is a lot more to come. This is going to be novel length before I\'m done with it. I\'m so delighted that you like the idea of love at first touch, it explains so much about the two of them. I\'m also glad you like the plot and the hotness. There is much more to come.

2012.05.17 - 04:54PM
1: Chapter 1

I just gotta stop reading your stuff before or during work....makes it very hard for me to be the Lady I'm suppose to be at work you know *snicker* Love everything about this story :-)

Author's Response: This what has turned into a freaking novel goes long stretches without smut. Well, Chapter 8 and 9 are just smut and nothing else, but the rest isn\'t too terribly smutty. Lots of unresolved sexual tension maybe, the Doctor\'s thoughts while he\'s fixing the zipper on her dress, and of course the snog in the closet. Oh, forgot the accidental grope in the taxicab! Poor Doctor! *wicked laugh* But now that I\'ve broken the sexual tension with Chapter 8 and 9 it\'s time to get back to the action/adventure part of the plot. Chapter 10 should be safe for you to read right before you go to work, or even between clients. I will warn you in advance, any scene with Jack in it isn\'t one you want to read on the computer while drinking fluids. I have no control over what comes out of that man\'s mouth. I kind of like it that way. *smirk* I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying this, sweetie!

2012.05.12 - 10:42AM
9: Chapter 9

The TARDIS knows best and I love the idea that she somehow found Rose for the Doctor.

I like how you have the Doctor and Rose bound together from the moment they first met. It was as if they were always meant to be together always. Rose certainly handled the Doctor's fear that he is somehow manipulating her with the power of his need for her. “Of course not,” she interrupted him, pressing her hand against his cheek reassuringly. “No, of course you would never have done it on purpose. Like you just said, it was subconscious., for both of us. Instead of love at first sight, it was love at first touch, yeah?” Love at first touch indeed.

The way Rose heals the Doctor's very soul is so beautiful and poetic:
They needed to be as close as they could possibly be, skin against skin, tongues and thoughts entwining. He felt a sudden flood of brilliant golden acceptance wash over him, warming him, rushing in to illuminate every lonely corner of his tortured soul. The golden light was Rose's love, washing away the lingering shadows and the last of his doubts. He reveled in it, wallowed in it, and the contentment that filled every crevice of his hearts and mind brought tears to his eyes, he felt them pricking against his closed eyelids.

Hot telepathic sex ending with an in-sych orgasm in their own personal temporal bubble! Where can I get one of those?

Thank you for another gloriously erotic and sensual chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you Bloose! I adore the idea of love at first touch for these two. I took the idea I was playing with all the way back when I wrote \"Tangled,\" which was my very first attempt at writing something from Nine\'s POV and just built upon it. One of the things I love about any incarnation of the Doctor is that he is a show off. Poor, damaged Nine especially seems to need to constantly prove to himself that he\'s worthy of love and affection. It only stands to reason, as jealous as we know him to be, that he would pull out all the stops trying to impress her sexually. His desire to wipe away as irrelevant her previous sexual partners could only result in him using everything at his disposal to show her how important she is to him. Under his grumpy exterior, Nine really is just a lonely little boy who desperately needs to be loved. CE in-synch orgasms in my own personal temporal bubbles are on back order, love. While you wait, you can always re-read Chapter 9. *swoon, thud, giggling uproariously*

2012.05.12 - 07:32AM
9: Chapter 9

Very well written! I love how you write Nine and Rose together. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I felt good to get back to Nine/Rose after my experiment with Ten/Rose. I think this fic is going to hit professional novel length before I\'m finished with it. The next chapter is where we get back to the plot.

2012.04.12 - 06:41AM
8: Chapter 8

Very well written! Very hot! I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Already working on the next chapter, thanks so much for your patience.

2012.04.12 - 01:47AM
8: Chapter 8

Ooh, you were right; it was worth the wait! Such lovely, lovely smut you write! I take back all the grousing about the cliffie and am definitely looking forward to chapter nine!

Author's Response: I\'ve been wanting to do a Nine taking Rose over the back of a sofa scenes for a while now. The zipper scene was the very long build up for it. Nine has forgotten all about the snog in the closet with Jack. He\'s going to get a reminder in chapter Nine. Thank you so much for sticking with me on this one. Hubby and I ended up staying in a posh hotel ourselves last weekend, we even ordered room service. Good for research, bad for actually posting chapters. Unwrapping Nine was the highlight of my holiday weekend.

2012.04.11 - 10:51PM
8: Chapter 8

This was utterly delicious!. From the banana split double entendres to shout outs to Classic Who (take that Borusa!). Your smut is seriously hot yet still conveys the intense love these two share.

I absolutely loved the beginning. I loved how you had Rose coax Nine out of his abject horror over being 'discovered'. She needed to proceed carefully, tenderly, if you will, so that he wouldn't turn tail and run. That scene really worked for me and was beautifully crafted. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a sweet review! You know, Nine was my first Doctor so I\'ve been trying to educate myself, reading and watching as much as I can about the original series in my copious spare time. I figured having Nine think about what Borusa\'s reaction to his swearing would add a bit of necessary levity to things. I think I had four or five aborted beginnings to this chapter. It was a tricky bridge to cross. The urge to run was certainly there, and in one of the drafts he picked a fight with her. It would of made for really hot sex, but it was too much like their fight in PQN so I tired again. This was more original and I like the way she pulled him back from the brink.

2012.04.11 - 10:33PM
8: Chapter 8

“Yes,” she cried out in triumph, her entire body shaking in reaction to his bone jolting entry of her. “Finally!” My thoughts exactly!

I love the Doctor's absolute joy in discovering that Rose not only desires him, but loves him completely. I am so glad that he finally admits everything he has been feeling for her.Their mental joining made the sex that much more titillating.

A quick shout out to Drax, one of my all time favorites.

Your smut was so hot, intense, and passionate. I'm off to find some ice cream and my hubby, not necessarily in that order...

Author's Response: Thank you! I wondered if having her crow the word \"Finally!\" like that was bordering on a breach of the fourth wall, cause you know we were all thinking it. After seven chapters of build up? You think? *snicker* I love how long it takes him to figure out why she can read his thoughts, and what it means, and his complete surrender to it. He\'s always been a rebel. It seems to me when he turned and ran after his first glimpse into the untempered schism, he never really stopped running. All that nervous, restless energy, his certainty that he\'s the biggest coward ever. How ironic that the man who considered himself a coward not only faced the unspeakable horrors of the Time War, but had the courage to end it in a way that he was certain would destroy him as well. I think it did destroy him, it almost consumed the spark that made him unique, and it magnified his self-doubt and self-loathing to almost ridiculous levels. Nine is so broken, so badly in need of absolution and he finds it in Rose. She\'s his bespoke salvation, the remission of his sins. Sometimes the universe does reward her champions. Rose is his reward. Getting him through his shock and disbelief to pick up the seduction took more than a couple of tries. It finally clicked when I switched it to her POV at the beginning of the chapter break. The research on smut for this one was very...satisfying. Enjoy your desserts, bloose! The order of consumption is completely optional. *evil laugh*

2012.04.05 - 12:29AM
7: Chapter 7

Well, if that chapter wasn't hot, then I don't know what is. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Oh, Jolly, I\'m just getting started. Bring a couple fire extinguishers to Chapter 8. Poor Nine, I almost feel sorry for him.

2012.04.04 - 08:48PM
7: Chapter 7

Poor Doctor! So much for his superior Time Lord physiology. You would think that he could override all these physical 'betrayals' with that huge Time Lord brain of his. :P Just proves what a profound effect Rose has on him and how much he is in love with her. Well done.

I had to go back to Chapter 4 and find that section with Milton. Even though it is not a Milton quote, I loved how it defined Nine's feelings.
It had been a balm to his bitterness to learn there was some mercy left in the universe even for someone as irredeemable as him. He’d been too miserable, lonely and weak to refuse the temptation of comfort when it had appeared in that department store basement. If this was some convoluted form of torture the universe had designed for him, he would gladly endure it. John Milton would say that it was better to glimpse heaven, to brush his fingers against it with longing and awe than to wallow in the pits of hell without even imaging the alternative. He agreed with that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Pure brilliance to have Rose utter the same thing about him. All of this panicking Nine does about the possibility of Rose being able to read his mind and him shrugging it off as impossible because she is 'psi-null' is beautifully revealed in Rose's full-circle response. Question is Nine going to take that revelation? I'm hoping he takes it (and her) the way you mentioned :)

Author's Response: I like playing with the idea that although each incarnation of the Doctor may have the memories of previous sexual encounters the new body is a virgin. I also think that Nine is more broken than either 10 or 11 because of the war, thus his biological controls might be just as unpredictable. He really does think of his feelings for Rose as a weakness, but he is also starting to see it as a strength, that is very much his journey in this story, that, and the trajectory of his relationship with Jack. He\'s always been a wild card, the lonely boy who ran away. Nine\'s existence was so short and tragic. I want to give him as many happy endings as my fingers can type for him. Thanks so much for the reviews and all the inspiration!

2012.04.04 - 06:06PM
7: Chapter 7

Oi! You can't just go and end the chapter there!!! Evil, evil Schism!!!! Dammit, now I need ice cream...(or CE!)

Well, one thing is clear: you and Rose are both brilliantly diabolical!

Author's Response: I\'m working on chapter 8 now, and it will be worth the wait. Thanks for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it.

2012.04.04 - 04:39PM
7: Chapter 7

Poor Doctor, Jack not mentioning the closet snog would be about as likely as Jack forgetting he did it in the first place.

The Doctor seems to be keeping a list of inanimate objects that he is envious of, his shoe, her spoon…

I am so glad the Doctor reinforced his apology to Rose about what happened in 1987. He really should have known better and that is an understatement of monumental proportions.

Can a banana split get more sensuous or erotic? How can the ice cream stay frozen under such intense sexual tension? How does it not melt after reading lines like these?He stood up, stretching his rangy body with all the unconscious grace and power of a tiger. He reached for the top stud on his shirt, sliding it free from the button hole and tossing it on the coffee table next to his cufflinks. He slid one hand inside his open shirt front to massage base of his throat, reveling in the release of the constricting collar and sighed.

There is a lot of attempted barrier penetration in this chapter. All of a sudden I have a craving for ice cream.

Author's Response: Hey Bloose! Thank you for reviewing! Yeah, he really is in a bad way if he things Jack is going to keep the snog secret, but he\'s got a lot more to worry about now. I\'ve been wanting to the rest of the Father\'s Day fix I started in Culpable, and will be addressing it in my Trajectory Series as well. What can I say, Nine in period clothing just does it for me, but he seems like the kind of guy who would be eager to undo anything constricting ASAP, especially with Rose giving Banana Split phone sex to the chef. Chapter 8 will have something more than attempted barrier penetration, promise. And also a banana split.