Reviews For Night and Day

2016.04.29 - 11:57AM
13: Chapter 13

Rose and the Doctor are so good for each other :) I wish real life would never have to intrude on their current state of bliss.

This part was too funny and I could totally see Rose saying this: “Want to do it?” she interrupted with snort of laughter. “My dear Doctor, what do I have to do to prove to you that there is nothing perverted about wanting a blow job. Alien or not, you’re still a bloke, yeah? It’s a biological thing, nothing to be ashamed of. And if you even think the phrase ‘child molester’ you’re goin’ to be on the receiving end of a damn hard Tyler slap, let me tell you, and it won’t be mum doin’ it. You can’t molest the willin’!”

Jack is really struggling with who he is and what he has become. He is searching for something and maybe he has fond what he is looking for in Rose and the Doctor. You write Jack so very well! How lucky is it that Porter was the Clinoraxi’s first attempt! Not for Porter of course, but for the rest of the world. I wonder if Jack should take what Wooley is offering at face value. Something doesn’t seem quite right. The TARDIS has many skills :) The necklace and earrings the Doctor got Rose for her birthday sound exquisite! Uh oh, Lt Rahl just won’t give up will she? Hooray there are more Drillia for her to rejoin! I am so happy!

I am on tenterhooks for what is going to happen. I can’t wait to see where you are going to take this next! The way you interweave the culture of the times within your story is amazing too. Thank you so much for posting another wonderful update!

Author's Response: Bloose darling, if you can find a way to watch "DeLovely" staring Kevin Kline as Porter and John Barrowman as Jack, you really need to. This novel is a companion piece to the movie, weaving around the edges of the scenes we see with Porter and Jack, the character John plays. Jack, in the film, replaces Fred Astaire as the lead in "The Gay Divorce'" because they didn't want to indicate that Astaire was gay. If you watch it you'll see why Wooley approached Jack and made the offer. Lt Rahl is committed to doing the Emperor's bidding and she's a lot more clever than Drah. I confess, I adore the Drillia. I know I created them, but I really fell in love with the character. There's a lot of Rose's birthday left to celebrate and a trip to the legendary starlight room yet to come. I'm so glad you're enjoying this, my dear friend. I'm working on the next chapter now. Thanks so much for another lovely review!

2016.04.28 - 11:58PM
13: Chapter 13

I am enjoying this story so much, I was thrilled to see that you'd posted another chapter! I love the mystery and the little details about the era that you've included. Also, the smut, I won't deny that I'm still loving the smut! And the music! I've had Cole Porter's music in my head all day. Thank you for posting, I'll be watching for more!

PS: you shouldn't have told me that you used to write smut professionally (although that's awesome & I'd love to hear the story of getting that job!) because now I want to know who you are so I can get even more of my fix! :)

Author's Response: My husband took me to a high school performance of "Anything Goes" Friday night and we were grinning like loons and mouthing the words to the songs. I've got the soundrack to De Lovely and play it a lot. The soundtrack to that movie is just amazing! I'm so glad you are enjoying the mystery, the historical details and of course the smut as well. The professional smut I wrote back in the 1990s was for magazines that are long gone. I also wrote for some internet subscription services that are no longer available. I did it to make my house payment and keep the utilities turned on while I was working two or three other jobs. I assure you what I'm writing now is much better because it's a labour of love. I'll just have to keep writing so you don't go into withdrawal! Thanks so much for leaving a review. It really makes my day!

2016.04.28 - 03:48PM
6: Chapter 6

Oh, wow. What a brilliant chapter that was! (I almost typed episode.). Loved how you described the intricacies of Jack's mind, and how much the Doctor admired it. Also, the beauty and creativity of Porter's mind in spite of the psychic attack. Your handling of technobabble (as we call in in the ST world) is spot on. Had to chuckle at how Jack managed to semi-seduce the Doctor, too. LOL!! Made my day, even though it is sadly the last whole day of my camping vacation.

Author's Response: I'm really proud of this chapter and so delighted that you enjoyed it. I used to write and edit Star Trek fanfiction back in the days before it was all on the internet, so technobabble is easy for me so long as I don't forget and put a bussard collector on the TARDIS or start talking about matter-antimatter intermix chambers. I'm a singer-songwriter so I get music and am really in awe of Porter myself so imagining what his mind looked like, even after being ravaged wasn't that difficult. Jack's attempted seduction of the Doctor was completely in character and them getting caught by Porter furthers the plot later on. I hope you enjoyed your camping vacation and thank you so much for not just reading but also for leaving such a lovely review.

2016.04.10 - 12:50PM
12: Chapter 12

Good thing Jack and Paul’s guardian angel is working overtime. The Doctor being all calm is kind of getting under Rose’s skin a bit. She trusts him implicitly but he does love to cut things close sometimes. The Drillia is a superb character. I hope to see more of her in the future. Good deal that Paul is going to be okay. Uh oh, there is a Clinoraxi loose on Earth! Of course nothing goes totally smoothly for Team TARDIS. Scanning for alien tech, are we Doctor? Oh yeah, the TARDIS is doing that, not you ;) Time to unwrap birthday presents…weehee! The Doctor is really into this whole birthday thing isn’t he? He is besotted. Easy access lingerie, the gift that keeps on giving! I think both of them are enjoying Rose’s first gift. Spankings too! *fans self* Rose has the ability to think enough to put the bow on the Doctor’s member, after that mind blowing orgasm? She is amazing! Thank you so much for another superb chapter!

Author's Response: Who wouldn't want a Drillia and a TARDIS working together to keep them safe? I loved writing him calmly doing his jiggery-pokery while the Clinoraxi cut through the damn door. I could see the mauve alert lights flashing and alarms whooping. Poor Rose, it's lucky for her he really is a genius, huh? Of course one of the parasites got away. I can't wrap up all of the action/adventure in just one chapter. I had to laugh about the scanning for alien tech, especially so soon after "The Empty Child." The Doctor is still suffering from a bit of Captain envy, and he's also trying to outdo Claire's rich husband for romantic gestures. There is no fool like a 900 year old besotted by a pink and yellow human girl fool, as we both well know! More smut in the next chapter, more about the missing Clinoraxi, and Monty Wooley has a little chat with our Jack. It's not over yet!

2016.04.10 - 11:28AM
5: Chapter 5

Absolutely loved how insanely graphic your writing is. I could easily imagine the scene, and it was like I was actually there. I could smell the gin! Haha! And yup, the Doctor got busted.

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing this scene. If you haven't watched DeLovely, you really ought to. It served as a brilliant inspiration for this novel. Yes, it's a damn novel. I added up the word count last night. My little short story has morphed into a freaking novel! No wonder I panicked over chapter 11! LOL! My mother used to soak her olives in vermouth so she could put one in gin to make a perfect martini. I grew up in the 60's, which was the cocktail party generation. I remember my parents dressing up to go out n the evening and I loved watching my mother dress for them, breaking out the fur stole or coat when it was cold. That kind of elegance and all those fancy drinks aren't a part of my everyday life anymore, but I remember the way it all looked, smelled and tasted. It gave me s touchstone to do this chapter justice.

2016.04.09 - 12:04PM
11: Chapter 11

So excited for a return of one of my favorite Nine/Rose I have the opportunity to re-read from the beginning and enjoy all over again.

Author's Response: I'm excited to be returning! This entire story has been either a joy or a nightmare. Chapter 11 was my nightmare. I'm thrilled with the way it has turned out and delighted with the response I've gotten by finally getting on with this. Thank you so much for not just reading but also for taking the time to review. I appreciate it more than you will ever know!

2016.04.09 - 11:59AM
12: Chapter 12

Nine and Rose are so beautiful together and you write them brilliantly.

Author's Response: Thank you, Darling Dream! I'm so glad you're still reading. It's nice to know that people still want to read about my beloved Nine and especially this long neglected story. He was my first Doctor and we all have a special place in our hearts for our first Doctor, don't we? If I had my way CE would have stayed for five years before regenerating into DT. I love all the Doctors, really I do, and they are all brilliant in their own unique ways. Nine, though, poor broken, shattered by the war Nine, he will always be the one who stole my heart away. That daft face of his, his accent, the sight of him leaning against his TARDIS, arms and legs crossed, a half smile on his face. God, how could any woman ever resist him? He's so brilliant, so of course it's easy to write him brilliantly!

2016.04.08 - 05:20PM
11: Chapter 11

You know how everyone has fic author/s that they fangirl over and lovingly cherish every word put out by that author?

Hi. I'm Caedmon and I'm your fangirl.

Author's Response: OMG! you made me cry! Seriously! What a lovely thing to say. It means so much to me especially since you are such a brilliant author yourself! You certainly have made my day!

2016.04.07 - 01:18AM
11: Chapter 11

I'm so excited to read this story! I try to avoid WIPs, so I never read this one, although I love your other stories. So I've been lucky enough to get to read everything up to now straight through. I love the mystery and how much detail you put into the descriptions of Porter's New York. Oh, I also love the smut. You write delicious smut! Thank you so much for coming back to this fic, and I hope to continue to see more from you. Also, I think I saw in one of your notes that you've had health problems, I hope that you're experiencing an improvement, if not a complete remission of your symptoms. Thank you again! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Evie, dear! Let me tell you, it broke my heart getting stuck on this one. I have six complete versions of chapter 11 that never made it to Teaspoon because I kept writing myself into a corner. The one you just read was an amalgamation of all of them. I used to write smut professionally when I was a young divorced mother who needed some extra income. It's much more glorious doing it now just for the fun of it, let me tell you! I just got Chapter 12 back from Dev, and my husband will help me post it this evening. Whoo Hoo! I've had the shingles twice in the past three years, bilateral knee replacement and very bad polyarticular arthritis. It really helps when I write whump scenes, but I usually lean more toward the sex and fluff. I feel better today than I have in years, and doing well enough to drive my beloved TARDIS blue PT Cruiser to the YMCA to work out in the heated pool with all my lovely friends again. Soon the weather will be warm enough here in Phoenix to get back into my own unheated backyard pool. Life is a blessing and I'm giddy with joy I can do all this again! Let the smutfic flow!

2016.04.01 - 08:04AM
4: Chapter 4

“Just a bit fragile, is all,” he said softly. “Think about it, Rose. This ol’ thing’s been in the TARDIS all this time, just waitin’ for you to come along and drag it back into the world again. It just needs a bit of attention, but it’ll do just fine once we get it sorted, you’ll see. Of course you haven’t ruined it, quite the opposite, you’re breathin’ new life into somethin’ that was just a relic, old and forgotten. It was just waitin’ for you come along and gather it up. Look at it now, all bright and shining, ready for a dinner party and a bit of adventure. Not a bad deal at all, I imagine, from the gown’s point of view, but you know what the best part is?”

Haha! Definitely not talking about the dress. ;-) That was a nice little jewel from this chapter.

I've always been interested in how one's mental image of oneself is so disparate from what others see. The contrast between Nine's self image and Ten's is huge. Nine honestly didn't see himself as handsome or desirable, in spite of the fact that tonnes of us do. I finally got to meet Billie Piper in person last year, and she is as warm and beautiful face-to-face as she is on screen. How in the world Nine could resist Rose is beyond me, other than RTD just wrote their relationship that way.

I've not seen De-Lovely yet, so it's now on my watch list.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked that particular paragraph! To be honest, I'm extrapolating a bit of Chris Eccleston's self image and applying it to Nine. He's said in interviews on several occasions that he's unattractive, even going so far as saying he looks like a gargoyle. When you add that to Nine's jealousy and derision of "pretty boys," I see him as insecure about his looks. I choose to believe that if CE had stayed for season two the romance would have blossomed onscreen. I can also imagine CE arguing with Steven Moffat's TGITF script, saying "Hey, this is a great story, but the Doctor can't treat Rose like that! Delovely will really enhance your appreciation of this fic. Thanks so much for reviewing as you go! I really appreciate it!

2016.03.31 - 08:16AM
3: Chapter 3

You really captured Jack very well in this chapter. He is devastatingly handsome and suave, and really exudes such sexuality without even trying. Of course Cole Porter fell for him! :-) Oh, and yes, the Doctor can really be thick at times. Haha!

Author's Response: Actually this scene is the actual scene from DeLovely that spawned this fic. John Barrowman and Kevin Kline rocked this scene in the movie and all I did was insert Rose and the Doctor in the shadows at the back of the theatre. I love to explore just how thick a genius can be. I've known quite a few, married one and gave birth to one. Sometimes they need us normal folk around to point out the bleeding obvious now and again. Heh. I'm so thrilled you're enjoying this! Thank you so much for reviewing as you go. I really adore your feedback!

2016.03.30 - 12:09AM
2: Chapter 2

Oh, wow. I can tell you'd done some heavy research on the historical period, and I envy the way you described Rose's attire. I'm quite rubbish at that, and my wardrobe proves it is innate.
Also, are you aware that one of Billie's number one hit songs was "Day and Night"? I couldn't help but to chuckle at the little twist.

Author's Response: Yeah, I did a lot of research on this period. I also grew up watching all the old 1930s Fred Astaire movies that "The Gay Divorcee" made possible. I do love historical clothing and researching it is a pleasure. I did a lot of research on 1930's lingerie for chapter twelve. I think you'll approve of that as well. I wasn't aware that one of Billie's number one hit songs was "Day and Night" until I found a youtube clip of it when I was searching for a sample of her singing. I wanted to hear it so I could accurately describe it for the scene where she sings. I'd never heard any of her music before but I really liked what I heard. Thank you so much for not just reading but also for leaving a review. I appreciate the feedback so much!

2016.03.29 - 09:40PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm one who's waited for these years for you to return to this fic. So excited you have!!! More, please!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your patience! I share your excitement and chapter twelve is in the hands of my beta. There will be more to come. I really appreciate that you not only read this chapter but also left a review. I do this for the love of it, but it's brilliant to know that others share that love and find some value in my fics!

2016.03.29 - 06:05PM
11: Chapter 11

I have despaired for so long that I'd never get to read more of this story. It really is one of the hottest Nine/Rose stories I've read to date. Only Jack would figure out exactly how much shagging they had actually done in that room. As always, I worship protective, loving Nine. I just love how besotted he is with her. You could always see it in his eyes in canon. Which is why I can never figure out why some think he wasn't in love with her.

Author's Response: I despaired for so long that I'd ever write more of this story! I hit a block and hammered at it till my fingers were figuratively bloody. I finally got this chapter whipped into shape, one I wouldn't be ashamed to post, and Chapter 12 is safely in the hands of my beta. I know I can finish it now, and when it's done I'll get busy finishing the stack of story fragments, seventeen, to be precise, that I wrote before getting too sick to follow through. I've always loved this story and I'm so glad you read and reviewed this long awaited chapter. There will be more smut soon. Thank you so much for reading and also for reviewing. It means a lot to me.

2016.03.28 - 11:32PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, my. I don't think I've ever considered having one's hair combed to be so... erotic. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and writing a review! Honestly, I'm so far gone for Nine anything he does seems erotic, but yeah, a man who knows his way around a hairbrush is a turn on for me. There really is something sensual about having your hair touched or brushed. It's intimate. There is plenty more erotic to come with this story. I hope you will enjoy it.