Reviews For Human Nature

2012.09.23 - 09:03PM
14: Chapter 14: Mercy and Mayhem

Okay, I bloody LOVE you.
You're very smart, combining the two plots. Gives us Martha Jones and family of blood without just reusing the plots from the episode. Very interesting.
Also, I loved the bit of Rose whump.
And the names were fun.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more in this series, and soon. It's my favorite EVER.
Thank you so much for writing this story.

2012.04.22 - 10:52PM
14: Chapter 14: Mercy and Mayhem

I'm so sad that it's finished, but it's a wonderful story with a fabulous ending! I can't wait to read what you come up with next! (Hint, hint! :D ) (Also, sorry for not reviewing earlier. I was out of town and had to read the last few chapters on my phone in the airport!)

2012.04.21 - 02:14AM
14: Chapter 14: Mercy and Mayhem

Magnificent ending! And thanks for the reveal about the rest of the names. :-D

Author's Response: You\'re welcome and thanks for reviewing. :)

2012.04.20 - 09:05PM
14: Chapter 14: Mercy and Mayhem

Yay all around!

Author's Response: Thanks.

2012.04.18 - 09:15PM
13: Chapter 13: Lethal Fashion Accessories

Ah, poor Martha. Brilliant of her though! Gnawing my nails in anticipation of the next chapter. (I had noticed but forgotten Dr. Davrill. I haven't caught any others though. Well, unless you count "Smith," but that'd be pushing it, all things considered. *g*)

Author's Response: I think I\'ll reveal them all here, just for fun. Chapter 7 has Mr. Davies and Mr. Moffat, the two NewWho producer/writers. Chapter 10 has Mrs. Kingston (as in Alex Kingston, River Song) and Miss Sladen (as in Elizabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane Smith) Chapter 11 has Dr. Darvill (as in Arthur Darvill, Rory Williams), Mrs. Aldred (as in Sophie Aldred, Ace McShane), and Ms. Gillan (as in Karen Gillan, Amy Pond). All other named not-main characters (Swales, Morgenstern, etc) were all in the original episode.

2012.04.18 - 09:10PM
13: Chapter 13: Lethal Fashion Accessories

Poor Martha! She was really worried about jack. One left. Exciting chapter.

Author's Response: It\'s a bit hard to get your head wrapped around the whole doesn\'t-die-but-can-die thing the first time, I think. Especially when you\'re not quite adjusted to the Doctor\'s lifestyle.

2012.04.18 - 05:51PM
13: Chapter 13: Lethal Fashion Accessories

Oh, how I love Jack! Well done, can't wait to see what happens with the hospital!

Author's Response: Jack is full of awesomeness. \'Nuff said.

2012.04.16 - 05:05PM
12: Chapter 12: Confusing the Scent

I just love it when he doesn't have a plan! :D

Author's Response: Me too! =D

2012.04.14 - 01:19AM
11: Chapter 11: Switcheroo

Jack! Rose! Yeep! I'm on tenterhooks! (I'm also wondering if all the hospital patients will get to say, all together upon entering the TARDIS, "It's bigger on the inside!") Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Don\'t worry, even if they don\'t say it, they\'re definitely thinking it.

2012.04.13 - 09:59PM
11: Chapter 11: Switcheroo

LOL @ Nurse Gillan. Love those little touches. But oh my, that cliffie is not good at all. *chews nails*

Author's Response: Yep, Gillan the nurse and Darvill the doctor. Couldn\'t help myself. Notice any other actor names scattered throughout the story?

2012.04.13 - 07:19PM
11: Chapter 11: Switcheroo

Oh no! This isn't good!

Author's Response: Indeed.

2012.04.12 - 02:42AM
10: Chapter 10: Swooning

Ooh, yes, Martha still gets to be brilliant! Still loving this!

Author's Response: Well, Martha was pretty brilliant.

2012.04.11 - 06:09PM
10: Chapter 10: Swooning

I know I keep saying it, but this is such a brilliant rewrite. You do the voices of all the characters so well, I swear I can practically watch the entire thing in my head as I read. (Did that make sense?) The Doctor rambles without sounding like an idiot or a lunatic. Jack is dashing without being a complete sex maniac. Rose is clever and strong and awesome without being...well, any of the horrible tropes that are usually inflicted on her character. And Martha is brilliant with the side benefit of not being depressingly in love with the Doctor. Absolutely wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

2012.04.10 - 09:44AM
9: Chapter 9: The Return of the Doctor

As far as saving the world goes, that sounds like more fun than bowling in one's pajamas! ;)

Author's Response: Naturally. ;)

2012.04.09 - 07:50PM
9: Chapter 9: The Return of the Doctor

Yum... snogs... good!

Author's Response: Gotta love a good genetic transfer, right?