Reviews For In want of a wife.

2016.05.18 - 10:00PM
21: Epilogue

I really loved this story, but there were SO many typos! It made it a bit hard to read at times.

2012.12.20 - 04:56PM
13: Chapter 13

I am just reading your sweet Jane Austen style of Rose and the Doctor. Are you writing 10? Of course you are. When I first started reading this I was imagining 9. I think he would have worked very well with this.

Author's Response: Hmm, I think it would be a bit more difficult for her parents to accept their daughters choice of marriage if it were nine ;) even though technically ten is older :P Hope you\'ll enjoy the rest as well.

2012.12.09 - 04:40PM
21: Epilogue

This was such a lovely, unique story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. It\'s so nice to see people still reading the story. Glad you liked it. :D

2012.05.25 - 11:59PM
21: Epilogue

Novel idea to set Rose in a Jane Austen setting. Very Well done. I think I would have liked to have the courtship carried on longer and learn more of Mr. Smith and Miss Jones....but very well done and written. I am now on to the sequel.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. There\'s a little more of M&M in the sequel to come. Hope you\'ll enjoy that as well.

2012.04.25 - 10:58AM
20: Chapter 20

Wow, this was just a perfect chapter. Your descriptions were so evocative, I could see it all. Rose's emotions, her thoughts, were pitch perfect and the words of the ceremony were just lovely. The idea of having the TARDIS act as their priest was brilliant, and beautifully done. I laughed at his smirking over the wine and breaking the goblet, I also loved the "Bring the bottle," line at the end. I could hear David Tennant saying it and imagined the smouldering look he gave her when he did. I would love to read a sequel about how they discover she's pregnant, but I'd also like to see how you would write the consummation of their union on their wedding night. You do such a wonderful job with the build up, I felt a little cheated not to get a glimpse of how it would go. Could I convince you to write a short sequel to this, focused on their discovery of her pregnancy with them both flashing back to the first night they made love?

Author's Response: Hihi, your reviews are out of order ;) I have been thinking about writing that part. Yet I always felt it didn\'t belong in this story, Jane Austen-wise. But since it kept going more and more Doctor-wise, I think I can cheat some more ;) You will have to give me some time though, there\'s a vacation coming up and I\'m not allowed to bring the laptop ;)

Author's Response: Oops, skip that first line, I think perhaps I just need glasses ;)

2012.04.11 - 11:41AM
21: Epilogue

Oh, this was such a beautiful and enticing ending to such wonderfully written story. Please tell me that if there’s no sequel planned, then at least a one-shot regarding the pregnancy or after the baby’s birth? Please???? Honestly, I can’t tell you how much that I love and adore this story. Probably about as much as the Doctor and Rose love and adore each other and you know that is saying A LOT. Your descriptions of the characters surroundings as well as there emotions was absolutely breathtaking and kept me riveted throughout the entire story. This is just an absolutely stunning and incredible piece of work. You have literally proven in words what fans have known for years, the Doctor’s and Rose’s love story is absolutely timeless. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us, it was a remarkably exquisite gift.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much and you\'re very welcome. I loved reading your reviews just as much as I adore reading your stories. I am very glad you liked it :D I am all for the domesticated Doctor, so there will probably be some kind of story about the pitter-patter of little feet in the TARDIS to follow this one.

2012.04.09 - 06:38PM
21: Epilogue

Lovely epilogue. Okay, so she is in a "condition". Would that be Regency speak for pregnant? ;)

Lovely picture too.

Author's Response: Thanks :D yeah hehe, There are a few JA story\'s wherein a character gets pregnant, but that word is never used. And I love the idea of there coming a time baby, the Doctor as a daddy, so that just had to be in here. Thank you for all your lovely compliments, I love compliments, gonna write some more to fish for them ;)

2012.04.09 - 04:31PM
21: Epilogue

I have really enjoyed this story! Sequel? Please?

Author's Response: Thank you! The idea about a sequel is still somewhat vague in my head, so that might take a while. But it\'ll be here the moment it arrives ;)

2012.04.09 - 06:11AM
20: Chapter 20


When I read the part about the watch, for just a fleeting moment I though fob watch. Maybe???? Maybe???? Maybe this is why he is so drawn to Rose? Her grandfather was really a Time Lord?

Lovely chapter, and looking forward to the epilogue.

Author's Response: Thanks :D Boy, did I have trouble thinking of a thing she could give him, took me quite a while to get this chapter started. Hihihi, I didn\'t plan on the watch being an actual chameleon fob watch, but it\'s a very intriguing idea of her great grandfather having been a Time Lord. Now I\'m off to write the last part and there will also be a picture ;)

2012.04.02 - 05:30PM
19: Chapter 19

I am enjoying this so very much! I loved her impulsive kiss at the console, the way he sent her the image of him bathing with her, the way she ogled him in the shower. Her tentative anthropomorphizing of the TARDIS, referring to her as dear friend, and the subtle way you show the reader, if not Rose how nervous he is. The chase through the library was brilliant. You do sexual tension very well! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had to look up what anthropomorphizing meant hahaha, but perhaps even more after the episode of \'the Doctor\'s wife\' I felt the TARDIS was just as much a person as the Doctor himself and Rose just has an intuitive response to that. Sexual tension is not very Jane Austen-y is it ;) I cheated a little there. hehe

2012.04.02 - 04:03PM
19: Chapter 19

Another out of this world chapter. But the problem is, the minute I am done, I want more! I am sure you are tired of this, but please update again soon. PLEASE!!

Author's Response: Oh no, I can never grow tired of the compliment of the request for more. Problem is that in my mind, the story is almost at its end. I think the next chapter will be the last. I always hate to see a lovely story end myself, but any other ideas there might be in my head about a succession, are not so well written in this style. So perhaps there will be a next story, sort of sequel... spoilers ;)

2012.04.02 - 11:21AM
18: Chapter 18

Oh yes! Exactly how I imagined it would be for them. She is caught somewhere between her convention and this fantastic new world. I love how you have written the pull she feels. I have a feeling that she will have no problem overcoming her shyness soon enough, though it is an awful lot of fun to watch her wrestle with her innocence, and blooming womanhood. Lovely! GO WRITE!!,

Author's Response: I am, I will, don\'t worry ;) Yeah, she needs to find her own strength in the alien world she finds herself in. He will show her she\'s all she needs to be.

2012.03.30 - 08:33PM
17: Chapter 17

"there are so many questions that run through my head at the moment, I feel I cannot relax thoroughly before some of those questions have been answered. Giving me this option of becoming more than I even hoped I could be, since I met you, gives me reason to hope for the first time, that I will be able to understand that what you have to teach me.”

What a smart girl! I knew it was good news! Now you must post the next chapters very VERY soon!!!

Author's Response: hahaha, I am a little caught up in descriptions at the moment, but I hope you will ultimately forgive me for the delay ;)

2012.03.30 - 08:29PM
16: Chapter 16

“But now you have me?”

Oh Rose, you sweet girl...

I just know he has good news. I can feel it in my toes :)

Author's Response: Seeking a companion is okay for the short periods he can spend with them, but when looking for a wife, I felt he had to have something he could change so he could have forever.

2012.03.29 - 02:42AM
1: Chapter 1

I've read this all on one delightful gulp, and I have to say, once I surrendered myself to the premise, halfway through the first chapter, with every intention of taking my time with it, I just couldn't stop reading. I love the sweetness of this courtship, the twisted ankle, the sudden storm, the TARDIS being a part of his proposal. I love this Rose, so innocent but full of yearning for adventure and physical attraction for her mysterious suitor. You've done a fantastic job of blending the genres, no easy feat. Your Ten, lonely, longing for a connection, his amusement, tenderness and patience is just heartrendingly beautiful. I'm really looking forward to the Gallifreyan ceremony and the wedding night. Maybe it's just because I'm Wiccan, but I was thrilled when Eleven handfasted River. My husband said it was a shame there wasn't a stray broom on the roof for them to jump. I like the idea of quarter calls, appealing to Earth, Air, Fire and Water, substituting Time for a deity. Primitive, Elemental with the bound wrists. Hubby and I cut our wedding cake with a sword, freaked out the mundane relatives, but so did the broom jumping and the ribbons wound about the wrists. Whatever you decide for them, it will be wonderful, and I'm filled with anticipation. I'm terribly happy you came up with this, so original!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am a big fan of your stories, so your compliment means a great deal to me :D I also like the ribbons around the wrist part in a ceremony, just didn\'t feel like the way 11 did it, was actually part of a Gallifreyan ceremony. Nevertheless, I could use the tied around the wrist part though ;) O and I love the use of a sword with your wedding cake hahaha Thanks for thinking along.