2012.06.07 - 12:24PM
1: Your Fault?

Sarah was always one of my favorites. She (along with Donna, oddly enough) was always able to keep the Doctor grounded - and humble! I'm enjoying these little vignettes.

Do you intend to do a bit (or bits, hint hint) from Stolen Earth/Journey's End?

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it. I don\'t have \"plans\" as such for these drabbles, but write when I have ideas. So if I have an idea while watching Journey\'s End, sure...

2012.02.28 - 02:09PM
11: It wasn't Croydon

I can believe that the TARDIS knew what waited for the Doctor on Gallifrey and didn't want him to face it without Sarah Jane.

Author's Response: And that was only the assassination attempts--not even the war yet. But the story half grows from a thought I had before falling alseep--why did the TARDIS land in Aberdeen if it always goes where it needs to? Maybe because it wasn\'t her time to leave yet...

2012.02.28 - 02:07PM
3: Police Public Call Box

This is so brilliant. I love Sarah Jane's voice here after meeting the Doctor after a long stretch of time.

Author's Response: School Reunion is one of my favorite episodes, no doubt about it.

2012.02.05 - 11:48PM
8: Farewell Tour

Wonderful set of ficlets! All of them are good, but this one ("Farewell Tour") is my favorite.

Author's Response: Thanks. Sarah Jane is and forever will be my favorite companion, and there\'s so much of her story that we don\'t get to see...