2016.08.25 - 11:11PM
1: Biological Imperative

Good story. Who would play your 12th Doctor?

2012.02.27 - 02:11PM
1: Biological Imperative

Haha, this is fantastic. I love the Jurassic Park comparison. I'm also joining the call for a sequel, I'd love to see more about this Twelve.

2012.02.04 - 08:01AM
1: Biological Imperative

Ha! Poor Doctor. Frogs and Time lords, LOL. Love it.

2012.02.02 - 05:02AM
1: Biological Imperative

I loved this! I actually found Twelve to be bizarrely in character for a crack fic. Seconding that call for a sequel! :D (Huge fan of Doctor/Jack and fem!Doctor so I quite approve of the two themes together). Would also like to add that I adored your opening, too - really set the scene beautifully. :) *faves*

2012.02.01 - 12:38PM
1: Biological Imperative

My "Crack Fic" meter is busted. I'm both weirded out and cracking up at the same time. Bravo.

I'll admit, the "nurture over nature" elements to time lord physiology could definitely be explored more.

2012.01.28 - 05:09PM
1: Biological Imperative

Absolutely fantastic. You MUST follow up this incredible line of thinking. It's too funny to bear.... The red-headed female doctor?
Awesome...please please pleas continue.

Author's Response: Oh, wow. I\'ve never gotten a request for a sequel before! Thank you, you\'ve just made my day. I\'ll have to do some thinking now about possible directions in which to take this.