Reviews For You've Got Mail

2012.06.04 - 11:13AM
14: Chapter 14

Great chapter! I hope the story TD send her will help Martha understand.
I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: It may help her start to mend her relationship with John. The story is almost over

2012.03.02 - 11:04AM
9: Chapter 9

I liked the tribute line to Smith and Jones but I hope John is getting to know this Martha, and not expecting her to live up -- or down -- to the other Martha.

Author's Response: Oh no he is going to love this Martha even more and she him.

2012.03.01 - 08:55PM
9: Chapter 9

I'm glad TD could help Martha with her perspective. Will we be privy to their conversation about what happened?

Author's Response: oh yes we will see the Luthorians home and they\'ll be some running

2012.03.01 - 03:19PM
9: Chapter 9

Love the chapter. I can't wait to read about their trip.
Please update soon.

2012.02.24 - 07:39PM
8: Chapter 8

Poor John he really has to get a handle on his emotions they seem to run him instead of him controlling them.

2012.02.14 - 06:24PM
7: Chapter 7

Look at you Doctor getting back your swagger!

2012.02.14 - 05:04PM
6: Chapter 6

Arrgh! This is getting too complicated! I hope the Doctor tells Martha who he really is before she gets even more confused with her feelings!

Why do I have the feeling that the longer the Doctor decides to hold off telling Martha the harder she is going to take it when he tells her the truth?

Rose and Gwen, huh? That is a twist I didn't expect!

2012.02.14 - 04:47PM
5: Chapter 5

John! You were so close and the you had to go and freek out!!

2012.02.13 - 03:48PM
6: Chapter 6

Rose is a Lesbian? Who'd of thought!

Author's Response: lol yea who would of thought

2012.02.09 - 06:53PM
6: Chapter 6

Rose Gay? Interesting.

Author's Response: Interesting good or bad

2012.01.25 - 02:52PM
2: Chapter 2

I hope Martha will respond to the e-mail.

Poor John.

Author's Response: she will

2012.01.23 - 07:33PM
2: Chapter 2

Poor awkward John, he doesn't have a clue! I wonder if Martha's curiosity got the better of her and she response to the email.

Author's Response: He gets better of course

2012.01.23 - 05:12PM
2: Chapter 2

Poor John I feel for him!

2012.01.22 - 09:09AM
1: Chapter 1

Good start. I can't wait to read what John will write in his e-mail.

Author's Response: look for an update soon from both of my stories

2012.01.20 - 08:55PM
1: Chapter 1

I love the start. I think it's adorable that Rose is helping John woo Martha!