Reviews For Fandom Stockings

2012.06.29 - 03:09AM
4: Life's Persistent Questions

I enjoy unusual crossovers. Laughed at the knitting.

Author's Response: Oh good, glad someone liked this one! I had far too much fun writing it.

2012.06.29 - 03:05AM
1: All in the Timing

The thing is, though, I'm sure Romana II is especially attractive when shooting zombies in the head....

Author's Response: Indeed! :)

2012.04.14 - 04:42PM
2: Previous Obligations

I thought it would be complexity or something...

Author's Response: That could also be a fun story. But cat_77 wanted Thievery, so Thievery she got.

2012.04.14 - 04:41PM
8: Motherhood and Guns

Sarah actually used a gun in Pyramids of Mars.

Author's Response: Yes, I know. SJA has her quite against guns, though, which I find interesting for what it says about her path as a character.

2012.04.14 - 04:40PM
6: Tom and Sarah Jane Baker

Amen. I haven't seen Leverage, but Doctor Who episodes/fanfics were my primary concrn with SOPA

Author's Response: At one point, Hardison gives two team members with sexual tension the aliases \'Tom and Sarah Jane Baker.\' From that moment on, I was like, \"Oh, he ships it. Hard.\" ;)

2012.01.15 - 09:39PM
8: Motherhood and Guns

Loved this one! She is quite a good shot, isn't she?

Author's Response: Indeed! Thank you!

2012.01.10 - 06:35PM
3: And Then There Was That Time...

Haha. Perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks!

2012.01.10 - 06:34PM
3: And Then There Was That Time...

Haha. Perfect.

Author's Response: Ooops, duplicate review! Thanks again!