2019.09.30 - 12:07AM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

This is so great!

2018.01.27 - 03:10AM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Every culture has its three Faeries, huh?

And as ever our dear Doctor is the evil one :p

2016.07.29 - 09:34PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Your world building and grasp on the characters is impeccable, and your OC is so charming and wonderful, and there's so much information about the world fitted in so smoothly and working with the plot and mood of it all, and how do you manage to give emotions about an egg and a completely new character so quickly? (well, by being an awesome author, obviously).

2014.03.31 - 03:22PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

I've always had a soft spot for outside pov stories, but this was so much more than that. You took the worst example of a species and created a wonderful, believable world. In so few words I already felt I knew the Raxi. girl, and liked her a lot. The idea of how central Family is to Raxi. culture, the hints of a rich literature and story-telling tradition, the theme of racism and social justice-it was all perfect. And I can't help but be happy that Blon got her second chance. I think I love you.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you! I remember being delighted at learning that the Slitheen were not a species of monsters, but a group of alien criminals. It meant that, unlike a group like the Daleks, they came from a world full of *people,* good, bad, and in between. I have always wanted to see that place.

2012.07.26 - 12:12PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

I love this glimpse of Raxacoricofallapatorius and the way the Doctor, Rose and Jack react to Blon!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2012.07.15 - 06:12PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Oh, it's wonderful when someone who writes as beautifully and assuredly as you do is also a lover of all things Raxacoricofallapatorian! Hurrah for this story, with its deftly sketched portrait of a very believable young girl, a world that has both the good and bad of any world, and the wonderful Rax.-eye view of Team TARDIS. Thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am fascinated by the Raxicoricans, or however you want to abbreviate it, because unlike a great many Who villains, they\'re people. They only look like monsters because we\'ve seen a bunch of ruthless mafiosos. I\'m delighted that you like my world-building, and glad that I could do justice to a species with so much untapped potential.

2012.07.14 - 11:32AM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Here via Callufrax - can't believe I didn't leave a review the first time I read it. It's such a great window into an entire culture. Love the fairy tale echoes, too.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I adore worldbuilding, so naturally I had a great deal of fun with this one. I\'m glad you liked it!

2012.02.23 - 03:35PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Wow! I read this originally on your livejournal and had to post a review. It's amazing, and adds so much depth to a culture that we've only seen the dregs of.

Author's Response: Yeah, that\'s one of the things that fascinated me about the Slitheen when I first saw them. They\'re not monsters, they\'re mobsters, and somewhere far away is a world full of perfectly ordinary people who just happen to be large green clawed beings with pudgy faces. I\'m glad you enjoyed my take on their culture!

2012.02.13 - 03:53PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

You have such a gift for filling in details- in a few words, we get a feel for Delcen Ilexureen, and learn all sorts of things about Slitheen culture. And then we have this outsider POV on Jack, Rose and Nine done beautifully, and the three of them as fairy godparents. Gah. I never liked Blon in the show. But this made me tear up.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m a bit addicted to world-building, and I think it shows. One think that I like about the Raxis is that they are, as far as we know, perfectly ordinary (if green) people; it\'s just that the ones we met happened to be the Mob. So naturally my brain started inventing a whole world for them, including a Drama Network and classical culture and civil rights struggles and all the rest.

2012.01.11 - 05:03AM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

They have a Drama Network. Of course. Because it's not all ancient traditions and epic poems or whatever. They have pop culture too. They have a Drama Network.

Just a tiny detail, but something that sticks out for me as an example of how brilliant this is.

Author's Response: *g* Thanks! Yeah, I love the little details, and I think pop culture may be a universal constant.

2012.01.09 - 08:26PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Love the theme of families of the heart. That's what the Doctor, Jack, and Rose are, and it's what every child deserves. This story warms me more than the cup of tea I'm drinking.

Author's Response: Ooh, that\'s lovely to know. Thank you. Yeah, I think, \"Family are the people who love you,\" is a pretty important message.

2012.01.09 - 01:11AM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

It's nice that you take the Raxi so seriously in this - since they're nothing but a huge joke in Who (and SJA).

Author's Response: See, I\'ve never liked that. From the moment they were introduced, I was mildly irritated by the fart jokes but *delighted* that they weren\'t just another malevolent species—it was just that the ones we met happened to be the Mafia. It made me want to know more about the regular members of the species, and whether hunting was important to all of them or just the Slitheen, and why they stuck with a planet name that was so unwieldy, and—oh, all sorts of things.

2012.01.08 - 10:03PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

Love this! Great worldbuilding. (Coming-of-age hunt, creepy.) Love the Raxacoricofallipitorian view of those skinny humans, and of course she still thought Jack was kinda hot.

My favorite bit was the three blessings - nice fairy-tale resonance. Gave me a little chill, when your narrator was waiting for the Doctor to speak. Good stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think worldbuilding may be one of my favorite parts of writing. (Hard to say, since *writing* is kind of my favorite part of writing.) I\'m glad you liked it!

2012.01.08 - 04:47PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

This is great! I love outsider views of those three, and I also loved this inside view of Raxacoricafallapatorian culture. I'm sure little Blon will grow up to be an awesome social activist now! :)

Author's Response: She\'s certainly in the right place to do so. I\'m glad you liked this! I adore worldbuilding (as people might possibly have noticed), so this was a fun story to write.

2012.01.08 - 03:53PM
1: Of Strangers and Second Chances

I love this! So very, very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you!