Reviews For Wayward Son

2014.01.09 - 10:46PM
41: From A Distance

So thrilled to see an update!!! Perfect weaving of new canon into the story. And the explanation of Tony's abilities was truly inspired! I've never realized just how unique he really is. And that ending! OMG, that was perfect! Something tells me the Doctor better get used to that sort of announcement. :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for the lovely review, A!!! Thank you for sticking with me through this, because I can\'t believe how long it took to get this chapter out. It wasn\'t a difficult chapter, just a difficult time period in RL that made it so.

Given Tony\'s proclivities, it did seem like a good time to inject a little of the newest canon into the story. It gave me a bit more plot fodder to work with, so to speak. I wanted TenII to realize that, while he is in Pete\'s World living the adventure he never thought he had, Time hadn\'t exactly stood still for his progenitor in Prime. It will up the angst a little, no doubt.

And I have to give credit to A_Who_in_Whoville, who actually sparked the idea of how Tony might be quite unique in some way. But leave it to the Doctor to come up with a label to stick on the poor child! He\'d best not mention that to Jackie or he won\'t need a TARDIS to get back to Prime. The latter is also correct. While I won\'t let myself get bogged down into baby!fic, let\'s just say that you are quite correct that this won\'t be his first shocker. ;-)

Author's Response: Ugh... my typing errors and grammar are atrocious without my glasses. I don\'t know why, because I actually touch type!

2014.01.09 - 07:31PM
41: From A Distance

This chapter was so worth waiting for!

Author's Response: Thank you, dieflow! You are such a wonderfully faithful reader! I\'m so glad you\'ve stuck with me. :-)

2014.01.09 - 06:29PM
41: From A Distance

I'm so glad you updated! I was contemplating a gentle nudge to remind you how much adore this story! This chapter did not disappoint. Loved the bit with Tony - great way to reveal some tidbits;) Poor Doctor! More please :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks, KK!! This poor chapter had been lingering on my computer for months. I probably had at least 2/3rds of it written months ago, but I had the hardest time pushing it along. It does feel as if it is a bit disjointed in styling, but I didn\'t want to polish and risk it not getting out for another couple of months.

I\'ve been hinting and hinting about Tony, and the poor bairn just kept getting shoved to the background. We will find he will be a major contributor to the success of the group.

2014.01.09 - 05:53PM
41: From A Distance

This update was superb and well worth the wait! Jackie is going to kill the Doctor when she hears that Rose is pregnant much less that her youngest is multidimensional psychic receiver. Love Hal and Kaster. Thought if I am not mistaken is there a possibility of Jack and Hal becoming a couple in the distant future *grins*?

Author's Response: Ah, thank you, LadyTheta! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying.

Yes, I\'m sure the Doctor didn\'t get that far in thought processes before he fainted, so perhaps he has another spell coming on when he does think of Jackie\'s reaction.

As for Jack and Hal? Well... who knows what the future may bring? (big evil grin) However, remember that Hal is actually engaged to be married. It\'s not like she just text the poor guy and let him know they\'re breaking up, right?

2013.12.15 - 12:30PM
40: Burning Down the House

I really miss reading this: I hope you start writing again soon!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! I\'m so very, very sorry. Work has been overbearing lately, and it\'s affected my health somewhat. But I do have about 3/4th of a chapter finished and hope to get back to it with the holidays coming up. (That means that a lot of people will be away and not bothering me! LOL!)

Thank you for hanging in there, and I hope to make it worthwhile for you very soon. :-)

2013.08.28 - 08:33PM
40: Burning Down the House

Argh I'm just itching to know Hal's secret! I'm under the impression that Rose is pregnant, despite it being so soon. That seems to be what is implied HOWEVER I'm sure it could easily be a touch of red herring so I'm excited to see! Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, C!

Red herring?!? Now, would I do that? ;-)

I\'ve got most of the next chapter written, but work has been a bear these last few weeks. Hope to have something up very soon...

2013.08.04 - 08:00PM
40: Burning Down the House

ROFLMAO!!! Typical male behavior!

Author's Response: You mean he\'s clueless? LOL! Thanks for the review!

2013.08.04 - 06:41PM
40: Burning Down the House

So, does that mean there's going to be another addition to the family in about 9 months time?

Oh god, Doctor. What the hell were you thinking? Is it just an automatic reflex or something? Don't nearly burn the house down before you've even moved in!

Author's Response: Naaaaah... they promised Jackie they\'d be careful, remember? Not to mention, it\'s only been a couple of nights. Can\'t have happened *that* fast, right? Right?!?

Oh, come on. The Doctor *must* sonic something. It\'s in his nature. Rose is lucky he didn\'t sonic her.

Oh, wait... maybe he did. Hmmmm. ;-)

2013.08.04 - 12:58AM
40: Burning Down the House

They all should have learned by now that you never let the Doctor never any cooking appliances. He'll sonic-ified anything.

Author's Response: You are sooo right! Actually, no one should *ever* allow the Doctor around anything that is remotely explosive or flammable, without confiscating his sonic first.

2013.08.03 - 11:47PM
40: Burning Down the House

Oh I love this story, though the title plants the song lyrics in my head for hours!
Gas grill, sonic, of course there is gonna be doctor sized disaster, it's in his DNA :)

Author's Response: Thanks, FanGirl10! I just don\'t know what was going through Pete\'s head when he gave the Doctor a gas grill. Gas... fire... boom. Not too smart. LOL

2013.08.03 - 10:37PM
40: Burning Down the House

Oh, he just HAD do that! LOL I'm afraid Jackie was justified in confiscating his sonic. That entire scene was absolutely hilarious!

And now you realize I'm DYING to know Hal's (or a certain someone else's) secret!!! I have my definite suspicions... ;D

Author's Response: Thanks, A!! I\'m so glad you found it funny. I was hoping it would be as funny on paper as it was in my head, but you never know. ;-)

Well, the secret has had hints sprinkled through out the last five chapters or so, but it\'s probably going to be more of a shock to a certain someone than to any of us. ;-) That sonic screwdriver is more powerful than they think.

2013.08.03 - 10:16PM
40: Burning Down the House

Snickers at the sonic grill. I kind of suspect what your hinting at and I think that Jackie is going to drive them bonkers. I forsee a change the locks scenario ahead or specified visiting hours. Keep the updates coming!

Author's Response: Yes, we hadn\'t seen sonic lately, have we? The man was dying to use it on something. But a grill? Guess he was past due on blowing up something, too.

Hal got a little hint from Master, didn\'t she? ;-)

Author's Response: Dang android spell.check! Kaster, not Master.

2013.07.31 - 12:02PM
39: Our House

I love this house! I think it's so interesting how far into domestic he has fallen. Not only are they leaving close to Jackie, but he'll be living in a house with his mate and his adopted sister and, of course, a family pet! It doesn't get more domestic than that. Of course, domestic for this group is never boring either! Excited for more and to see Hal interact with Jack

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! He\'s definitely falling, but slowly and clawing the whole way down. LOL! The title came from the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song that became an ear worm while I was writing it. It\'s such a domestic-y song that I\'m sure would normally make the Doctor gag. He\'s naturally going to be rubbish at the transition, but he\'s trying! He\'s really, really trying for Rose\'s sake.

As for Hal and Jack, I\'m sure they\'re going to get along like oil and water. Or gasoline and matches. Or maybe matter and anti-matter. LOL

2013.07.31 - 09:01AM
39: Our House

What a clever way to get the Doctor and Rose to live close to the mansion. Sounds like a lovely place, though the Doctor is well outnumbered between Rose and Hal....

Author's Response: You have to wonder if Pete and Rose had been planning it all along, don\'t you? But the Doctor had best get his domestic sea legs under him with two females in the house.

2013.07.31 - 02:28AM
39: Our House

First of all. AWESOME house. Loved this cute chapter!
“But Rooose! It wasn’t on purpose. Hal is just put out because Pete’s making her take Jack Harkness on the trip as penance for trying to shoot him."
JACK IS COMING I CANNOT BREATHE. I am so excited for this! Great update, excited for the next, cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks, C!

Poor Hal just has it rough, doesn\'t she? Summoned front and center at a hearing, and then consigned to babysit eye candy for two weeks is simply cruel and unnatural punishment. Our hearts absolutely break for her, right? ;-)

The house has potential, and although the Doctor will never quite become Tim the Tool Man, that sonic could become handy.