Reviews For Wayward Son

2014.02.18 - 11:50PM
43: Take It Easy

Oh, this was just too much fun! And your descriptiveness never ceases to pull me right into the moment, admiring the scenery and experiencing every jostling bump right along with them.

These two couples (okay, Hal would no doubt balk at that designation but Jack might approve!) are such a sheer delight together, even when driving each other spare. Especially then. Add Kaster to the mix (who I simply adore!) and who could ask for more? :D

Such a great chapter!

Author's Response: LOL, A!! I really don\'t know where the Chupacabra came from. It just popped into my head and seemed to fit the silliness going on in that Rover. :-) The whole ride was reminiscent of long family rides down Route 66 to California for visits to my mother\'s siblings while we were on holiday. My Dad never wanted to stop, but invariably someone got antsy, or needed to go to the loo, or a fight broke out... All types of silliness that most people don\'t experience these days because they seldom have the time to spend two or three weeks driving around.

Poor Hal... ;-)

2014.02.18 - 11:01PM
8: The Wall

So I got tears in my eyes during the haircut. Truly, I was laughing that hard. His letter was perfect and I think he closed it and signed it in the best way possible.

Rose might still be having a hard time but while I don't enjoy what brought out the thought, the fact remains that in the Doctor's anger she saw a flash of her Time Lord. Focus on that Rose! The Doctor that stayed with you is the same Doctor that lost you and has loved you for years!

Author's Response: Oh yes, Rose most definitely encountered the Oncoming Storm up close and intimate. And what woman\'s knees wouldn\'t be knocking at that point, eh? ;-)

Heck, my legs turned to jelly just writing it. LOL!

2014.02.18 - 09:49PM
7: One Man, One Heart

GAH! I get Jackie's point. I really and truly do but as a die hard Doctor/Rose shipper (with Tentoo/Rose being my otp of otps over her with the other Doctors) I don't like the thought. Though it hopefully will bring Rose to her senses.

I really wonder about how she will take River if he does in fact tell her. Personally, I like River's character, but I hate, hate, hate, what was done with her. S4 made me like her but most of seasons S5-7 made me want to pull my hair out. I truly believe that deep down, the Doctor (any) and Rose are soul mates, BUT as a Time Lord who can live for millennia it isn't out of the realm of possibility that he would fall in love again, even if it wasn't the same with Rose (nor should it be...). I realize that forty some chapters into this story it has likely already been address (if he does bring it up) but I can only hope it will bring her some peace. She does love the Time Lord and would want him to be happy even though it wasn't with her. At least that's my head canon.

Author's Response: Thanks, Bria! Yes, Jackie can be quite wise and yet, quite draconian at times. She understands women, and even moreso, Rose. While the Doctor may have Donna within him to assist in his understanding of the human female, he\'s basically in conflict, isn\'t he? He\'s certainly not above manipulation. The Seventh Doctor was a master manipulator. But if his attempts to manipulate Rose go awry, he\'s afraid he\'ll lose her.

And I agree wholeheartedly with you on the character of River Song. I loved River Song in SotL/FotD, but I hated how that character went from being a mysterious, powerful and multifaceted personality to a two-dimensional plot device that existed only to sacrifice herself to save the Doctor. (Oh, dear... sounds like all of the showrunner Moffat era women, now doesn\'t it?)

I\'ll let you find out if he tells Rose about her. One can\'t imagine it going well, can one?

Thanks for reviewing!

2014.02.18 - 07:36PM
43: Take It Easy

Great travelogue.Ican't imagine having to go so far with those three passengers. Poor Hal! I'm sure it's just a hint of mayhem to come. Thanks for the updates, no matter how long it takes.

Author's Response: Thanks, Laurie!! Yes, I can imagine a long-suffering look on Hal\'s face for much of the trip. You\'ve got a young talking puppy, a pregnant woman, an immortal who weaves sex into every situation, and a super-intelligent alien man with a mental age of a 12 y/o. Jack may be the only one who survives this trip...

2014.02.18 - 05:40PM
6: Paradox

Brilliant. Freaking, bloody, brilliant. Your Jackie is outstanding and I love how you are portraying the Doctor too. My persona head canon has always been he was made for Rose and is of the TARDIS so I love that you used that. It just works for me and I love to see it used here and even more details provided in your story (the TARDIS locking Donna in, etc).

It's funny, I've seen this for a couple of updates but always put it off as it was so far along already and I prefer jumping on in stories either at the beginning or when they are only a few chapters in. However many of the stories I've been following have wrapped up or are wrapping up so I figured I might as well just go ahead and bite the bullet. I know I can't get caught up in a day or two (I don't think) but consider me hooked. Why did I not start in on this sooner?! :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so very much, Bria! I\'m so glad you took a chance and graced my pitiful scratchings by reading and reviewing! :-D

Yes, it is totally in my head canon that the TARDIS loved Rose and wanted her and the Doctor to have a chance with each other. The Prime Doctor was too wrapped up in his fear of losing Rose to old age. I would hope that he\'d come around, but until then there is the Metacrisis. :)

I\'m trying to keep up on the story amid a very hectic schedule. This is part of a planned trilogy, however.

2014.01.20 - 08:30PM
10: What's On My Mind

Goddamnit, Rose. Denial ain't just a River in the Library. :-/

Author's Response: LOL!

Well, I don\'t think any of us need a crystal ball to figure out that Rose would not be a happy camper to hear about River Song. Especially if River gets the target of her desire. But TenII is playing a dangerous game in telling Rose that the Doctor in Prime is getting it on with River, considering how angry and hurt Rose is with both of them at the moment.

2014.01.19 - 08:08PM
42: You're Having My Baby

Short but sweet! I loved their almost row. I can see now that a hormonal Rose is going to be more than the Doctor can handle. And I absolutely loved Pete's comment and the end when Jackie said "For Pete's sake." It is so much like my reaction every time someone says "Fire at Will." What has poor Will ever done to deserve that?

Author's Response: Thanks, Laurie! I\'m sure Pete get\'s blamed for so many things that he\'s bound to be a bit paranoid. ;-)

Hormonal Rose will be a challenge. It\'s not as if Time Lords have experience with pregnant wives, right?

2014.01.18 - 11:26PM
6: Paradox

Brilliant epiphany moment! I think the Metacrisis' theory is part of my own head canon now. :)

Author's Response: Ah, my work is done if I\'ve added to the head canon of another author! :-D

Thank you so much, RoseByAnyOtherName! The Metacrisis theory may not have been what RTD had in mind, but it fits for me. The Doctor already knew after SotL/FotD that his destiny was elsewhere and that he could not be what Rose wanted or needed. And as we learned in TotD, he actually gave up a regeneration for her. But we have to remember that it was that TARDIS who closed her doors and trapped Donna inside. We forget, sometimes, that she is old, wise, and can see all of Time and Space. Why couldn\'t she be the catalyst for the Metacrisis? Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2014.01.18 - 10:56PM
42: You're Having My Baby

Oh, I love it! Jackie Tyler can strike fear in the Doctor like no other! I was grinning so hard. :D But then his heartfelt assurance to Rose of how much he wants this baby nearly melted my heart. Their love and deep connection is a thing of beauty, now amplified by this new little life.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much, A!

While Jackie Tyler fits the mother-in-law cliché very well, I think you\'ll agree that she fulfills another very important role. Every superhero has someone to whom he or she is accountable, and it isn\'t usually the love interest. Be it Aunt May, Martha Kent, or Alfred Penneyworth, there is always someone who sets the moral boundaries.

In my head, it\'s not so much the infamous stinging Jackie Tyler slap that terrifies and keeps TenII and the Doctor in line, but the disapproval that the slap signifies. At the same time, she isn\'t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. She\'s a very fun character who can be vital in so many ways.

I\'m so glad, too, that you liked the little angsty scene between Rose and the Doctor. It seems to me that the first stumbling steps in a bonding would be fraught with potential misunderstandings as the couple transition from purely verbal to psychic communications. The intensity of a bond would necessarily make one even more vulnerable to hurt, so I\'d think the couple would be more sensitive to each other\'s moods. But what if the words and actions on the surface appear, as they frequently do, the opposite of what is actually meant? Rose\'s emotional hypersensitivity after the sudden bonding means that she perceives the typical Doctor-ish grumblings in a different light. And let\'s not forget the role that hormones will play now that she\'s pregnant with a fast-growing embryo that is modifying her body to fit its needs! And the Doctor now has a chance to be a father again. One has to wonder what type of father he has been in the past. How might that drive him to approach fatherhood differently this time?

But I\'ll bet, without a doubt, that the Oncoming Storm will be far fiercer, far more implacable, than ever before if his new little family is threatened. ;-)

2014.01.18 - 09:46PM
4: Sparks of the Tempest

I'm torn, between wanting to hate Rose and understanding completely where she's coming from. She's angry at the Doctor-not the Metacrisis-but the Doctor is in another universe and she can only direct her anger at the person there in front of her. My heart aches for them both, but for the Metacrisis especially, who never stopped loving Rose. Really good chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s almost understandable because they are and they aren\'t the same man. At this point, he\'s not even quite sure who he is.

2014.01.18 - 09:08PM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

This flew onto my radar today, looking forward to reading based off the little snippet so far. Bring on the angstathon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you enjoy!

2014.01.18 - 06:21PM
42: You're Having My Baby

He can be so smug and I suspect he is going to be in lots of trouble as Rose's pregnancy progresses. Can't wait for them to get to the US!

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! I agree, his masculine pride in rocking Rose\'s world, so to speak, and getting her pregnant on their first night together is incredibly smug and oh-so-human. I don\'t know how in the world he is going to explain that, and the elopement, to Jackie without getting into trouble. You\'re crystal ball is right on target. ;-)

Next stop... Arizona, United States of Mexico. :-D

Author's Response: Bah!! YOUR crystal ball. Ack. I really need to write these on Word and then cut and paste. Oh, and WEAR MY GLASSES. I\'m such a numpty.

2014.01.12 - 12:43AM
41: From A Distance

So happy to have you back! Loved this chapter, I knew she was pregnant!!!
Love the interaction between Hal and Jack, can't wait for more of that.
Hope all is well, cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you, C! It\'s good to be back. And you can expect lots of interaction between Hal and Jack in future. Whether they like it or not. ;-)

2014.01.10 - 02:09AM
41: From A Distance

Oh Hal, what a way to tell them! Too funny. At least that is out in the open, which is good, cos there are suddenly far too many mysterious things we need to know more about!

Author's Response: Thank you, Laurie!! Perhaps Hal was right to just spit it out, although sometimes I think she\'s as alien in thought processes as the Doctor. Guess that\'s what happens when you get brought up by Sontarans. ;-)

2014.01.10 - 01:01AM
41: From A Distance

Lovely to see this chapter! :)

Perfect timing, Jackie (not)! Can't wait to see the next chapter, and the Doctor's reaction after he wakes up!

Author's Response: Thank you, W! I won\'t be anywhere near as long in updating, I promise. Maybe not as fast as Jackie can slap, but definitely not several months. ;-)

The Doctor may want to stay asleep for awhile... ;-)