Reviews For Wayward Son

2014.02.23 - 11:20PM
33: It's You

Um, reptilian? Really? I was not expecting that. I mean the lower body heat makes sense, but still... o.O At least the Doctor isn't a normal Time Lord though. After the previous night I'm not sure Rose could last that long. ^^

PUPPY! I might be more of a cat person but Six is really sweet. I'm quite happy Hal will have him to look after. He had better still be there when she returns!

Author's Response: Well, according to the Fifth Doctor (in \"The Visitation\"), Time Lords are more closely related to the Terileptils than humans. It does sort of make sense if you consider their lower body temperatures and ability to survive lower body temperatures. While the idea is canon, I\'m not married to it. Here the Doctor is simply babbling as usual. ;-)

I would not want to be that breeder if Six isn\'t there when Hal returns. It would not be a good day for her.

Author's Response: Ugh. I meant \"ability to survive lower temperatures.\" That\'s what I get for not having coffee first. LOL!

2014.02.23 - 01:23AM
32: Borderline

Oh my. Eleven times. I guess I'll say I'm glad she didn't make it to thirteen but I'm so sorry she still felt the need to make him suffer... and was a little part of her act as result of her being attracted to Jack and not liking that? Anyway, she's right, the Doctor is not going to be happy.

Author's Response: Well, I don\'t think there\'s any question that part of Hal\'s ire is fueled by her disgust over being attracted to Jack Harkness. But she learned a little lesson, didn\'t she? Vengeance isn\'t all that sweet, after all. She got little satisfaction from killing Jack again and again. But only Jack could teach her that lesson. Only Jack could keep dying enough to the point where the scales tipped to make Hal introspective. Jack literally wore her down enough to feel guilt.

2014.02.22 - 11:53AM
29: Stay Out of Trouble

That was amazing! Even though he is a different personality of the Doctor, Eleven's line of "Fear me, I killed them all" came to mind as I read through that. Hal is tremendously powerful, but as stated, the Doctor is even more so as he can undo time. Not that he should of course, but he can.

How was it possible to be mad at and sad for Hal at the same time? I get where she was coming from but the Doctor is right, vengeance is not the correct response. How hard for her to feel the Doctor's disappointment in her through their bond.

Author's Response: This and the previous chapter took a lot out of me. Hal is essentially a pack animal in many respects, similar to the wolf form that she favors. She had a place in her \"pack\" in Prime, but now she needed to establish her place in the new pack in PW. Just as the Doctor always needs someone to stop him, so Hal needs someone to be her conscience. Left to her own devices, she would be an incredible weapon of mass destruction and judge/jury/executor in one. The Doctor has been that in the past, and he knows what it would do to her. He has enough empathy to recognise himself in Hal, yet at the same time he knows he has a responsibility to stop her. They are both very powerful beings, but Hal is, similar to Jack, also morally ambiguous at this stage.

2014.02.22 - 11:23AM
28: Nobody's Home

Yes, the Three's Company theme is perfect. They could make quite the comedy team I'm sure. :)

Wow, that was quite the chapter. I felt so bad for the Doctor, learning of what happened to the full Time Lord. He knows what he's like when he's alone. Although it amuses me to no end that when he has Rose and the other Doctor does not, he would still worry (and of course be jealous) if he was ginger. That is a very Doctor reaction and thought process. :D

Poor, poor Jack. I really enjoyed the characters of the Torchwood series, but yet I couldn't bring myself to really like the show, precisely because I did like the characters but hated what was done (seriously, not even James Marsters could make it better when by all rights he should have!). I hate what Jack was made to do and yeah... I totally get his demeanor here after having done and lost so much.

Author's Response: The Doctor in Prime has regenerated from Jack\'s perspective and timeline, but not yet relative to Pete\'s World\'s timeline. Jack should probably have not told them that, yet. But yeah, the two Doctor\'s are still essentially the same person. More like identical twin brains in separate bodies, but with the same wants and needs.

Jack is truly a tragic figure as molded by RTD, and RTD did his best to put Jack into the most impossible of scenarios. Jack wants so terribly to be like the Doctor, but he makes decisions that most of us believe that the Doctor would never make. Or would he? How is using the Moment so different? We don\'t get to see that in canon, but seeing Jack take a similarly devastating action and it feels so wrong. There are so many who refuse to acknowledge T:CoE as canon, and I think that\'s a mistake. It\'s not a kiddy show, and the dark nature of the series is supposed to cause angst. There was no right answer, and I think that\'s what RTD was getting at.

2014.02.21 - 08:46AM
26: I Can Fly

Hehehe. Turnabout is fair play, Rose. Although I think she enjoyed it. ^^

Author's Response: Well, you know what they say... the brain is the biggest sex organ. ;-)

2014.02.21 - 07:18AM
25: Secret Service

To answer your comment, yes. Minnesota with a two hour work delay today.

Even though it was oh so obvious what the Doctor was off to do, this was wonderful. Considering I wasn't sure what to make of Hal at the start this is turning out to be a pleasant surprise. I'm thrilled Rose has a sister. While it might indeed be awkward at times to have all 3 of them living together, as stated, the Doctor and Rose are not traditional in the least. I'd say I'm sorry that the Doctor's shopping trip got cut short but since we've got Jack I'm really not. :D

Author's Response: Ah, you folks in Minnesota have had a rough winter, for sure. I\'m sure you\'re as eager to see Spring as the folks in Northern Illinois.

I\'m sure the Doctor and Rose, who considered a strange bigger-on-the-inside box to be home, would not be what one might call \"traditionalists\" in the least. Let\'s just say, things wouldn\'t be dull and boring in a household with the three. (I just had the song from \"Three\'s Company\" pop into my head. LOL!) Add one more old companion into the mix, and it should be positively vibrant. I hope. :)

2014.02.21 - 06:10AM
24: Stand Beside Me

Further bonding, naming, marriage, oh my! :) Adored that chapter. Really hope though that there is also a further marriage of a more human nature. I don't want Jackie to murder the Doctor after all. ;)

Author's Response: Oh, there *will* be a marriage ceremony. Maybe more than one. ;-)

2014.02.21 - 05:33AM
22: Preamble

Hehe. That was adorable. I'm sorry (to a point...) they overtaxed Hal but seeing as it's the Doctor and Rose and they are finally together... I really can't stop grinning. :D

Author's Response: It was a long time in coming about, wasn\'t it? And Hal is an empath. She fights being close to people because of that, but she\'s capable of far more, as the Doctor has surmised. Her ability to kill is sort of a key. Even an instrument of healing, such as a scalpel, can be a weapon used to kill.

2014.02.21 - 12:36AM
21: Point of Know Return

I didn't mean to read one more chapter tonight but seeing how the snow plows were too loud for me to sleep, I read this amazing chapter instead. :)

HAH! I wondered if Tony was referring to Elly and Alan. As for the one that Tony wasn't able to name perhaps the new TARDIS? That is grasping at straws I'm sure since this Doctor never met Idris but since I would think that would be a funny name to the little boy (side note, my new car is named Idris :D).

But the moment important part. The Doctor and Rose!!! I'm not surprised in the least he unintentionally almost went to far. Thank goodness for Hal. I'm sure so happy for them both that a bond has been started. They deserve to finally be together the way they have wanted to be for years.

Author's Response: Ah yes, you must be in the Midwest as well. ;-)

It\'s had to discern what Tony is seeing. As a four year-old, he doesn\'t have the necessary vocabulary to really explain what he is seeing, and perhaps he doesn\'t recognize the significance of the imagery.

It was good that Hal was there to help guide the Doctor\'s and Rose\'s bonding. I don\'t think Rose is quite ready for the sound psychic (and physical) plumbing the Doctor was ready to give her. LOL!

2014.02.20 - 11:03PM
20: Need to Know, Part III

So is it sad I was only half paying attention to women's Olympic skating that happens only once every 4 years because I was also reading this at the same time? ^^ You totally hit on another of my head canons and I loved that. I'm so thrilled there was already a weak link to Rose. In my head they formed a low-level bond with the help of the TARDIS during the time she took the Vortex into herself and when the Doctor removed it. Subtle enough that neither was aware but I firmly believe that because of this they truly felt each other at the wall on Canary Wharf and that was part of the reason he was able to speak to her across the universes to lead her to BWB. I can't wait to find out more of their bond in your story.

Hal... I am loving her so much. She is such a powerful force. She and the Doctor are both dangerous, especially when somebody they care about is in danger. Leave it to Rose to cut to the heart of the matter. Loved what happened after that. Not only the drinking amongst the three of them but also the Doctor and Hal bonding. Since there is no chance of romance between the two I am glad they have found one another and can lean on each for support. Even though I know the Doctor and Rose will end up together and she loves him and will support him, this type of psychic link isn't something she would be able to totally understand since she hasn't done what they have done (although she certainly destroyed those Daleks so there is blood on her hands too). But of course I look forward to the marriage bond. :)

And then there is Tony... can't wait to find out more about that!

Author's Response: There is one thing that is a constant, and that is Rose is a loving, caring person. As hard as she tried to break the Metacrisis, it was more out of the pain from seeing the thing she wanted most, but thought she\'d lost.

But of course, there was a latent bond between Rose and the Doctor. How could it *not* be there after she\'d merged with the TARDIS and the Doctor had taken the power of the TARDIS/Vortex from her? And I think that was made fairly clear from the Moment taking form as Rose Tyler. So perhaps it\'s not just our head canon any longer, right? :)

2014.02.20 - 08:34PM
19: Need to Know, Part II

I have so much love for this chapter! The Doctor and Hal! THE DOCTOR AND ROSE! She really has no clue about his feelings when he was the Ninth Doctor, LOL. :D :D :D

I'm really glad too that the Doctor has found not only a mate in Hal but also a sister. Sorry to see she's in trouble though but happy I can move right along to the next chapter without waiting. ;)

Author's Response: Oh, dear... I do have you hooked with the cliffies, now don\'t I? ::evil grin::

You know, Rose was really too young to fully understand the motivations of a mature male. Well, let\'s *assume* the Doctor is an experienced \"mature male\" even if that\'s a bit debatable. She was too unsure of herself to realize that Nine was head-over-heels in love with her. And in this chapter I really wanted to emphasis that Nine is still here. There was something quite feral and a bit ruffian within Nine, and every now and then we see peeks of him within Ten.

And Hal could never be a threat to Rose. The Doctor is too wrapped up in his Rose to ever fall in love with another woman, especially with Rose right there. I think that\'s why he pursued Hal to try to sort out the feelings he felt for her. He sensed that there was the potential for a strong link with her and craved it, while at the same time he was fairly confident it wasn\'t sexual. His aggressiveness was very, very Nine, IMO.

2014.02.20 - 06:04AM
18: Need to Know, Part I

I feel so bad for Hal that she didn't open up sooner. I understand her fears and why she didn't but so much wasted time considering Rose understands now and certainly would've understood back then *exactly* where Hal is coming from the desire to return home.

Author's Response: Hal is emotionally far more vulnerable than she\'ll ever admit. She hides it behind a prickly exterior. No doubt, she\'s extremely dangerous and capable of defending herself with extreme prejudice, so no one is a real threat to her physically. But when it comes to her soft interior, she can be broken.

2014.02.19 - 11:45PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

Loving this so much. Clueless Doctor per the norm. I'm so glad Hal is there to help him as he's hopeless. The upcoming trip for the three of them should be quite... interesting. :D

Author's Response: Thanks, Bria! Yes, the Doctor has no idea how appealing he becomes with the Specs of Sex. LOL! It will indeed be interesting what they find on their field trip, if anything.

2014.02.19 - 07:06PM
15: Loner

That really wasn't what I expected. I really like Hal, much to my surprise. Seeing as I'm not too keen on the whole Doctor dating to make Rose notice thing perhaps him just having a female friend will be enough? Two birds (him needing a friend, Rose being jealous), one stone, no? Oh, and I loved that the Doctor's car is named Mr. Thickety Thick. LOL. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Bria! Hal is truly not what she seems. She can be a very strong ally, if one can only win her trust.

2014.02.19 - 06:19AM
14: Can I Tell You

I kept telling the Doctor to (frankly) shut the hell up but of course he couldn't. Not with his gob. Seriously!

And now I have to go to work and hold off continuing... :(

Author's Response: Heehee! Yep, the Doctor is totally incapable of keeping his gob shut. He\'s used to being the brightest person in the room, and he wastes no opportunity to show it. Licking Hal, though, was a bit much. LOL!

Thanks for reviewing, Bria! I have to go to work myself this morning. *sigh* If only I were retired (or won the lottery) so all I had to do all day was read and write.