Reviews For Wayward Son

2014.09.18 - 04:44PM
43: Take It Easy

I have really enjoyed this story, and am going to read from the start again to re-enter the world you have created. I did have a silly point, though. I actually lived in Zuni for several years, and the pueblo is about 11-12 miles east of the state border, so would take much less than 40 minutes to drive (having driven it a bunch). I felt you had so much other wonder information (especially about DY, or Corn Mountain, and the other information about Zuni), that this should be fittingly accurate, too.

Author's Response: Ah, thanks so much for reading, psychoroman!! It\'s such a pleasure when someone actually knows the area I\'m trying to describe. :-)

You are, of course, quite right about the travel time. My hubby would be the first to tell you that I\'m directionally -impaired. LOL. We are actually on the campsite I described right at this instant, and obviously I factored in the time from our location, rather than the time to get to the border from Zuni. We do spend a lot of time there, but don\'t ask me to draw a map, or we\'re all in trouble!!! Thank you again for reading and reviewing, and any feedback is a gift. :-D

2014.09.18 - 09:17AM
45: Taking Tiger Mountain

So glad to see this one continue! I'm sure their camping trip will be one to remember.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your loyalty and patience, HawkErin! I really need to get back into the swing of things for my own sanity. Sometime in the next few months a two year project should finally end. Hopefully, I\'ll be able to have energy to do more than flop down on the couch. :-)

2014.08.05 - 07:18AM
44: High Hopes

You don't need to apologize... I know all of the authors on here are doing these things in their free time and without reward. I'm just really enjoying your story and hoping for more soon as I seem to have more time to read than all the authors have to write. I hope you can relax and do what you want soon, so that your readers can reap the benefits.

Author's Response: Thanks again, HawkErin!

2014.07.22 - 09:38PM
44: High Hopes

I really hope there will be an update soon... Pretty please? There's only so many times that I can reread it while waiting for more ;)

Author's Response: So, so sorry, HawkErin! I have a work project that is taking up about 12-14 hours a day and leaving me very little time or energy to finish the next chapter, but the itch to complete it is driving me bonkers. I hope to get back to it in the next couple of weeks, so hang in there. Thanks!

2014.03.11 - 11:30AM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

This is a really great series. I love the way the brother/sister relationship is going and I can't wait to see how the stuff with Jack is all going to work out.

Author's Response: Thanks, HawkErin! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Jack is in for the long haul, so I hope he keeps you entertained. :)

2014.02.26 - 09:53PM
44: High Hopes

It was so intriguing to get a glimpse of Daryl, and in a way a look at Hal from this other perspective. It makes me all the more eager for more to unfold!

Author's Response: Thanks, so much, A!! I really, truly hadn\'t meant to introduce Daryl until later in the series, but he and Alan would simply not stay silent in the back of my mind. Perhaps this is a better place for their formal debut.

As some might guess, I love a happy ending, but my stories tend to dwell in those scary grey areas where there is no right answer. In this case, the bottom line is that Hal is not free.

How far must one be, and how long must one be gone to relieve one of an obligation? To Daryl, it\'s when he\'s sure Hal has passed on. To Alan and Elly, who have been forced to watch Daryl\'s suffering up close, Daryl has fulfilled his obligation. The Doctor is all over the place; to him Daryl is not quite a man and therefore not quite worthy of Hal, but at the same time (and I agree with him here) he feels Hal\'s betrothal vows should not be taken lightly.

But what about Hal? How does she truly feel about the situation with Daryl? We\'ve been given a few hints, and the fact that Alan even broached the subject of Hal *finding someone else* is a bit telling, isn\'t it? What if she develops a strong enough conscience and somehow returns to Prime to find Daryl still faithfully waiting for her? Could she walk away from him then, whether connected with another, or not? What if Daryl manages to find her? Dumping him would be a fine howdy-doo, now wouldn\'t it? Since Daryl seems to be something of a permanent fixture embedded in the family, that would be rather awkward, too.

So yeah, Hal has a lot of serious decisions to make in the future. Not to twist the knife, or anything. ;-)

2014.02.26 - 06:32PM
44: High Hopes

Well that wasn't a long wait at all! ;) Oh, I wasn't quite expecting that. Daryl investigating a wormhole? That should be interesting. I do feel bad for him when he loves her (as much as an android can... sorry if that's very humanist of me to think!) though from previous comments it seems as Hal's destiny lies with somebody else but for her sake I'm glad... and he does stay he wants her to be happy.

Author's Response: To be honest, I wasn\'t expecting this chapter to come out when it did. It seems Daryl was ready to appear *now* rather than later.

Well, let\'s hope Hal\'s artificial boyfriend\'s emotions are as artificial as he is, because I don\'t expect most human males would be as accommodating after waiting that long for her.

If you\'re wondering what he looks like, think David 8 from Prometheus.

2014.02.25 - 10:20PM
43: Take It Easy

LOL. Oh, this camping trip should be a lot of fun. :D Can't believe I'm finally all caught up and now I have to wait patiently for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I can\'t believe you\'ve finished already, either! Guess I\'d better get back to work. ;-)

I *am* actually well into the next chapter. It will be a bit shorter interlude, but I hope to have it ready very shortly. Thank you so much for reading and for all the wonderful reviews!! They\'ve made my day, every day, and with my current work-workload, it was marvelous to have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Muaaah!!!

There are some surprises in store for everyone on this little camping trip. Some real game-changers, even. ;-)

2014.02.25 - 09:59PM
42: You're Having My Baby

Now there we go. I've been waiting for that since the contents of the brown paper bag were not used. ;) I'm sorry for their misunderstanding but hopefully this even will help the Doctor from shooting off his mouth in the future, especially while Rose is pregnant. I know he'll at least try even if he's new to a marital bond and all. I kind of doubt he'll always succeed though... he is the Doctor after all. Hopefully Rose can deal when that happens but with all those hormones running through her that might be a bit much to ask at times.

Author's Response: Big Time Lord brain and all that, yet he still had to \"forget\" to use the contents of the little brown paper bag, now didn\'t he? Hmmm. And then he suggests that it really didn\'t matter, didn\'t he? Hmmmmmm. One has to wonder if he hadn\'t planned to trap Rose all along, just as a back-up in case she didn\'t respect him the next morning. ;-)

The Doctor probably doesn\'t have any experience at living with a hormonal pregnant human female. It should prove to be interesting times for him, and that big fat gob of his won\'t help.

2014.02.25 - 08:55PM
41: From A Distance

Freaking brilliant. I didn't have to wait as others did for this chapter but I really love that it referred to TotD. Even if it wasn't my favorite Christmas special it was a game changer for the series (always know they'd work around the regeneration limit somehow...) and I like how it was worked in here. Of course they don't understand what everything means but personally I think the wait might have helped?

I'm really looking forward to hearing more from Tony (I love Jackie but darn her for interrupting! ;)). I so suspected it was Idris/the TARDIS that Tony was referencing previously. Tentoo wouldn't know that name but he definitely recognized his old TARDIS in Tony's words. His loss was profound but I'm glad he has Baby Girl now and she is directly from his old companion. Oh, how perfect that the Doctor fainted at the end. Yeah, that sounds about right. :D

Author's Response: I agree, Bria... the Christmas Special was a game-changer, even if it didn\'t immediately impact the folks in PW. I couldn\'t resist teasing the PW characters with information that won\'t come to light for some time.

Tony becomes integral to their efforts to reach Prime. Without him, they\'re searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack, and short of just miraculously stumbling onto the answers, it would take them lifetimes to figure everything out on their own. Luckily for them, they have an incredible team of extraordinary beings who each hold a bit of the puzzle. Not least of those beings is a magnificent, self-aware ship of unfathomable power and scope. To call her the \"Mother Ship\" would not be inappropriate.

2014.02.25 - 06:57AM
40: Burning Down the House

Ah!!! That was just perfect! I loved the Doctor's reacation to *everything.* I just knew he's try to sonic the grill. Classic Doctor to a T. So... how long before Rose finds out she's pregnant. And just how will Jackie react?! Perhaps the Doctor should start running now? ;)

Author's Response: Heehee! Of course the Doctor had to sonic an explosive device. If any of them had a shadow of a doubt that he wasn\'t the Doctor, this would have dispelled it.

Rather than tell Jackie about Rose\'s condition, I\'m fairly sure he would run first.

2014.02.24 - 11:57PM
38: Time For Me to Fly

Absolutely freaking adorable. Even if Jackie was being a bit melodramatic, I loved the entire scene. She came across just perfectly and she does love both Rose and the Doctor. Just perfect. :)

Author's Response: I think a lot of writer\'s make Jackie very two dimensional, and that\'s a shame. She is a *very* complex character in DW. Although she may have disliked the Doctor at first because she felt he was a danger to her daughter, I think she gradually learned to accept and love him because she knew how much he loved Rose, and how much Rose loved him. Her fierce maternal instincts are a force to be reckoned with, and of course they would turn to encompass the Doctor!

2014.02.24 - 11:23PM
37: Don't Fear the Reaper

Wah! Ok, maybe I was a (just) a tad wrong last chapter. The Doctor did deserve some of what happened to him but I didn't think of quite how much Kaster's name would hurt him. I'm glad Hal explained that it was to honor and not hurt him but I still felt like giving him a hug. Yay for babies but dozens? Down boy. ;)

Author's Response: You may have noticed that there are few absolutes in my stories. All exist in shades of grey, just like life itself.

I think the Doctor was a little giddy and perhaps a tad exuberant in wanting to repopulate the Universe with Time Lords. He\'s lucky Rose didn\'t knee him in the groin.

2014.02.24 - 10:09PM
36: Then She Said My Name

Heh, that was wonderful. Sorry, Doctor, but you deserved what you got. So glad he came around and accepted Kaster. LOL at the name. :D

Author's Response: Well, the Doctor was right about Kaster being ill-suited for Hal\'s flat. He will definitely grown too large. But the Doctor was being unnecessarily rude and obnoxious in order to impose his will on Hal.

2014.02.23 - 11:48PM
34: Watching the River Run

*clutches side* I shouldn't laugh so hard before bed... but I did. I loved how the Doctor didn't even realize he was starkers. That was great. I enjoyed it immensely.

This was a great chapter. Easily one of my favorites. I love how Tentoo is the one that is needed for the events to come. That neither the Doctor in Prime, nor a human (obviously) in PW could do what needs to be done, but as a part-Time Lord part-Human he is the only one that can do it. I really love that. With his friends and mate at his side I think (hope) nothing will stop him. Great dream sequence... though I must comment it seems to be that Hal's betrothed is not her mate? Sorry to the android but I hope that's correct. She needs somebody she can truly connect with and have a bond.

Author's Response: Thanks, Bria! I\'m so glad you enjoyed, because this was a crucial turning point for the metacrisis Doctor. He needs to understand just how unique he is, and that he\'s not just a \"clone\" or an inferior copy to the Doctor in Prime. He has his own destiny. He\'s still something of a silly goose, however. LOL!

Hal\'s family had the best intentions in hooking her up with an android, but really? While it may be true that she can\'t read him, therefore avoiding one problem, she also can\'t connect with him as any strong telepath would need to in a healthy relationship. Poor Daryl... He may be better than nothing, but I think Tau is correct in that he couldn\'t be her true mate.