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2016.03.19 - 06:12PM
48: Come Talk to Me

I absolutely loved this chapter. While I had wondered *who* would be stepping out of the TARDIS and that it could be so many different versions of the Doctor as I stated in my previous review, I actually was thinking that it *most likely* would be Twelve. I'm so happy to be right. I'm not really a Moffatt fan, but the Doctor himself, I do like all incarnations (even the not so popular ones), and I thought you wrote him so well. I loved the interaction between the two Doctors. I've often wondered how it would go if Tentoo met Eleven or Twelve and found this very believable and it felt 'right.' Really liked that once again it was the TARDIS taking the Doctor where he needed to be and I have to wonder... any way that message came from Tony? I don't really think so, but part of me loves the idea of the TARDIS & Doctor coming to protect part of Rose's family. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for that terrific review, Bria! I wish I had more time to read everyone's stories and review properly, so I really do appreciate your taking the time!
I, too, love all of the Doctors, and I've had my moments when I almost threw something at the screen because of Moffatt's influence or writing, but I have to admire his stuff when he's truly making an effort. "Heaven Sent" redeemed him in my eyes, and I have to forgive him for some of his failures. When he's on point, he's brilliant.

Originally, this story was going to include Eleven at this point, but it wasn't fitting. I think Eleven would have had a particularly hard time meeting Rose again. He would have been very conflicted, because he had yet to conclude his time with River. It was Twelve who finally saw that story to its conclusion, and there is also something else about him that will make much more sense as the story moves forward. Spoilers! :-)
As for Tony... well... there were some hints in earlier chapters that there's something rather peculiar about that young man. ;-) Again, spoilers.

2016.03.19 - 04:27PM
48: Come Talk to Me

Brilliant update...Twelve's honestly concerning reasons for leaving them both behind in Pete's World was curiosity is peaked with the msg from a human child or is it? The last part with Hal and her tail was priceless...thanks for the post.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I have to admit that I found Twelve's post-regeneration ramblings to the T-Rex rather amusing, so I could see how he might try that with another large reptile, like a dragon. He just picked the wrong dragon this time. And I've always wondered what explanation the Doctor might give for his actions at Darlig Ulv Stranden. It just didn't make sense that he'd leave Rose with someone he truly felt was dangerous. I mean, really??? There just had to be another explanation.

2016.03.19 - 11:42AM
48: Come Talk to Me

Oh, fantastic! I love it. I don't read a lot of stories that have people cross into Pete's World (goes against my head canon) but you've come up with a brilliant way that uses canon AND Capaldi's Doctor. Can't wait to see where you go from here.

Author's Response: ::blush:: Aww, thanks, IncurableRomantic! I have to admit, my Muse has been riding me like a horse to get this story back up an running. Binge-watching season 8 and 9 solidified what I had envisioned long ago, but didn't have enough inspiration to pull off. So glad you liked it!

2016.03.19 - 11:12AM
48: Come Talk to Me


Author's Response: Surprise! While this was a part of the plot for a very long time, who would have guessed how it actually played out? Things are about to get even more interesting.

2016.03.18 - 08:09PM
47: The Other Side

Wow, that was a cliffie. Yeah, I have to agree, Rose and the Doctor are assuming it's their old TARDIS from the original universe, but it very well might not be. Perhaps it's THEM from the future to make sure something happens correctly? And if it IS the TARDIS and Doctor from the other universe, WHICH version? Ten? Eleven? Twelve? There's just no way of knowing so I'm glad you'll be posting again soon (and hopefully the chapter will still be with the Doctor and Rose!). *waits with bated breath*

Poor Doctor and the fire ants. OUCH. But yet I couldn't help but laugh (so sorry Doctor!). I also liked the bit about the question marks. I'm working my way through Classic Who (currently on the Third Doctor though I still have a few completed serials with One and Two to watch (which I have to do online verses downloads which is how I'm watching most of them) but I have completed Six and most of Seven so I've definitely seen a lot of the ?!). :)

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry, but I just couldn't resist. The next chapter is almost done, so it will be up soon. Spoilers, darling!! ;-) Actually, I had to fit in the ? underpants, since Twelve was so gracious to mention them to Osgood. Haha!!

2016.03.18 - 07:43PM
47: The Other Side

Love the ants in the pants comic relief...Rose did a brilliant job ensuring her Doctor/bond mate knows that he would always be her choice...wonderful update.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, Dreamcatcher! Next chapter is 3/4ths done.

2016.03.18 - 07:26PM
47: The Other Side

I thought the Doctor and Hal had communicated telepathically at a distance before? Anyway, I'll bet it's actually their TARDIS from the future and not the other Doctor at all.

Author's Response: Ssshhhh! Spoilers! ;-) And yes, Hal fibbed a bit to save poor Kaster's feelings. She couldn't take him with her, and she sure couldn't share that with Jack, considering his big mouth. Since I told the story from Jack's view, I couldn't quite fit in that it was a "fib". Jack wouldn't know that.

2016.03.13 - 10:09PM
46: Here Comes the Sun

Wahoo! So happy to see this chapter and I loved all the banter. You used my absolute favorite Beatles song too which also made me grin. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Bria! At times I regret having made the decision to use song titles as chapter titles, but it really makes me smile when I find the right one. ;-)

2016.03.13 - 08:31PM
46: Here Comes the Sun

So glad you're back! I was losing hope for this one

Author's Response: Thanks, HawkErin! It's been a very hard couple of years for me, but I'm finally emerging from the trauma. Thanks for having faith!

2016.03.13 - 06:21PM
46: Here Comes the Sun

I feel like letting out a whoop as well! Great update, thank you!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, die flow! This and the next few chapters have been rattling around in my head for over a year and a half, trying desperately to break through a writing block. I lost my mother this past year, and that and a lot of work has kept the juices from flowing.

2015.10.02 - 11:17AM
45: Taking Tiger Mountain

Just dropping a note because I'm typically horrible about reviewing, but I do understand how important it is. This is such a great series and I'd love to see more of it.

Author's Response: Thanks for hanging in there. The next chapter is on the brink of coming to life.

2014.10.01 - 01:41PM
45: Taking Tiger Mountain

Come back! Please!

Author's Response: Soon... oh, so very soon. The next chapter is about to erupt after a very, very bad year and endless work. Thanks for hanging in there.

2014.09.18 - 08:23PM
45: Taking Tiger Mountain

Such a sweet return! The camping trip is on, even if it's off to a rather auspicious start. Cow poo and arroyos-it doesn't get much better than that. Add in one instigator named Jack, and it's just perfect! Nice to see you again!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for hanging in there, Laurie! It\'s good to be back, even if I\'m more than a bit rusty. I\'ve always wondered how much experience the Doctor has had with camping. It\'s not like he\'s had to rough it in the TARDIS, right?

2014.09.18 - 08:09PM
45: Taking Tiger Mountain

SQUEEEEEEE!!! I saw this during a quick break at work and it honestly pained me that I didn't have time to read it but after the day I had it was wonderful to come home and relax to. I've actually re-read several chapters of this yesterday and the day before so that made the update even more delightful - I think I blinked twice to make sure I had read the "Stories Updated" page correctly. :D

Oh, Doctor, what have you gotten yourself into! Your trainers have dung on them already so even more reason to not put your foot in your mouth again! Hopefully as you are new to being part-human and having a pregnant bondmate she'll cut you some slack but I'd start apologizing profusely!

Sorry to hear about your tough times though. Completely understandable and real life comes first. I hope it gets easier as time goes by.

Author's Response: Oh, what a lovely review! Thank you so much! Yes, it has been pretty difficult lately, so much so that I\'ve fallen way behind on even reading.

You have to wonder about the Doctor, sometimes. As many women as he\'s traveled with (well, mostly women, really), you\'d think he\'d know never to comment on a woman\'s weight. Dumbo.

2014.09.18 - 07:54PM
45: Taking Tiger Mountain

So happy to see this updated! Hope you continue to be inspired :)

Author's Response: Thanks, KK!! Even if it felt rough and not up to my normal speed, it felt good to finally finish it.