Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.01.03 - 06:24PM
3: Hold On

I love fics when Jackie and the Doctor click. I always thought that once Ten II settled into Pete's World, they would be near best mates -- like he was with Donna. Donna and Jackie are very similar.

I still think he is a bit brow-beaten, though. Hope he bucks up soon!

Loved this part:

As does every other human being, he knew, of which he now had to count himself. Besides having to bathe daily, use deodorant, wash between his toes, feel the cold or heat of the elements, adjust to numerous new baffling hormones that had no analogue in Gallifreyan physiology, wear clothes that weren’t tailored by the TARDIS, and having to eat Jackie’s cooking, the worst change in terms of being part-human was the requirement for regular sleep.

Author's Response: Thanks for that, Who! Yes, I agree he\'s a bit brow-beaten at this point. But I think it stems from being so unsure of himself and his place in the alt!universe and with Rose. Now (by chap6) that he\'s finally gotten his head wrapped around his purpose (as he perceives it), one might expect a bit more confident Doctorish behavior.

Author's Response: Oh, and Jackie, I think, would love nothing better than for the Doctor to buck up and get back on his feet. But until he does, she\'ll be a tad overprotective. So glad you loved that passage about some of the changes the Doctor is going through. I haven\'t yet had him grouse about having to sleep more than he\'s used to, but it\'s coming.

2012.01.01 - 11:45PM
5: Lightning's Hand

Oh, what an intense couple of chapters! And how I LOVE Jackie. The voice (or slap!) of reason these two both need. REALLY can't wait to see how it goes between him and Rose from here...

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! I do love Jackie, so I had every intention of giving her a nice role in seeing how this plays out.
That\'s not to say that she won\'t create a little collateral damage along the way. ;-)

2012.01.01 - 11:13AM
5: Lightning's Hand

Wow what a chapt! I must say I loved this part:

"But is a Time Lord defined by biology? Does he stop being a Time Lord because he wasn’t a genetically pure Gallifreyan?"

That just hit it right on the head. Loved Hurricane Jackie. I swear she's going to have mediate between these two.

Author's Response: Aawwwww, thank you for that! Happy New Year!! I\'ve always been very, very intrigued by how Ten II would handle living in Pete\'s World. I think he would struggle a bit trying to define his role in the new world, but I don\'t know that he would question who he was at first. It\'s not like the Doctor hasn\'t been stuck before on Earth, but he had the TARDIS. Now, thanks to Rose\'s insistence that he\'s NOT the Doctor, he\'s starting to question if he\'s who he thinks he is. And I love Jackie. A lot of people think of her as some sort of harridan, like the penultimate MIL. There\'s no question that she can be that, but she\'s also very loving and astute. She has something that Rose doesn\'t, and that\'s the unique perspective of a woman who fell in love with and married Alt!Pete. She also holds a uniquely powerful position with the Doctor: She\'s the very influential mother of the woman he loves. And Jackie knows that her power derives from the Ten II\'s love for Rose, so she\'s not afraid to use it. Although Ten II knows she can help him, he\'s still too Doctorish proud to ask her, of course! Probably a good thing, too, because a little of Jackie goes a long way. No doubt, she\'s going to have to mediate between these two, though. They\'re both incredibly confused about a lot of things. Ten II\'s not a wuss, as I think Rose just found out, but he is petrified that he\'s somehow widen the gap between himself and Rose. But thanks so much for the feedback! Sometimes I\'m not sure if I\'m falling on my face or not. :)

2011.12.29 - 09:59PM
2: A Life Domestic - Prologue II

Ohhh, I'm already loving this! I can never get enough TenII stories. So angsty, and I'm anxious to see where it goes!

Author's Response: I\'m so with you on that. AU Pete\'s World has always intrigued me, because we can\'t know what\'s going on there for sure. Did the Doctor and Rose live happily ever after, did they fall completely apart? In all likelihood, they went all between and over the lines first. To me, that\'s where the fun is. Hope you enjoy!

2011.12.29 - 07:09PM
2: A Life Domestic - Prologue II

Very nice start! I'm very curious to read what happens with Rose.

Author's Response: Thanks, Kelkat9! You can rest assured you\'re going to see Rose over the next couple of chapters, in both real time and flashback. She\'s got some major anger issues she needs to deal with before she can see the forest. She needs to let go of her dreams before she can see what\'s before her.

2011.12.29 - 06:38PM
2: A Life Domestic - Prologue II

So we have Emo!Ten and BrowBeaten!TenII. Oh wow. This is going to get good. When is Rose going to step up and slap some sense into... someone? Her Mum? The Doctor? Something's got to give, and it is going to be explosive when it does.

Author's Response: Oh yeah! The Doctor has not not been known to be a patient man. Emo!Ten can go about doing what he\'s always done, namely take the TARDIS and run. In many respects, I think he (and perhaps Time Lord society in general) are like Vulcans a little. They may have deep and violent emotions held rigidly in check by convention (and in the case of the Doctor, sheer stubborness). Ten may have loved Rose beyond measure, but he\'d rather gnaw his own arm off than admit it. Ten II loves her just as much, but he literally CAN\'T run away. If Rose rejects him, how long can he wait for her to come to her senses? And with living with Jackie?? In a house with doors and windows? Yeah... recipe for a lot of fireworks.

2011.12.29 - 06:37PM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

Love the Angsty McAngsterific start! :D Oh poor, poor Emo!Ten! :*(

Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thank you! I didn\'t want to focus too much on Ten, but he\'s my touchstone. The apple doesn\'t fall too far from the tree. Ten wasn\'t heartless in leaving Rose and Ten II. I think it was difficult for him.