Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.01.09 - 06:35PM
10: What's On My Mind

Excellent! Molto Bene! I loved the fairy tale he told to Tony and I'm so glad he confronted her the way he did. I know she'll calm down eventually. The River Song story was alot to swallow after she had so romanticized a reunion with the Doctor. Quite perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! I don\'t think he could have told that story any other way to a 4 year-old. He certainly couldn\'t tell the whole Bad Wolf story to Rose in front of Tony without obscuring the facts. He and Jackie both knew the River Song thing was going to go over like a lead balloon (or zeppelin, as it were), but man, oh man, did she ever need that shocker.

2012.01.09 - 06:05PM
10: What's On My Mind

Why thanks, my dear! I do love little Tony-Roni :D

He has definitely lost his timidity, hasn't he? Good for him. He is taking the dream seriously, isn't he? He is going to tame the Wolf. I hope you are on a writing roll, because I want MOAR NOWAHHHH!!!!

Author's Response: No, thank YOU, Who! I had felt the subconscious tingling that Tony was somehow special, but I didn\'t get the idea to weave him solidly into the story until your prompt. You\'re such a great muse. :)

I think Ten II\'s timidity stemmed from insecurity after everything he had left was stripped from him, and from passively waiting for Rose to come back to him. But the Doctor\'s nature is anything but passive. It\'s just not his default MO by any stretch, I\'m sure you\'ll agree. Now that he\'s back in stride, I don\'t think she has a snowball\'s chance on Krop Tor. The predator is now the prey. ;-)

And yeah, I\'m still on a roll. Got a couple of serious work deadlines to meet, but the next few chapters are pretty much fleshed out in my head.

2012.01.07 - 10:32PM
9: Child of Innocence

Wonderful chapters, and I was SO captivated throughout the dream. That was just brilliantly done.

Oh, and I love how quickly you update! :D

Author's Response: Awww, thank you, WM!

I tried to keep it moving and not include too much dialogue. Dreams should be a little surreal, and dream logic dictates that you accept some things without question.

Unfortunately, this story is doing exactly what I predicted it would, which is to demand my attention when I should be sleeping, devoting time to a work project, or paying attention to poor hubby. Oh well, I\'ll get the balance right one day. Until then, I\'ll probably be updating at least every couple of days. Glad you\'re enjoying it!

2012.01.07 - 09:42PM
9: Child of Innocence

Just read the last two chapts and wow! I think Rose will see the light soon, especially if he is charming the pants off of everyone around her. I don't think she would be overly cruel to him. Loved the dream. This almost had me rolling on the floor "..but you’re gonna have Time Tots until your womb falls out.’”

Simply Brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks, K!

I don\'t think Rose is quite capable of real cruelty, but that\'s not to say she\'ll accept him easily. She\'s loyal to a fault, and that loyalty extends to a Time Lord on the other side of the Void. She\'s truly worried about him.

Glad you liked the dream sequence, which worried me a bit. They can be so cliched. And it may well be that the only way the Time Lords can return is via the progeny of Ten II/Rose and Ten/River(?). But that would take a long, long time. ;-)

Author's Response: Ooops. I should not type without brain being fully engaged. LOL. I meant, via the progeny of Ten II/Rose and ELEVEN+/River(?).

2012.01.07 - 08:37PM
9: Child of Innocence

Between the name of the chapter and the enigmatic creatures, I am truly curious. And of course, this: “The Storm must tame the Wolf,” he muttered.  “The Wolf must temper the Storm.”

And to cap it off, you had to end it with the gut busting line about Rose's womb. BWAHAHAHA!

Dinner please. I am famished!

Author's Response: I know, I\'m so sorry...but I couldn\'t help myself with the punch line about Rose having Time Tots until her womb fell out. He\'d have more to worry about than just from Jackie\'s hair shears. But yeah, gotta have enigmatic creatures and weird prophesies in DW, now don\'t we?

2012.01.07 - 06:46PM
8: The Wall

The hair cut scene? Priceless!!! So the Doctor has a *thing* for scalp massage. Maybe *someone* will share that bit of information with Rose someday. ;)

Oh Rose, your wall is crumbling. You may not think it is, but your stubborn resolve is all but gone.

And the note? Perfection. The signature, beyond perfection.

I hope that the Doctor doesn't have to implement Jackie's nefarious jealousy plan, but if he does, watch out Rose... You aren't going to know what hit you.

I seriously love this story, BML!!!

Author's Response: *Sqeeeee*!! Oh, that makes me so happy! :)

I did have fun writing this one, because I wanted to show how the Doctor is getting back to himself. He made an awful desperation-driven mistake in trying to prove to Rose in the beginning that he was the same man, and Rose misinterpreted it. At some point these two have to start talking to get through their misunderstanding.

Rose, on the other hand, is obsessed as only the very young can be with a first love. But she\'s trying to ignore the cracks the Doctor has managed to open in her emotional wall. I tried to use the metaphor of the wall throughout. The Void Room wall, the emotional walls, the walls of their rooms are all basically metaphorical.

And originally I wasn\'t going to write out the entire apology note, but it just begged to be seen. I\'m sure the Doctor does feel like a cad for what he did, but I also think he\'s not stupid. He wrote it clearly with a view of how ROSE would interpret it.

The next chapter, which I\'ve uploaded but it hasn\'t yet been approved, is quite experimental. I\'m a little nervous about it, but it was one of those things that would not be silenced. And besides, can it be proper DW without enigmatic beings with equally enigmatic prophesies? :)

2012.01.06 - 01:51PM
7: One Man, One Heart

Brilliant chapter, once again. Ohhh, Jackie and her plans...and I think she's right about that most definitely being a way to get Rose's attention. I couldn't help but swoon a bit at his single-minded commitment to Rose. How could she NOT fall head over heels for that man?! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!! There\'s bound to be quite the fireworks in store for both of them. Like all great lovers, passion is going to be evident in all their interactions. And how can you not love a man who is committed to saving himself for you. LOL!

2012.01.06 - 01:31PM
6: Paradox

Love this chapter AND the Doctor's epiphany. I couldn't agree more. I think he and Rose were always destined to be. Bless the TARDIS...she knew what she was doing all along. ;)

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you agree that the TARDIS had a hand in this. When I saw the TARDIS doors slam shut on Donna and then lock from the inside, I suddenly understood. The Supreme Dalek was clear that it wasn\'t their doing. It couldn\'t have been anyone else but the TARDIS who set the Meta-crisis off. Ten II wasn\'t conscious yet, so how could it be him, although he did say the heartbeat was his. But I think that was sort of like Donna listening to the heartbeat of a baby while still in the womb. Glad you\'re enjoying the story!

2012.01.05 - 09:19AM
7: One Man, One Heart

Wow, another top chapter. Loved the speech about the kissing, made me proper lol.
Looking forward to seeing how Rose takes him going out with another woman, It's gonna be interesting, can't wait :-)

Author's Response: Thank you!! I had a lot of fun writing the snog babble. Oh, and no doubt it should be interesting to see Rose\'s reaction. Think it\'ll erupt into a War?

2012.01.04 - 07:46PM
7: One Man, One Heart

You know, I never thought about how special Tony is. That is true! There needs to be fic... there should be something different about him don't you think? Anyway...

Loved this chapter to death. Seriously good chapter. Jackie does have a point -- nothing quite like the thought of someone else getting your man... Oooh, Rose, you are in for a surprise, I think.

Heh heh, his diatribe about how many women he'd kissed "not on purpose" was outstanding!

Author's Response: Thanks again, Who!! I\'m so glad this one came off, because I was somewhat proud of it. This story is taking a life of its own, and I don\'t know anymore when to stop.

You\'re right, Jackie is no dummy and knows exactly how to manipulate Rose. And I just had a total blast writing the babble about all the women he kissed! I was laughing so hard I could hardly type.

Author's Response: Oh, and I agree about Tony! How else could that happen? He truly is the child of two different dimensions. Gotta be something special about him. Maybe he can manipulate the Void?? Anyone?

2012.01.04 - 07:04PM
7: One Man, One Heart

I was so hitting refresh tonight waiting for this chapt to be approved. Excellent little conversation with jackie. Sweet, romantic Doctor. My favorite part was his thoughts of how unique this family is and how only a Time Lord could make a family like this around him.

Author's Response: Awww, you really honor me, K. I consider you one of the top writers on this site and I\'ve always followed you, so that means a lot to me. :)

Yes, we\'re starting to see the Doctor Unplugged. Gone is the immortality, the heavy responsibilities, the danger (so far), and some of the self-doubt. And he got a good dose of Donna to loosen the lips a little. He still has to deal with the trauma of the Time War, but many of the obstacles and barriers are gone. He\'s always been the romantic, I think... it was just locked away.

2012.01.04 - 11:19AM
6: Paradox

Just caught up with this story and all I can say is WOW. I love the confusion that TenII had and his epiphany was ace. Really looking forward to more, thanks :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for that lovely review! I\'m so glad you like it. Chapter 7 is being reviewed and should be uploaded later today. ;-)

2012.01.03 - 06:50PM
6: Paradox

I think I am a little bit in love with your theory. :D

This little bit about Jackie was great, too:

The enigma called Jackie Tyler remained a mystery to him. She was all at once like a patroness, friend, mother-in-law and step-mother; emphasis on the step. She was so unpredictable and volatile in many respects, but never when it came to her protectiveness towards her family. One could never fault her for her allegiance to family. That she hadn’t put him out of his misery, or bodily thrown him from the mansion early this morning, left him gob smacked. Literally and figuratively, it seems. He couldn’t deny that, at times, she terrified him in a way none of his enemies ever would.

Author's Response: (Flushing) Oh, Who... you have given me a great honor in liking my theory. After watching JE repeatedly, I just could not get it out of my head that the TARDIS was in control. When \"The Doctor\'s Wife\" aired, I was almost screaming in excitement. She is a character in her own right, that is for sure.

And Jackie has more dimensions than many people give her credit as having. I think she softened her stance to Ten, and I personally think she would have softened even more for Ten II. Let\'s see how willing she is to help these two lovers get over the trauma of the transition, because it is most assuredly a transition.

2012.01.03 - 06:46PM
5: Lightning's Hand

Jackie spoke her mind but was also quick to forgive. I just love Jackie...

Now Doctor, get a good rest, errr have a good cataloging session and tomorrow will be a new day.

Author's Response: So glad you like Jackie! I see her as dealing out necessary advice, punishment and love as only she sees fit. And in mass quantities. Hah!

2012.01.03 - 06:33PM
4: Sparks of the Tempest

HOLY CRAP! (to quote Frank Barrone) LOVE IT! GO GET 'EM DOCTOR! (yes, I am shouting)

I think I may just have to re-read that chapter because it was just so... darn... HOT! (What does that say about me? LOL!)

Author's Response: Ooooh! Didn\'t realize you\'d not got to this chapter yet. :D

Yes, the Doctor showed he still has the Orbs of Omega. She just needs to give him the opportunity to show he\'s a lot more than a clone or a faded copy of \"her\" Doctor. He\'s as much the Oncoming Storm as the other.