Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.01.22 - 07:29AM
14: Can I Tell You

Okay, can I say I am actually GLAD that she has a bit of nefarious intent? Or at least worries him? I really don't want him distracted from Rose.

I LOVE it when authors detail the day to day workings of Torchwood... The cafeteria, the offices, labs, odd personnel (heh heh Buzzcut) and of course, Malcolm who is one of those characters whom I think offers the greatest potential for character growth.

Rose, you aren't really doing any favors for yourself, though, dear. You are really coming off as a cold erm... Well... Ya know.

Update update!

Author's Response: Hehheh... Yeah, Hal is actually scarier than the Oncoming Storm. She and the Doctor have a great deal in common, but I think Hal is a bit edgier. A lot more ruthless than the Doctor could ever be. He is right to be worried.

I agree, Torchwood and Malcolm deserve getting built out a bit. Particularly Torchwood in Pete\'s World. We know all about TW3 in this universe, but the two TW\'s differ drastically. Lots of room to stretch from a writing perspective without conflicting with canon.

And Rose has just shown her first hint of jealousy. It won\'t be the last.

2012.01.21 - 12:25AM
13: On the Other Side

I just found this story and well I am in love with it. Cant believe Im about to say this but Rose well she is a bitch! I know eventually she will end up with the Doctor but I hope he and Hal make her jealous. Cant wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks, L. Glad you\'re enjoying the story.

Should finish the next chapter sometime today. I\'m debating whether to divide it into two because of the length. Anyway, let\'s give poor Rose a little sympathy. Afterall, it\'s not like any of us have ever encountered a similar situation where our loved one has split into two separate, yet identical, people. She\'s bound to be confused and feel that Doctor Prime (for lack of a better moniker) is the proper Doctor. It\'s just how we think. I mean, if my hubby were to suddenly split into two people, I might have some difficulties deciding on what to do with the second one....

Ok, maybe I shouldn\'t follow that train of thought. Hehheh.

2012.01.18 - 09:29PM
13: On the Other Side

LOL! The Doctor seems to be making himself right at home. :D

Hmmm, looking forward to learning more about Hal, too...

Author's Response: Yup, he has pretty much made up his mind, but in typical Doctor fashion he\'s holding his cards up his sleeve.

Hard at work with the next chapter.

2012.01.18 - 10:17AM
13: On the Other Side

Banana Tree. That's a good one. And thanks for my daily morning laugh.

Hal and Malcom. They're gonna have their hands full with the Doctor. XD

Author's Response: Thanks, ShadowNeko003! Needs must, as the Doctor reminds us. ;-) And yes, I think Hal and Malcolm are about to experience a wild ride.

2012.01.18 - 08:27AM
13: On the Other Side

Very interested in Hal. She is an intriguing character. I love fics with lots of interaction with Pete. He tries so hard to reign in the Doctor, but we all know who is in charge really, don't we?

Now back to Hal. I am sure the Doctor will be intrigued but I can really not see them together. Now Hal and Malcolm? Perfect match I bet. (I am such a romantic.)

Author's Response: Thanks, Who!

Oh, we have barely scratched the surface of Hal, and there is a lot about her that is yet to be revealed. There\'s even more that not even the Doctor will be able to uncover.

Now, don\'t expect me to give away any seeeecrets. LOL! But let\'s just say that the Doctor is not the only person emotionally damaged and rubbish at relationships. Hal eats alone for a reason... And that\'s all I\'m gonna say for the moment. ;-) Bwwwaaaahahahahahahhhhaaaa!

2012.01.18 - 08:19AM
13: On the Other Side

Hehehe, Banana Tree, superb. Nice fun chapter. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks, Louisa! Yes, the Doctor doesn\'t quite get the corporate environment, does he? LOL!

2012.01.16 - 03:07PM
12: Questions of My Childhood

Just found this! Nice, angst-y story!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! Thank you! I\'m so glad you are enjoying it. :)

2012.01.15 - 09:49PM
12: Questions of My Childhood

Continuing to LOVE this. The running, symbolically and physically, so embodies who he is. I love how you wove his past memories into this, giving that deeper glimpse. And now an exciting new start for him! I'm anxious to see what comes next.

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe!

I know this story is going a bit slower than I ever anticipated, but some things just begged to be said or done. The running was just a must for him. It pretty much defines who he is and how he approaches life. The fact that he can\'t quite run from the messiness of life in quite the fashion he used to means he has to adjust. I\'m sure he\'ll figure it out, but I\'m also sure there\'s no way he can possibly sit still.

2012.01.15 - 07:30PM
10: What's On My Mind

My first review, since I just read this far in one sitting, but I wanted to say I am really enjoying it so far. Even though I knew Rose and the Doctor would never be, I had (and still have) lots of trouble with the fact of River Song, so I feel Rose's pain. Still, I thought one reason for the presence of River at the time was to give the audience something to look forward to when the whole thing with Rose went so very wrong, so I hope Rose will come to see it as a positive thing for the Doctor. Lastly, having issues as well with JE and how they chose to get rid of Rose, I am always interested to see an idea as to how it all had greater cosmic significance. I am looking forward to the rest

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying it.

I think what drives many of us to write Ten II/Rose post-JE fic is an effort to reconcile our feelings about Rose\'s departure. Also, a driving need to know what happened to those two after JE. I am of the camp that thinks they are destined to be together in PW, but that doesn\'t mean that it was immediate or easy.

Now, when it comes to River, I\'m not terribly sure if the Moff was really trying to give us something to look forward to. Consider this: The Doctor meets her for the first time in SotL/FotD and she *dies*!! So the Doctor knows that he\'s going to experience this horrendous loss the entire time he knows her. How rubbish is that?!? It\'s tragic, but I wouldn\'t call it something to look forward to. (grin)

2012.01.15 - 07:28PM
12: Questions of My Childhood

Really enjoyed the part about his childhood and the academy. That definitely worked with his mad run across the Tyler Estate.

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! Glad you liked it. He\'s still very much the Doctor, even if domesticated. He has got to reconcile the life he had with the life he has now. The question is, is he running away from something now, or running to something?

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! Glad you liked it. He\'s still very much the Doctor, even if domesticated. He has got to reconcile the life he had with the life he has now. The question is, is he running away from something now, or running to something?

2012.01.15 - 07:59AM
12: Questions of My Childhood

Running. It's what he has always done. I love the physical image as well as the metaphor. His face scratched, heaving for air, lungs burning.

Jackie is quite a stabilizing force. I definitely see Cloen and Jackie becoming very close in PW.

It has been rather painful to read Rose acting as she is. I hope she comes around very soon. I want them happy.

Author's Response: Thanks, Who! You are so right, the Doctor *has* to run. It\'s simply integral to his character to do so. That he hadn\'t had a significant run until now is a symptom of his malaise, which I would hope he\'s coming out of.

And don\'t worry, Rose will come around. It\'s just that she is having a really difficult time shifting gears after three long years of being focused to do one thing. I don\'t think she has too many defenses left because they\'ve all been torn down. She just needs a little push now to start moving forward, and it\'s coming soon. ;-)

As for the Doctor and Jackie\'s closeness, I get the feeling that the Doctor never really had a Mum... at least not like a *human* Mum. The Time Lords seemed to discourage strong feelings, and if you follow the line of thinking that they have been loomed eugenically since Pythia\'s Curse (which, of course, not everyone does), it seems less likely that they would be close to their children. I\'m on the fence about that, but for the purposes of this story I\'m following that line of thought.

2012.01.15 - 07:54AM
12: Questions of My Childhood

Just caught up with the last few chapters and just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it, which would be lots :-)

Love Jackie in this, the way she keeps pushing him is so typical of what a mother would do, its just what he needs and poor Rose. I hope she manages to sort her head out soon. I wonder if the Doctor will meet a nice lady at Torchwood?? Hmmm? Looking forward to more :-)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review!

Yes, Jackie is unapologetically a Mum. It\'s what she does best, and she knows it. And Rose\'s defenses are slowly eroding. I don\'t know about a lady from Torchwood, but you can rest assured that any woman he meets is probably going to get her eyes scratched out. LOL!

2012.01.13 - 09:32PM
11: Hopelessly Human

Wow, Jackie. Force to be reckoned with! I can see why Rose is devastated, though... But she can not treat her mother that way, not should she be treating Cloen that way either.

Poor, poor Cloen! That last scene broke my little heart. :*(

Author's Response: I know, it broke my heart as I wrote it, too! :*(

And this is just a temporary setback for him. We all get down in the dumps about crossing wires with someone and then have to have our little pity party as if it were the end of the world. It\'s just that he wants things to move faster, he\'s not exactly a patient man, and he\'s not happy that he has to move forward without Rose. His stubborn refusal to move forward without her is now starting to pinch, since Rose stubbornly refuses to cooperate. He\'ll get back on his feet. He just needed this little moment to whinge about the cards life has handed him.

And Rose is just raging against the dying of the light (of her dream). She knows there is no going back to the old Doctor. Now can she accept finally that Ten II is everything she\'d wanted and more? She\'s a stubborn one... just like her Mum... just like the Doctors. ;-)

2012.01.13 - 09:05PM
11: Hopelessly Human

Talk about a dose of tough love! Jackie's always been one to tell it like it is. I love how you portray that strength in her character. Not an easy situation for anyone right now, but my heart just breaks for the Doctor. I hope Rose comes around soon, for everyone's sake.

Author's Response: Can\'t you just see Jackie tossing her kids onto the couch to throw them off balance? I could almost bet she\'s dated a policeman before and got a few defensive moves from him. ;-)
And the poor Doctor is slowly chipping away at Rose\'s defenses, but it still hurts him to see her raging at him as if he\'d done something wrong. He\'s a tactile creature (this regeneration anyway) who enjoys the physical and emotional closeness of his companions. He\'s getting hardly any of the cuddles and hugs he\'s used to from Rose, so that\'s got to be wearing on his psyche as well. Temporary setback, is all.

2012.01.10 - 07:59PM
10: What's On My Mind

Ouch. That just...didn't go over very well. Poor Doctor! First Brussels sprouts, then Rose running out on him! Hard as it was, she needed to hear it though, and I love how well the Doctor handled himself throughout. It can only begin to get better from here, right? RIGHT?!

Perfect chapter, again!!

Author's Response: Thanks, WM! Yeah, poor Doctor. Someone\'s always trying to make him, a Time Lord with multiple lives, eat healthily. LOL!

And yeah, things will get better... eventually. ;-)