Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.01.26 - 08:05AM
10: What's On My Mind

Gulps... she always wanted him to be honest with her... she got her wish... people should be careful what they wish for!

Author's Response: She did kind of twist his arm, didn\'t she?

2012.01.26 - 08:03AM
9: Child of Innocence

Oh dear... a task is ahead of him!!!

Author's Response: The Doctor\'s work is never done, no matter what universe he is in. LOL

2012.01.26 - 08:03AM
8: The Wall

Nice... love the anger and the truth

Author's Response: I can only imagine that anyone would be angry after spending three years trying to find someone, only to have them drop you back off where you started. It\'s just hard for Rose to shift gears.

2012.01.26 - 08:00AM
7: One Man, One Heart

LOL all the Doctor's coquests dealt with! QRT!!!

Author's Response: You did notice, didn\'t you, that even in the midst of his babbling confessional he wasn\'t so stupid as to mention his Rose/Cassandra snog to Jackie. She would probably have slapped him into the Afterlife, seeing he can\'t regenerate now.

2012.01.26 - 07:58AM
6: Paradox

Light bulb moment!!!

Author's Response: Yup! Too bad he doesn\'t have a real breadcrumb trail to follow, though. LOL

2012.01.26 - 07:56AM
5: Lightning's Hand

Jackie is a very key character in this, she seems to be the one who has kept him going... I wonder if Rose will ever realise this?

Author's Response: LOL!! If Rose were to pay attention and learn how to handle Ten II like Jackie does, he\'d be putty in her hands.

2012.01.26 - 07:54AM
4: Sparks of the Tempest

I cannot stop thinking about a certain groin clad in tight denim and yes, I agree with Stephanie... very hot indeed!

Author's Response: You know, it\'s funny. But it wasn\'t until she pointed that out to me that I re-read it and realized just how hot it was. LOL! I got caught up in the moment as I wrote it.

By the way, the whole thing around the tight jeans was sparked off by a picture someone posted on LJ of DT co-hosting the CIN-Manchester concert.

2012.01.26 - 07:52AM
3: Hold On

There is so much to deal with... and yet anyone can see how perfect they are for each other.... espacially jackie Tyler1

Author's Response: Just think, he was so afraid of Jackie all that time because he thought she could easily influence Rose and convince her to leave him. The irony of having Jackie become his ally in PW is probably not lost on him.

2012.01.26 - 07:50AM
2: A Life Domestic - Prologue II

Poor man, he has lost all confidence! love jackie's maternal bustling with him!

Author's Response: Heh! Yeah, Jackie can be a bit overbearing at times, but apparently that\'s what he needs to push him past the inertia. He\'s so completely out of his element after 700 years of complete freedom amongst the stars. It\'s not like he can just jump into the TARDIS and fly away from her, the poor son of a gun. ;-)

2012.01.26 - 07:48AM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

Always alone... always responsible... always so very sad....
I have read all 15 chapters and am now going bak to review them individually... this might take some time...

Author's Response: Oooh, thank you, Frin! That means so very much to me! :-D

Yes, the Doctor Prime really got the short end of the stick, so to speak. I guess I should have described the first couple of chapters as a sort of prologue, so perhaps I\'ll alter the author\'s note for those two in the near future.

2012.01.25 - 08:33PM
15: Loner

You have really, REALLY surprised me with Hal! The fact that she can sympathize so well with the Doctor and has the potential to be a proper friend is such a great twist to a character who I thought was going to be an evil villain judging from the last chapter.

Love it!

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe!!!

I think they clicked in empathy a bit because, in hindsight even for me, there is a lot of commonality between Hal and Nine. Both are damaged, lonely but powerful personalities who are afraid to allow anyone to get beneath their tough veneers.

But I think Hal is a bit behind Nine when it comes to restraining the ruthless side to her nature, and she has an edge over Nine and Ten in her ability to rise above and move beyond the trauma of war and loss. But the question is, how much of Hal\'s darkness is actually mitigated by the presence of the calming, restraining influence of her family? Separated from them, who is going to keep her in line?

2012.01.25 - 07:34PM
15: Loner

I really, really REALLY liked this chapter. I'm so glad you redeemed Hal. I think that she is a brilliant character, and a *mate* for TenII. I just hope that Rose comes to understand that is all she is, although, Jackie MAY have something to the old jealousy bit. But it is a bit sad that Rose would probably be VERY sympathetic to her plight if Hal had actually just opened up to her in the first place. Rose is a sympathetic, kind, loving woman, and finding someone else stranded would have been a comfort to her as well during the years of separation.

And that she is human? from the future/across the Void? Brilliant. Really brilliant.

Keep updating!

Author's Response: Thanks, Who! I was hesitant to introduce an original character at this stage of my writing resurrection, but Hal refused to stay put and kept resurfacing in my thoughts. I totally agree with you that she\'d have found a friend in Rose had she not been so paranoid about persecution by Torchwood. That Rose is manifesting evidence of jealousy is a double-edged sword that will need to be wielded very carefully, so hopefully Jackie won\'t muck things up at this stage.

2012.01.24 - 08:57AM
14: Can I Tell You

Oh noooo, what's she doing to the Doctor! I hope she doesn't hurt him. The part about Rose being off and jealous was well written. Looking forward to more. Soon? :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, Lousia! More coming up very, very soon. And don\'t worry about the Doctor. He can take a licking and keep on ticking. Let\'s see if Rose can do as well. ;-)

2012.01.22 - 10:21PM
14: Can I Tell You

Oooh, you weren't kidding about that cliffie! I was intrigued about Hal before, but now you've got me on edge to know more...

Author's Response: Coming soon, WhoMe!

2012.01.22 - 08:23PM
14: Can I Tell You

I am soooo hoping Hal is not evil!

Author's Response: Spoilers! Heheh...